How To Earn Money Online As A Housewife?


Online Jobs For Housewives Sitting At Home: How You Can Earn Without Investing?

Are you a housewife who wants to earn a decent sum of money from the comfort of your home? We bring you an attractive opportunity where you can earn up to 30k just by sharing awesome deals via, a platform to earn money online. EarnKaro is based on a concept that revolutionizes the earning potential of people such as housewives, students etc.

You might be doing a lot of online shopping. How about turning this pastime into an interesting money-making opportunity? Introducing, an easy to use online platform where all you have to do is sign up on and begin by sharing the deals with your friends and family using WhatsApp or any other social channel. As and when somebody shops from the link shared by you, you earn cash for it.

EarnKaro is a mobile site for anyone who is looking to earn some extra cash or pocket money. This earning site can be easily accessed by your smartphones. All you have to do is open the web browser on your mobile phone, search for and hit enter. You’ll be redirected to EarnKaro’s mobile site within seconds.

Read on to find more about this unique yet simple online earning concept.

Top Product Categories For Housewives To Earn Money Online

Depending upon your interest, you can choose from multiple categories for making seller product links. Online fashion retailers like Ajio and NNNOW lead the pack by giving 10% and 20% profit rates respectively.  For other household needs such as grocery items and home furnishings, sites such as Amazon can also be utilized for link sharing.

Baby Products30601800
Fashion Accessories102002000
Health & Personal Care 1070700
Bags & Luggage52001000
Home & Kitchen1060600

From the above table we can easily conclude that fashion, a category most popular amongst housewives is also the category where you can earn the most profit on.

All you have to do is select products listed on the partner sites and share links via social media channels like WhatsApp and Facebook.

EarnKaro has a large number of products and categories listed on its site. You can share deals and products of your choice from EarnKaro with your friends and acquaintances and earn up to Rs 30, 000 per month.

So, head over to and Sign Up to begin earning!…

What All Can You Sell Via EarnKaro?

Anyone and everyone can sell deals and products via EarnKaro. You name it and we have those products lined up through our online affiliations. You can sell products via EarnKaro in the following categories:

  • Men Fashion
  • Women fashion
  • Baby products
  • Beauty
  • grocery and Essentials
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Home & Kitchen

Besides the above-mentioned categories, we are in the process of adding more categories on an ongoing basis.

Getting Started

You have to follow very simple and easy steps to start earning money via EarnKaro. Just sign up on and begin earning money online.

A new user can simply click on ‘Get Started’. EarnKaro’s registration portal will soon appear on your mobile screen. Fill in the required details like:

Jobs for housewives sitting at home via EarnKaro

Your Mobile Number: The number you’d like to access your EarnKaro account with and the one that is registered on WhatsApp for easy sharing of the latest deals.

A Custom Password: This password will be used to login into your EarnKaro account. You can set this passcode as per your choice and enter it every time you access your EarnKaro account.

An Active Email ID: Registering with an active email ID is as necessary for you as it is for us. Be the first to get notified about all the new deals that we list on EarnKaro’s mobile site.

A Referral ID: If somebody has shared a referral link with you to sign up on EarnKaro, this section comes pre-filled. Or, you can even proceed to Sign Up on EarnKaro without having this column filled.

Wohoo! You’ve successfully registered yourself on EarnKaro!

Next, you’ll require a One Time Password (OTP) for the Verification of your mobile number. You will receive it within a short span of time. Enter the OTP and click on Submit!

Below are a few easy steps that you can follow to earn money via EarnKaro.

Step 1: Visit EarnKaro

Visit EarnKaro and select the ‘Get Started’ tab.

Earn Money Online free

Step 2: Make Free Account

Enter the required details mentioned in the form such as your name, email id, phone number, etc and join for FREE. Use a  referral code if any, then type it in the ‘Enter Referral Code’ section and click on ‘Start Earning’.

Earn Money Online

Step 3: Make Deal Links

Once you have signed in, click on the top icon on the right-hand side. You will find the option ‘Make Profit Links’. Simply click on that and you will be redirected to the next page.

Earn Money Online

Step 4: Make Profit Links

You are now on the ‘Make Your Own Profit Links’ page. Find a product that you wish to sell from any of our partner sites. Copy the product link in the ‘Paste Link’ tab and click on ‘Make Profit Link’.

Earn money profits showcase

Step 5: Share Profit Links Via Social Media Platforms

Your link is now ready. Simply share this link via all social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or ShareChat.

Earn money online proofs via EarnKaro

Step 6: View Your Shared Deals

Whenever somebody shops through your link you will receive the profit earned in your EarnKaro account. It will show up in ‘Profit’ section with a detailed analysis of your earnings.

EarnKaro earning proofs

Step 7: Transfer Payments

You can now transfer the profit to your bank account. Visit the ‘Payments’ section and get your profit transferred easily. You just need to have a minimum earning of Rs.10 to transfer the earnings to your bank account.

EarnKaro earnings proof

You are now fully equipped and ready to earn good amount of money from your new digital weapon.

Umm… Let’s be exact! You can earn approx. Rs.15000 to Rs.30000 just by sharing the deals.

Isn’t it quite simple?

Make Your Own EarnKaro Links:

You can even make your own profit links by pasting a link of your choice from any e-commerce site on the ‘Make Links’ section. You can then click on ‘Make Profit Link’. Copy this link and share as usual.

What’s Different About Earnkaro?

EarnKaro is conceptualized on a unique idea where you can earn money by simply sharing deals with your friends, family and acquaintances. Whenever anyone shops from the link given by you, you earn an amount that is credited to the ‘Earnings’ section of your EarnKaro account.

What makes EarnKaro different is that it is purely dedicated to earnings. While you may earn cashback on other websites only on certain products, EarnKaro offers some great deals and best discounts that you can share and eventually earn higher profits.

Anyone and everyone can earn extra income through EarnKaro. Right from a high school student to people who want to earn extra income from the comfort of their homes, EarnKaro is quite a great earning tool right at your service. Choose from the numerous categories listed on the site and share the links of the products via social channels like WhatsApp.

You even get the flexibility of easy and quick payments. This means that you can easily transfer your Profits to your Bank Accounts.

Easy, Right?

What Happens To My Earnings When They Get Confirmed?

Once your profit gets confirmed, you can raise a request to transfer the amount to your Bank Account. Till then your profit is safe in your EarnKaro Account.

To transfer your payment to your bank account, just go to the ‘Profile’ icon on the top right corner of your phone’s screen and click on ‘Payments’ Tab. This page will show the amount of your earnings that are available for ‘Payment’. You can then click on ‘Request Payment’ and follow the procedure ahead.

Below are more online earning avenues that you can explore:

Earn Money As An Online Medicine Seller

You might be knowing many elderly folks or people suffering from some chronic ailments who might be requiring a regularsupply of medicines. You can share profit links of the required medication through EarnKaro’s leading online pharma partners such as Medlife and Netmeds and earn a generous commission of up to 30% on every purchase

Earn Money By Selling Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle products form a chunk of shopping budgets. You might be friends with many shopaholics, especially family and couple who love to keep their homes updated. Share a lovely vase link or a beautiful wall art link with your millennial friends and make their shopping woes easier than ever. You can earn handsome profits on partner websites like Myntra, Ajio and NNNOW.

Earn Money As A Blogger

Do you have a flair for penning your thoughts online? Turn your passion into a lucrative hobby by working from home as a blogger. Read the blog “How To Make Money Online by Blogging?” to know more about this earning avenue.[

Earn Money By Selling Fashion and Beauty Products

Fashion and beauty products rank high on any woman’s shopping list. We are sure you might be having a considerable number of girlfriends and woman acquaintances who are keen shoppers. Turn your pastime of looking for fashion and beauty products online into a money-spinning opportunity.

Earn Money As An Amazon Kindle Writer…

Gone are the times of the traditional method of publishing and printing a book. Jump onto the self-publishing bandwagon and publish a Kindle E-book. To know more about this attractive work option, read our blog, How To Publish An E-Book On Amazon And Earn Money”.

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How EarnKaro helped Kritika?

“EarnKaro lets me make Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 each month while taking care of my home and family!”

– Kritika Bisht, Housewife, New Delhi