Earn Money By Click Ads: Earn Money With PTC Sites (2019)

Earn Money Online With PTC Sites

Have you ever heard about earn money by click ads? Yes, this is real! It is one of the best ways to earn money online and add that extra cash in your account.

Earning money through PTC sites is convenient as it doesn’t require any skill, expertise or investment. However, you should be careful of scams and fake sites who promise to pay but do not pay you in the end. If you’re wondering about what PTC sites are and how you can earn money by click ads, we’ve provided you with all the important details below.

What Are PTC Sites?

What are PTC sites?

PTC websites act as middlemen between the consumers and advertisers. Advertising companies need traffic or consumers on their website in order to sell their products/services. PTC sites help them get new customers by showing their advertisements to their members. The PTC site gets paid from the ad company and you get a portion of that share for viewing and clicking on these ads. It is a convenient and easy way to earn money online from the comfort of your home.

Who Is It For?

Pay to click sites are for anyone who has time and wants to earn real cash without any investment, degree or expertise.  All you need to do is register on their website and start viewing ads by clicking on them. There’s no contract, no bond or time restriction and they even have referral plans to help you earn more. These factors make it an all the more lucrative option.

How To Make Money On PTC Sites?

To earn money online on PTC sites, follow these simple rules:

Register On Multiple PTC Sites

Register on multiple PTC sites

PTC sites offer to view their advertisements the moment you register on their websites. Just fill in your personal details like your name, email address, phone number and verify it through an OTP. You then get access to your account’s dashboard where you can view all available advertisements and participate according to your will. Always register on multiple PTC sites to make more money and get access to various advertisements available online.

Sign Up on Paypal or Payza

Sign up

Most PTC sites are generally headquartered in North America or Europe and these companies pay through reliable e-commerce payment websites like Paypal or Payza. Make sure you have an account on these electronic payment websites to receive your share of the money after viewing sufficient advertisements. Once you receive the money on these digital payment websites, you can transfer the money to your bank account.

When You Reach The Limit

When you reach the limit

The minimum payment threshold is different for different PTC sites. Usually, its between $2-$10 and you can cash your money by requesting a withdrawal on your Paypal or Payza account. You get your payment according to the policy of the website. Some pay instantly and some pay within a week or two upon the receipt of your withdrawal request.

Beware Of Scam Sites

Beware of Scam Sites

All PTC sites pay $0.001 minimum for viewing one advertisement. Some websites may pay you more but that totally depends on the length of the advertisement and the website. All the legit sites have a definite system of help desk, customer care support, FAQs and more. If you find any website who change their privacy policy way too frequently, then you can consider that website as a scam.

No website should ask you for payment in the initial stages of signing up.

List Of Some Legitimate PTC Sites You Can Register At



Earnings: Points: 0.001$/per click (minimum)



Earnings: Points: 0.02$/per click



Earnings: Points: 0.01$/per click

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