Myntra Affiliate Program With Highest Payout Of Flat 3% / Sale


It is often said ‘Money doesn’t come so easily’. But the Myntra Affiliate Program enables you to earn money online with just a tap of your finger. All you need to do is to share already available deals and products on Myntra and you are good to go. Ideal for all, this Myntra Affiliate Program is meant for anyone and everyone. Here is how you can earn money online by becoming a Myntra affiliate via EarnKaro.

The Myntra Affiliate Program Via EarnKaro

EarnKaro presents you a simple way to earn money as Myntra affiliate through the EarnKaro App. It allows you to make easy money by sharing deals through WhatsApp, Facebook or ShareChat. The Myntra affiliate program enables the users to make your own profit links and get guaranteed commission.

Once you share a profit link, a person must click it and shop through that particular link. For every product sold through your link, you will get a direct 3% profit in your EarnKaro account (see profit rates). The more people will shop through your link, the more profit you will earn.

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Myntra Affiliate Program – Ideas For Students

College students are often seen searching for an extra income. EarnKaro brings a new feasible way to earn money online. Let’s see how Myntra Affiliate Program via EarnKaro works.

Let’s suppose a college mate wants to buy Puma shoes from Myntra. You find the same shoes on Myntra for Rs.3000 including a discount of 30% on them. You visit EarnKaro and make a Profit Link for the same Puma shoes. You send the link to your friend and he buys them through your link. You get a flat 3% commission rate. This means that you earn Rs.90/- on a single purchase. What if 10 of your friends buy the same Puma shoes through the links provided by you. You earn Rs. 900 just for sharing links.

Myntra Affiliate Program – Ideas For Housewives

Who says housewives can’t earn extra income? EarnKaro makes it possible for house makers to earn money online easily. Check out the simple way of earning money via EarnKaro.

Let’s assume a friend of yours wishes to buy a lehenga choli set from Myntra. You find the same product on Myntra for Rs. 5000/- which is already at a 50% discount. Now, you create a profit link and send it to your friend. Once your friend makes a purchase through that link, you get a direct 3% commission on it. You earn Rs. 150/- on that particular purchase. Imagine sharing such links to 10 of your WhatsApp group friends. You earn Rs.1500/- in a go. This amount directly reaches your EarnKaro account which can be transferred to your bank account.

Deal sharing on EarnKaro isn’t just limited to one product. You can make as many Profit Links as you want for numerous products and earn big.

How To Become A Myntra Affiliate via EarnKaro?

It is very simple to become a Myntra Affiliate via EarnKaro. Simply sign up on and start earning money online.

Here are the steps to earn money online easily as a Myntra affiliate through EarnKaro:

Step 1: Visit EarnKaro and select the ‘Get Started’ tab.

Myntra Affiliate Rates

Step 2: Join for Free by entering the required details mentioned in the form such as your name, email id, phone number, etc. If you have any referral code, then type it in the ‘Enter Referral Code’ section and click on ‘Start Earning’.

Myntra Affiliate

Step 3: You have now successfully become a EarnKaro Myntra Affiliate. Once you have signed in, click on the top icon on the right-hand side. You will find the option ‘Make Profit Links’. Simply click on that and you will be redirected to the next page.

Myntra Affiliate Program

Step 4: You are now on the ‘Make Your Own Profit Links’ page. Find a product that you wish to sell from Myntra. Copy the product link in the ‘Paste Link’ tab and click on ‘Make Profit Link’.

Make Money Online From Myntra Affiliate

Step 5: Your link is now ready. Simply share this link via all social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or ShareChat.

Step 6: Whenever somebody shops through your link you will receive the profit earned in your EarnKaro account. It will show up in ‘Profit’ section with a detailed analysis of your earnings.

Myntra Affiliate for free

Step 7: You can now transfer the profit to your bank account. Visit the ‘Payments’ section and get your profit transferred easily. You just need to have a minimum earning of Rs.10 to transfer the earnings to your bank account.

Myntra Affiliate Program In India

Why Become A Myntra Affiliate?

Myntra is a one-stop destination for all fashion lovers in the country. It has now become one of the top e-commerce market players prevailing in the Indian market. The portal has around 1000+ brands and 1,50,000+ products under its blanket. From high-end fashion brands to budget apparels, you can find everything on Myntra. It is the biggest niche for all leading fashion and beauty brands.

Becoming a Myntra affiliate is the safest way to earn money online. It is the most trusted e-commerce website and gets more than a million-traffic volume every month. Myntra was acquired by the e-commerce giant Flipkart in the year 2014 which spiked the overall growth even further. Therefore, becoming a Myntra affiliate via EarnKaro would help explore the bestselling products. You can simply make product links for the highest commissioned items and earn more

Potential Earnings: How Much Money Do Myntra Affiliates Make?

Myntra is one of the pioneers of the e-commerce fashion market in India. It has more than a million-customers base in India that is rapidly expanding. Myntra ships more than 30,000 orders a day, so you can imagine the earning potential per day. Myntra Affiliate program enables you to earn from hundreds to lakhs. The earnings are completely dependent upon how proactively you share your Myntra Profit Links with the shoppers and whether the purchase has been made through the respective links.

So, don’t wait anymore! Sign up on EarnKaro and start making money online.

Myntra Affiliate Rates on EarnKaro

Valid On Myntra Affiliate Rates
All Product 3.00%