Earn Money As A Voice Over Artist: A Quick Guide

How to Earn Money as a Voice-Over Artist?

Do you ever think your voice needs some recognition? If yes, then don’t sit idle! Start making money online by lending your voice to businesses. Become a voice-over artist/actor and start making money online.

Who Is A Voice Over Artist?

Voice Over Artists lend their voices to businesses who then use them to run ads, films and gigs. If you are looking for a job that offers an amalgamation of entertainment and money, then a Voice Over role may be your niche.

You could be a mother of two working part-time as a Voice Over artist or a college student working during their summer break. You don’t need to be the new age Lata Mangeshkar to be a Voice Over artist, but a confident person with a decent voice.

Here is a quick video you must watch to get going with the voice modulations and other Voice Over techniques.

How Do I Become An Online Voice Over Artist?

If you think you have a significant voice, then prep up yourself for a Voice Over audition. You simply need a working laptop and a microphone to record your skills. Read out some scripts and get an idea of how you must sound for an audition. You must have ample dynamic recordings to nail the interview in the first go. Though you might have to search a little extra to find a high paying online job if you are a newcomer.

Simply sign up on any of the Voice Over websites and create a free account. Post your daily dose of work and they will choose your application if they find it fit for any project.

Not just that, you can also earn commission by reselling voiceovers online or by referring clients.

How Much Do I Earn As An Online Voice Over Artist?

Voice Overs are the most viable way to earn money online. If you love performing for a living, then you have the brightest chance to become a Voice Over artist. Making money totally depends on how good your voice is and cracking the best deal in town. Voice Over is still a new industry in India, so you may easily sail through the prevailing competition.

Voice Over artists can earn a sum of Rs.10,000 which can go up to a handsome amount of Rs.5,00,000 a month. You may also get paid on a per project or on a per job basis. 

Manish Joshi, a Voice Over artist in India recently confirmed that a voice over artist can easily earn around Rs.30,000-40,000 a month. Certain e-learning projects pay you on an hourly or on a page basis. Payment per page can be around Rs.600 to Rs.700.

If you wish to explore more online job profiles then check out some more genuine ways to earn money online.

When Can I Expect My First Online Voice Over Offer?

Once you are done with your audition recordings, you can start sending the same to potential clients. It is not a cake walk to find a well-paying offer at first. You must proactively search for the offers. You might get your first offer within a few weeks.

If you are ready with your audio recordings, then simply send in an email to hr@cashkaro.com and we may give you your first Voice Over offer.

How Do I Get Paid As A Voice Over Artist?

There are multiple ways in which voice over artists gets paid. Here are some ways that you must see before stepping into the world of entertainment:

  • Contractual basis
  • Every time the voice over is aired publically
  • A full buy out
  • On a monthly or per project basis

Pro Tip: Your earning potential is in your hands. Select the offer wisely!

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Where Do I Find Online Voice Over Projects/Jobs?

Many newcomers may struggle to find Online Voice Over jobs. They may be surfing through the internet but find nothing. Here are some ways to start looking for online Voice Over jobs:

  • Read success stories of renowned artists and follow their journey.
  • Start applying on job portals. (It may sound cliché, but it does work)
  • Find Voice Over Artists on LinkedIn and start connecting with them.
  • Join Facebook groups.
  • Directly message recording companies on Instagram and other social platforms.
  • Sign up on websites like Voicebunny, Voice123.com, Voicehired.com, Upwork, and more.
  • Start posting your audio clips on social media platforms. (Somebody is quite likely to spot your talent)

If you think it’s too hard to find a Voice Over job, then don’t worry, you could still showcase your talent. Become a YouTuber and make money in dollars. Read our story on “How To Become a YouTuber” now!

Famous Voice Over Artists Who Have Changed the Game

  • Susan Bennett (The voice behind Siri)
  • Mona Ghosh Shetty (Voice behind leading Bollywood divas)
  • Chetan Shashital (Voice behind ‘Baloo’ in the Jungle Book)
  • Parignya Pandya (Hermione Granger’s Hindi dubbed voice)

Start applying for the part-time Voice Over roles today. Here is to dynamic opportunities!