Guide To Earn Money By Flipping Websites

10 Things You Must Know To Earn Money By Flipping Websites

Do you wish to invest your money while making extra bucks part time? Who wouldn’t want that, right? Whether you are a hardcore coder or a website newbie, Flipping Websites is a great way to earn money online.  

What Is Website Flipping?

Website Flipping is synonymous to buying real estate. All you need to do is to buy a website, nurture it and sell it for a higher profit margin. For a better understanding, let’s relate it to real estate.

You buy a property, renovate it and then sell it after some time at a higher price. Website Flipping a.k.a Virtual Real Estate is the best way to earn quick money online in a short duration of time.

There are many e-commerce sellers who are always on a lookout to buy established websites. These potential buyers are the ones who you must target in order to sell the website at a higher amount of money.  

Website Flipping is one of the hottest online businesses around the world which helps you earn passive income by investing a certain amount of money. However, website flipping does require time and effort for the business to become profitable. So, be prepared to work a little harder!

What Are The Types Of Website Flipping?

Website Flipping isn’t just about buying and selling a website. You need to know what kind of website flipping will be profitable for you before investing money in it. Here are the different types of website flipping you must know about:

Medium Term: You buy a fixer-upper website (in need of repair), upgrade it and sell it at a higher price. This is essentially the most sought-after website flipping practice. Here are some points that you must remember:

  • Find a website owner who doesn’t update their site.
  • The owner isn’t making money out of it.
  • The owner may not be continuing the business.
  • The website has the potential of becoming profitable in future. So, choose wisely!

Long Term: A website flipper develops or buys a website as a long-term investment. The website owner then generates income out of it and holds it for a few years. After the website has become profitable, the website flipper may sell it for an increased price.

Building: This practice is not necessarily counted as flipping. However, it means developing the website from scratch. It requires some promotions to increase traffic. Once the website is profitable, it is sold to potential buyers.

Building a Website V/S Buying

Building a website yourself is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to start the website flipping business. You must be a developer or you must hire one to build your own website. After development, you must nurture the website to sell it at a higher profit.

You can also hire a freelancer who is a website developer. If you take a keen interest in working as a Freelancer yourself, then go through our guide on ‘How to Earn Money As A Freelancer’.

Buying a website may cost a little more than development. However, buying a website has its own perks, as it already has an established audience, and it may already be indexed within search engines.

How Much Money Can I Make by Flipping Websites?

Website Flipping is a great online business idea which requires low capital investment. Once you have made the website profitable you can simply sell it to the potential clients.

Yaro Stark, a famous website flipper, confirms that you can earn $1000 to $2000 a month on websites that require minimal maintenance. Imagine the earning on websites that require medium to high maintenance. You must continuously take part in website auctions to find the highest bidder.

A Website Flipper confirmed earning $2050 by successfully building and selling his first start up website on Flippa. Any Website Flipper with basic knowledge can earn an average of Rs.70,000-Rs.80,000 a month.

You can either involve yourself in auctions or simply promote your website to give a specific amount to the sellers.

If you wish to earn more, then simply read on our guide on ‘How To Earn Money Online By Domain Flipping’.

Who Can Become A Website Flipper?

You need not be a hard-core techie to be a website flipper. You must know the basic skills of writing and optimizing content and you are ready to start your business. For instance, it is not necessary to be an architect if you wish to be a real estate agent. Website Flipping works on the same scenario. All you need to do is buy, improve, sell and have a little perseverance.

A website Flipper buys a website from channels like,,,, etc. After purchasing, they simply need to beautify and optimize the website in order to sell it for a higher profit margin.

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Why Should You Invest in Website Flipping?

Website Flipping is the fastest and easiest way to earn money online. If you are  thinking about investing money in the business, then here are a few things you must know:

Low Capital Investment

Website Flipping requires really low investment. You can simply buy a domain name from websites like or starting from Rs.700 /- a year and conduct web hosting for around Rs.99 /- a month. It is very easy to enter the website flipping market even as a beginner. 

Income Possibilities

While you are still in the phase of improving the website, you still earn money from other digital marketing techniques. You can start affiliate marketing with various e-commerce brands and earn money while making your website profitable.

Learn how to earn money from affiliate marketing here.

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Strategies Involved When Buying A Website

  • Buy a site that has targeted traffic for the products or services you are already selling.
  • Involve in day trading (Buy a website, tweak it a little and flip it quickly).
  • Buy a site with a highly popular keyword.
  • Buy a specific domain name regardless of the website.
  • Buy a website according to a niche`.

Things To Know Before Flipping A Website

This phase comes after you have found a potential client for your website. Here are some important things you must know before transferring the website ownership:

  • Transfer every little thing in the name of the buyer, starting from domain name registration, incorporation, web hosting, software subscriptions, etc.
  • Always get a contract made up with the seller signing the deal.
  • You can mention in the contract about the support period. For instance, a buyer may need support from the ex-owner during the transition period.
  • Be descriptive while selling a website. You must have a summary or overview of the website in order to make the buyer interested.
  • If you are selling your website in an auction, then it would be better to be transparent. Buyers tend to purchase those websites that link out to social profiles.
  • You must also specify the maintenance cost to the buyers beforehand in order to be transparent.

How To Start Flipping Websites?

Website Flipping involves various steps in order to make it profitable. Here are some of the measures you can take into account while Flipping Websites.

  • Choose your niche`
  • Buy A Domain name
  • Install a website template (beautify your website)
  • Start posting unique/rich content (Stay away from Plagiarism!)
  • Start SEO & Social Media Marketing
  • Involve the site in affiliate sales to generate income
  • Auction the website and find potential clients
  • Transfer domain name

Where Can I Buy and Sell Websites From?

  • Create your own website