Cashify Affiliate With “HIGHEST” Payout Of Flat Rs 70

Cashify Affiliate

Cashify is one of those platforms where you can sell used electronic gadgets and buy a new one at amazing prices. But did you know that you can earn even more money by using this platform? Check out how you can earn money by helping others get value for their product.

With the growing need to earn money comes the dilemma of choosing the best source of earning money. One such easy and hassle-free way to earn is becoming a Cashify Affiliate via Earnkaro.

The Cashify Affiliate Program via EarnKaro

The Cashify Affiliation Program via EarnKaro lets you earn money when your friends or acquaintances sell a gadget through a link shared by you. You simply have to generate a profit link of that particular product through EarnKaro and share it with those who wish to get a great value for their product on Cashify. For every transaction made through your link, you’ll earn an amount of profit that will add up in the ‘Profit’ section of your EarnKaro account. Guess what’s more? You can even transfer this amount to your bank account.

Cashify Affiliate Program – Ideas for a Student

Suppose, your friend wants to buy a new phone and sell his old one. Take this as an opportunity to help your friend while earning some extra cash. Visit Cashify and look out for Mobile Phones in the ‘What would you like to sell’ section. Next select the brand, model and variant. Now copy the URL and create a profit link using EarnKaro’s ‘Make Links’ section. Share this link with your friend. Whenever your friend makes a transaction via that link you’ll earn Rs.70 pertransaction.

Cashify Affiliate Program – Ideas for a Housewife

If you’re a housewife who wants to make some income online while staying at home, log on to One of your neighbours wants to sell their old iPhone 6S for a good quote. Help them out by sharing an EarnKaro profit link with them. All you have to do is visit Cashify’s website and open the iPhone 6S’s selling proposition page. Now copy the URL and paste it on the input field in the ‘Make Link’ section of your EarnKaro account. Click on ‘Make Profit Link’ to generate an affiliate link. Copy this link and share it with them on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media platform. When she uses this link to make a transaction on Cashify, you earn a direct profit of Rs. 70.

How To Become A Cashify Affiliate via EarnKaro?

Becoming a Cashify Affiliate via EarnKaro is easy. All you require is a smartphone and an active internet connection.

Step 1: Visit and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

Earn Money by Cashify Affiliate


Step 2: Fill in all the necessary details like your Mobile Number, Password and Email Id. Then select the ‘Start Earning’ tab.

You can even use an EarnKaro User Referral Code while signing up.

Cashify Affiliate


Step 3: You’ve now signed up on EarnKaro and can work as a Cashify affiliate. To create your affiliate links, click on the Profile icon on the top right corner of your EarnKaro homepage and then select ‘Make Profit Links’.

Earn Money by Cashify Affiliate program


Step 4: Select the product that is to be sold via Cashify, copy its link and paste it in the ‘Paste Link’ section!

Cashify Affiliate Program

Step 5:
Your EarnKaro profit link is now ready to be shared. You can copy and share this link on various social platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook.

EarnKaro Profit

Whenever a person transacts through your link, the profit will automatically get added to your EarnKaro account and will show up in the ‘Profit’ section. You can click on ‘Profit Rates’ to see the amount of profit you will earn on any product.

Step 6:
You can then go to the ‘Payments’ section to transfer the earnings to your bank account. You should have a minimum of Rs. 10 in your EarnKaro account to request for a bank transfer.

Earn money from Cashify

Why Become An Affiliate For Cashify?

Cashify offers great deals on sale of used gadgets and electronics and the Cashify Affiliate program via EarnKaro gives you the most amazing profit rates. These deals can further allow you to earn profit. Just make your own profit link using Cashify’s product URL and earn ₹15000 – ₹30000 and more. Depending upon the number of deals you share and the corresponding transactions done using those links, you can determine the profit you will make.

Potential Earning: How Much Money Do Cashify Affiliates Make?

One can easily earn thousands and more just by sharing the Cashify Affiliate Links. Every time someone transacts from the link you’ve shared, you’ll earn a sum of Rs.70 per transaction. While the earnings solely depend upon the number of transactions done using your link, you can easily increase the number of your earnings by sharing numerous such links for different categories and products.

Cashify Affiliate Rates on EarnKaro

Device Type Cashify Affiliate Rates
All-TransactionsRs. 70.00