Earn Money From Google: Guide To Earn Money In 2019

Earn Money From Google

A majority of us, if given an opportunity would prefer to work and earn from home rather than slugging at an office day in and day out. Undoubtedly, a great way to save time and money, work from home is one of the best ways to earn money online and offline. You earn money right from the comfort of your home along with the convenience of flexible working hours.

While you can opt for endless possible job opportunities through this option, there is yet another way. Did you know that you could even earn money from Google? Well yes, it sounds crazy. But you can earn a lot of money once you decide which way to opt for. Here we have curated a list of top 5 ways in which you can earn money from Google.

Earn Money From YouTube

Earn Money Using YouTube

One of the most popular ways to earn money via Google, monetising your YouTube channel requires very little time. The effort though is high. If you are inclined towards acting or reviewing products or even extending visual services, then you can sign up as a YouTuber on the famous video sharing platform. Every time you share useful information on your channel, you can garner loyal followers who will watch and react on your videos.

Companies pay a handsome amount to the content marketers who promote their products on the dedicated YouTube channels. If you love reviewing products and have a large following on your YouTube channel, then you can simply contact the companies and volunteer to promote their product in your video.

You can even earn money by streaming advertisements in between your YouTube videos. If you are regularly posting valuable content for a larger target audience, then you can add advertisements to your video by joining the ‘YouTube Partner Program’ to monetise your video. Remember, the advertisers will only pay you the amount if people click on their ads embedded in your video. This way you can earn using Google’s global video sharing platform – YouTube. Check out more about Earning Money From YouTube here!

Earn Money Through Google Opinion Rewards

Earn Money Using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a reward-based program commenced by Google LLC. This service was launched as a survey mobile app. The user can download the app and earn rewards. Android users can simply avail ‘Google Play Credits’ by taking up and answering the surveys. These credits can further be redeemed on Play Store’s Paid Apps and/or content available on the store. The iOS users are paid via PayPal. This app is currently available for download on App Store in 22 countries. This is one of the best and viable ways to earn and buy apps for a gaming freak. These surveys will be made available to you once a week (or even more or less frequently). You can take these up and earn up to $1 as your Google Play Credit each time you take any of the surveys and then redeem these credits to buy Paid Apps listed on the App Store.

Earn Money From Google Blog Platform


Google also allows budding or aspiring writers and marketers of written content to earn using its globally available blogging platform – Blogger. Blogger by Google is a blog publishing service that allows you to publish written content online. Well just writing on blogger won’t help you earn money. For the same, you need to add up an affiliate marketing element – Google AdSense to your blog. This Google Advertising program allows you to run ads on your website, blogs as well as on the YouTube channel. Share valuable information or written content on your blog and monetize it by embedding adds on your blog. This tool pays a great amount based on the price rates and the number of blog visitors who click on the add that is visible on your blog. Know more about How to Make Money By Blogging.

Earn Money As Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

A Search Engine Evaluator is required between the Google algorithm and users. The Search Engine Evaluator further refines the Google search results for the user. Google’s algorithm verifies search results for the users. But at times there is a limitation that the results had some or the other error. A Search Engine Evaluator works as a link between Google’s algorithm to provide the users Error-free content online. These Evaluators evaluate and rate the webpages, websites and even advertisements according to the guidelines given to them. While most of these Search Engine Evaluators are hired by the companies, one can even work as a freelance Search Engine Evaluator. They are responsible for quality content available to the users and searchers. As a Search Engine Evaluator, one can easily earn more than Rs.1000 per day. This means that per month their income can reach up to Rs. 30000.

Google App Engine (Earn Money By Making Android App)

Google App Engine

Google App engine is useful for Web App Developers who’re looking to earn from home. A Platform as a Service (PaaS), Google App Engine (GAE) provides web developers with more infrastructure to build highly-scalable applications on a serverless platform. App developers can develop applications that are made with Python, Java, Node.js, Java, Ruby, C#, Go, PHP and many more programming languages. Google App Engine is a web framework and cloud computing platform that helps develop and host web applications. This platform can help web developers build scalable apps that result in fetching a good amount of money. The earnings, however, will depend upon the app installs and active users who sign up on the app.

So these were some ways in which you can Earn Money through Google. While there are many other Ways in Which You Can Earn Money, these ways will help you get the best out of this global digital content sharing platform.

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