How To Earn Money By Selling T-Shirts Online?

How To Earn Money By Selling T-Shirts Online?

Have you ever thought of making money when someone else shops? Now you would, as EarnKaro is here to help you earn money by simply sharing links while you relax in your couch.

Online apparel shopping is overpowering the market these days and has become an important part of our lifestyle. And why not? The advantages of this one-click affair largely outweigh those of traditional store shopping. With the E-commerce industry on an upward trajectory, there isn’t a better way for people to shop for clothes than to order online. Here are some reasons why people prefer to do so:

  • The convenience of shopping from the comfort of home
  • Access to a wide range of products
  • Regular deals and discounts to lower the expenses
  • No need for bargaining
  • Easy payment options
  • Quick delivery[

As people have moved from offline to online shopping, there has been a rise in opportunities for more and more people to make money online. Scroll to know how you can make money by selling T-shirts online via EarnKaro.

How To Earn Money By Selling T-shirts Via EarnKaro?

When we think about online apparel shopping, names like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are the first to strike our mind. EarnKaro brings you the opportunity to make money in a single click by simply sharing links that you create using your favorite retailer platforms. Get started by logging on to EarnKaro. Choose from the various T-Shirts available on the partner website and create the profit link of the product via EarnKaro. Share the link with your network through Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social media platform and you are almost there. When people shop via your link, you will earn a guaranteed profit amount that will be added to your EarnKaro account.

Earn Money Online By Selling T-Shirts- Ideas For Students And Housewives

Whether you are a student or a housewife, EarnKaro has made it easier for everyone to make money from the comfort of home. Suppose your college friends want to purchase trendy t-shirts from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or any such retailer. Intrigue them by giving fashion suggestions and share links of products that they might like. Create this link using EarnKaro to direct them to a deal. That’s it- You are all set! As and when your friends shop through the link you share, you will earn a direct profit amount in your EarnKaro Account.

You can even engage into selling t-shirts if you are a housewife. You could help your friend buy t-shirts for her husband or any other family member. Just share the link of the particular deal and you’ll be ready to earn. (See Profit Rates)

For instance, on the successful conversion of a link on Shein, you will get 15% profit in your EarnKaro Account. Suppose you share the link of a product worth Rs.1000, you’ll easily make Rs.150 in minutes. Imagine sharing this link with 10 of your friends. No wonder- you’ll be a Richie Rich in no time.

It’s that simple with EarnKaro!

Steps To Earn Money As A T-shirts Seller Via EarnKaro?

Becoming a T-shirts seller on EarnKaro is simple. Just log on to EarnKaro for Free and make money in a quick and easy manner.

Follow the steps given below to understand how you can become a T-shirts seller on EarnKaro.

Step 1

Visit EarnKaro. Select the ‘Get Started’ tab.

EarnKaro Login

Step 2

Enter your personal details such as email address and contact number in the provided form. You can provide a Referral Code, if available, and tap on the ‘Start Earning’ tab.

EarnKaro Step 2

Step 3

After you sign in, you will see the ‘Make Profit Links’ option on the right-hand side panel, under your profile icon. Select the tab to reach the ‘Profit Link’ page.

EarnKaro Make Profit Links

Step 4

On the next window, paste the link of the deal you want to choose and create the profit link.

Make Myntra Profit Link

Step 5

Your Profit Link is now ready. Copy and share it via a social media platform like Facebook or Whatsapp and Start Earning!

When someone shops via your link, you will earn a profit that will be added to your EarnKaro Account. You can find a detailed report of your earnings in the ‘Profit’ section of the website.

EarnKaro Profit

Step 6

You can select the ‘Payments’ tab to transfer the confirmed profit to your bank account. You should have a minimum of Rs.10 as your confirmed earnings to be able to request a bank transfer.

EarnKaro Payments

Potential Earnings

It is not hard to imagine earning a huge amount of money by becoming a T-shirts seller on EarnKaro. A large part of the population is fond of purchasing t-shirts online, and that too from well-known retailers like Amazon, Myntra, NNNOW, and much more. Considering the traffic that these platforms receive on a daily basis, you are certain to have matchless earnings through this exclusive way of making money. From a few hundreds, your earnings can easily shoot up to lakhs depending upon the conversions that you get through the links shared by you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start Referring! Start Earning!

Commission Rates On EarnKaro

Partner Retailer Commission Rate
Ajio 10% on all orders
Amazon 10% on all orders
Myntra 3% on all orders
NNNow 20% on all orders
Jabong 3% on all orders
Shyaway Rs.250/- on orders above Rs.500/-
Jockey 10% on all orders
Reebok 10% on all orders
Shoppers Stop Rs.240/- on orders above Rs.500/-
MyVishal Rs.180/- on orders above Rs.180/-
Limeroad 3% on all orders
Stalkbuylove Rs.130/- on orders above Rs.1850/-
Koovs 10% on all orders
Shein 15% on all orders