Swiggy Affiliate: How To Earn Money From Swiggy Affiliate Program?

How To Earn Money As A Swiggy Affiliate?

Did you know that earning money online has now become simpler? Become a Swiggy Affiliate via EarnKaro and make money online easily. Simply share the existing deals and offers on Swiggy via EarnKaro to earn money in a tap of your finger. The Swiggy Affiliate program is ideal for anyone who wants to earn money online from the comfort of their homes. Check out how does the Swiggy Affiliate Program works.

The Swiggy Affiliate Program Via EarnKaro

Making money online easily with EarnKaro’s Swiggy Affiliate Program. All you need to do is join EarnKaro for Free and you are all set to start making money. Find the best deals and food items on Swiggy and make their Profit Links via EarnKaro. Share the same Profit Links on different social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook and ShareChat.

Each purchase made through your links enables you to earn a guaranteed commission from EarnKaro. The more purchases made through your link, the more profit you earn.  

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The Swiggy Affiliate Program: Ideas For Students

Students are often seen finding online jobs to earn extra income. EarnKaro presents an easier way for you to earn money online. Here is an example of how you can earn.:

Let’s say your hostel mate wants to buy a pizza from Swiggy. You go to Swiggy, find the same pizza and create a Profit link for that particular order. Now, you share the link with your hostel mate, and he orders through that link. After the purchase, you will get a direct commission in your EarnKaro account. You can make as many Profit Links as you want and earn big on every purchase made through those links.

The Swiggy Affiliate Program: Ideas For Housewives

Housewives often have some extra time in their sleeve, so its time you made some extra bucks online. Here is how you can earn money online via EarnKaro.

A friend of yours does not feel like cooking and wants to order from Swiggy. You make a profit link via EarnKaro and send the same through a social media channel. Your friend orders through your link and you earn a specified commission. This commission gets added directly to your EarnKaro account. You can find the best deals on Swiggy every day and make Profit Links while sharing them through social media channels.

How To Become A Swiggy Affiliate via EarnKaro?

It is very easy to become a Swiggy Affiliate. Simply sign up on EarnKaro and start earning money online easily: 

Here are the steps to become a Swiggy affiliate through EarnKaro:

Step 1: Visit EarnKaro and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

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Step 2: Join EarnKaro for Free by entering your details like name, phone no., email id. If you have any referral code, then type it in the ‘Enter Referral Code’ section and click on ‘Start Earning’.

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Step 3: You have now successfully become a Swiggy Affiliate. After signing in, click on the top icon mentioned on the right-hand side of the page. Select the option ‘Make Profit Links’.

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Step 4: You are now on the ‘Make Your Own Profit Links’ page. Find the deal on Swiggy you wish to make a link for and copy its link. Go to the ‘Paste Link’ tab and paste the required link. Further, click on ‘Make Profit Link’.

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Step 5: Your Profit Link is now created. Share it via social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or ShareChat.

Step 6: Whenever someone orders through your link, you get a commission for that purchase. The earnings will show up in the ‘Profit’ section along with a detailed analysis of your earnings.

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Step 7: You can simply transfer the profit to your bank account. Check out the ‘Payments’ section and get your profit transferred. You must have earned a nominal amount of Rs.10 to transfer the payments to your bank account.


Why Become a Swiggy Affiliate?

Swiggy is one of the largest food delivery apps in India. This food delivery giant caters to more than 25 cities in India. The total valuation of Swiggy is around $1.3 billion which makes it a giant itself. Swiggy delivers around 3,00,000 orders a day across India. Becoming a Swiggy affiliate can help you in earning more with just a tap of your finger. Simply share the latest Swiggy deals and continue to earn.

Potential Earnings: How Much Money Do Swiggy Affiliates Make?

Swiggy has revolutionized the way of ordering food in India. Being one of the largest food delivery apps, Swiggy has more than a million customers under its blanket. The exciting part is that most of your family members and friends would already be ordering food via Swiggy. So, it is easier for you to share links with them. Make as many profit links as you want and earn more and more on every purchase made through your link.

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