Become The Best Online Fitness Trainer In 6 Easy Steps

Become An Online Fitness Trainer In 6 Easy Steps

Earning money is easier said than done. Not a cake walk though, but definitely harder than lifting dumbells.

Oh well! Do you know you could earn money by making others lift dumbells too? Become an online fitness trainer and earn money by helping people become healthy and fit, that too while being away from the gym.

Who Is A Fitness Trainer?

A fitness trainer is a professional in the field of fitness and exercise. He/She works towards the fitness goals of the people who wish to have a chiseled and healthy body. More like an instructor, the fitness trainer conducts aerobics, yoga sessions, and different workout sessions to help the client achieve their goals.

While fitness trainers give advice on nutrition, muscle gain, and weight loss, they also motivate people to perform beyond their strength. These fitness professionals also prescribe exercises to improve certain specific and chronic conditions of many people.

Who Is An Online Fitness Trainer?

People who work towards helping others achieve their fitness goals from a remote area are known as online fitness trainers. A flexible and cost-effective way to reach out to the potential gym freaks, an online fitness trainer builds their presence over social media channels and provides relevant tips to the viewers.

How Much Can I Earn As An Online Fitness Trainer?

Earnings of an online fitness trainer depends upon the promotional channels that one uses. If you use YouTube to monetize your account you may be required to fulfill certain criteria.

To know how, check out How to Become a YouTuber.

Or, you could also get your website designed and promote certain packages to which people could subscribe to.

What Is The Average Earning Of An Online Fitness Trainer?

A fitness trainer can earn money starting from anywhere between Rs.1000 – Rs. 4000 per hour, to up till Rs. 1,240,000 per month in India.

Do You Require Any Certifications To Become A Fitness Trainer?

You definitely need to get certified to become a fitness trainer. Getting yourself enrolled in top schools like American College of Sports Medicine, International Sports Sciences Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine may help you understand the basics of fitness training. Once you’re thorough with the basic certifications you can choose your field of specialization.

What Are The Opportunities For Fitness Trainers?

A fitness trainer can choose from the various roles including:

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Sports Trainer
  • Yoga Instructor/Teacher …and many more!

How Can I Become An Online Fitness Trainer?

To become an online fitness trainer, you need to keep in mind a few things. These are the 6 best steps in which you could become an online fitness trainer.

  1. Know Your Niche Area: The audience you will serve does make an impact on your business.
  2. Set Your USP: Why are you and your business ideal to be chosen?
  3. Browse For Promotional Channels: The social channels that you would be promoting your stuff on. The software that could loosen your manual burden.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep up to date with your industry.
  5. Woo Your Clients: Gain their trust by helping them reach their goals.
  6. Experiment And Beat Your Competitors: Bring out new and innovative ideas to help your clients achieve what they want.

Let’s move ahead and elaborate on the above pointers.

Defining Your Niche Area

Select the area you will serve – Workout, Nutrition, Weightloss, Aerobics or Yoga. While you’re thinking about monetizing your passion, there are people out there who’d be thinking about how to get back in shape. While some would be determined to get a perfectly chiseled bod within a few months, others might understand that it is not easy to lose weight within a fraction of time.

Take some time out to mull over these situations and find your target audience. Whether you would like to serve the ones who are up for a crash course or willing to spend their time working out regularly, the choice depends totally upon your preference. 😉

Define Your USP

Your personality is what you’ll be marketing here. Defining the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is solely based upon your target audience. If their preferences and interests match with your fitness plan, they would surely keep picking you from the crowd. Always remember, there’d be many who would be excelling in your field, but you have to create your own space.

Motivate your clients, give them feedback, ask them their queries and interact with them as much as you can. This will help you understand what your clients want. Engage with your clients and build your circles. This will not just help you retain your client base but will also garner many more clients that you might be willing to grab.

Determine The Promotional Channels And Automated Softwares That You Will Use

YouTube is the first and foremost place you’d need to register. Create a profile and monetize your YouTube account. Create your workout video, podcast or vimeo and share them regularly to gain organic audience. While we all have been using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for various entertainment purposes, it’s time we use these channels for some real work.

Build your professional pages and profile on the popular social media channels where you can promote some real stuff. Engage people from across the globe and redirect them to subscribe to your Youtube Channel. Converse with them using your social channels and offer them some free tips in response to their questions. This will help you build an online reputation. You can even contact and train young influencers who have a handsome fan following. This way, you could garner even more viewers.

Check out an influencer’s video here at MenSwag. Or visit the Instagram handle @iammenswag.

Use softwares like MailChimp to blast emails and promote your business or create a WordPress website. You can even use certain online training software like TotalCoaching which can help you build fitness and nutrition plans easily, compile a training log, deliver your clients their chosen fitness and nutrition plan and many more useful stuff, all online.

Stay Updated With The Industry  Dynamics

Always stay up to date with the industry dynamics. While the fitness industry changes constantly, developing new skills and keeping know-how of the latest workout regime and exercise routines are very important.

Provide your clients with the best in class service that motivates them to work out even more and hence makes them stick to their workout program. To stay updated with the latest workout and fitness trends you could follow fitness leaders like Ranjita Ganesan, Aabhas Sharma and Yasmin Karachiwala. Or you could even subscribe to the newsletters to learn about the new trends in the fitness industry.

Achieve Customer Delight

Let your work speak for you. With a rigorous and beneficial fitness regime you could woo your clients to actually see the transformation that they have been expecting. Add on certain activities or level up on their regime, it’s totally your call.

Motivating your clients to work up to their expectations is what you can do best. Give them a quality workout regimen and let them see the wonders themselves. Communication and personal relations matter the most here. Post your client’s success stories and engage with them on a regular basis to gain their trust and confidence. Make them believe in what they can do.

Know Your Competitors And Experiment

Include more and more activities that may lead your clients to engage and indulge with your workout schedule. Plan some Zumba classes or ask them to take a day off and go Hiking or Geocaching. While it might seem a day of adventure to them, it will help them burn calories and fat even on a day off. Ask them to indulge in physical activities like Badminton and Volleyball. The more they work out, the more they benefit.

PS. Do not forget to provide them with a detailed diet plan and nutrition chart. Follow up on this ritual regularly or weekly or monthly and monitor their nutrition count.

While initially it may seem to be a tiring task, in the long run , you’d be one of the top references of online fitness trainers.

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