Oyo Rooms Affiliate Program With HIGHEST Payout

Oyo Rooms Affiliate

Do you wish to make money from the comfort of your home? Awesome as it sounds, we are here to tell how you can earn money online by becoming an OYO Affiliate via EarnKaro. All you have to do is share deals and already available hotels on OYO Rooms. You don’t need to be a techie or a marketing specialist to become an OYO Rooms Affiliate. You could be anyone with a smartphone and a zeal to earn money online.

Let’s check out how one can become an OYO Affiliate via EarnKaro.

The OYO Rooms Affiliate Program Via EarnKaro

We present you a brand-new deal sharing platform that enables its users to earn money online. All you need to do is to visit the EarnKaro App and make profit links for the selected product. You simply need to share these Profit Links via social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook or ShareChat.

Once a user clicks on the Profit Link and makes a purchase, you will get a guaranteed commission directly in your EarnKaro account. It works on a simple mechanism, the more people book through your EarnKaro Profit Link, the more you will earn.

Sign Up on EarnKaro and get started now!

The OYO Affiliate Program: Ideas For Students

Are you a college student who wishes to find a part-time online job? Well, we are here to solve your problem! Check out the OYO Affiliate program via EarnKaro that helps you earn money online the easy way.

Let’s say your college mate is planning a trip to Rajasthan with his friends. After a conversation, you get to know he is planning to book an OYO hotel which costs Rs. 2299/- including a 30% discount.

Now, you go to EarnKaro and make a Profit Link of that particular OYO Hotel. You share the same link with your friend and he makes a purchase through that link. You get a flat commission on the purchase made. That commission will directly get transferred to your EarnKaro account. Imagine sharing this link with 10 people and all of them make a purchase through your link. This is how you earn big sitting at home.

The OYO Affiliate Program: Ideas For Housewives

Housewives often have some extra time at their hands on various days of the week. If you are a housewife too then you can utilize that extra time to make money via EarnKaro.

Let’s suppose a neighbour of yours is planning a trip to Manali. They want to book an OYO for their vacation. You find an OYO in the preferred area for Rs. 2000/- or above, and make a Profit Link of the same on EarnKaro. Send the profit link to your neighbour via Facebook, or Whatsapps for them to book the room through that link. You get a guaranteed commission on that particular purchase. You send this link to a group of 5 people who wish to go on a trip. If each of them books through the links shared by you, you get a flat commission for each booking in your EarnKaro account. The best part is that you can transfer this commission to your bank account as well.

How To Become An OYO Affiliate via EarnKaro?

It is very easy to become an OYO Rooms Affiliate. Simply sign up on EarnKaro.com and start earning money online. 

Here are the steps to become an OYO affiliate through EarnKaro:

Step 1: Visit EarnKaro and click on the ‘Get Started’ tab.

oyo affiliate

Step 2: Join EarnKaro by entering the required details like name, phone no., email id. If you have a referral code, then type it in the ‘Enter Referral Code’ section and click on ‘Start Earning’.

oyo rooms affiliate

Step 3: You have now become an OYO Affiliate via EarnKaro. Once you have signed in, click on the top icon on the right-hand side. You will find the option ‘Make Profit Links’. Click on that and get redirected to the next page.

oyo rooms affiliate program

Step 4: You are now on the ‘Make Your Own Profit Links’ page. Find the required hotel and copy its link. Paste the link in the ‘Paste Link’ tab and click on ‘Make Profit Link’.

oyo rooms affiliate program in India

Step 5: Your link is now ready. Simply share the link via social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or ShareChat.

Step 6: Whenever somebody books a hotel through your link you will receive a profit. It will show up in ‘Profit’ section which gives you a detailed analysis of your earnings.

Earnkaro referral code

Step 7: You can transfer the profit to your bank account. Visit the ‘Payments’ section and get your profit transferred easily. You just need to have a minimum Rs. 10 as EarnKaro earnings to transfer the payments to your bank account.

Why Become an OYO Affiliate?

‘OYO Rooms’ has taken the hospitality industry by storm by offering budget hotels with comfortable stays. It has a presence in almost all leisure destinations, business cities and towns across India. It has now spread its wings across various  countries including Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, England, UAE and Sri Lanka.

In the year 2018, OYO launched its first OYO Home in Dubai. The net income for the year 2017 was recorded at Rs. 3125 crores. Hence becoming an OYO Affiliate via EarnKaro can result in huge earnings. Affordable for all, OYO Rooms has a huge customer base across India and globally. Becoming an OYO affiliate has huge opportunities to make money online. Start making the profit links and earn now!

Potential Earnings: How Much Money Do OYO Affiliates Make?

OYO Rooms partners with more than 8500 hotels in 337 cities in India and other international destinations. With over more than a million customers, OYO has become one of the top leaders in the budget hotels and vacations segment. So, becoming an OYO affiliate has a very high potential to earn. The more you share the Profit links, the more you can earn.

So, what are you waiting for? Register on EarnKaro and start earning money online now.