Netmeds Affiliate Program: Highest Commission @30% / Sale

Earn Money By Becoming A Netmeds Affiliate

Who knew that you could earn money by sharing medicine links through social media apps and platforms? Well, now you can! Sign up for becoming a Netmeds Affiliate and earn every time someone shops through your link. Ideal for those who are looking for easy and more dynamic ways to earn money online, this affiliate program can be used by almost anyone and everyone.

The Netmeds Affiliate Program via EarnKaro

Offering numerous possibilities to earn quick money, the Netmeds Affiliate Program via EarnKaro is one of the easiest ways to make profits. This program works on simple lines and allows you to share deals on medicines. For every purchase made through the link shared by you, you’ll earn a profit percentage (see rates). You can make your own profit links by creating affiliate links from the ‘Make Links’ section of your account.

Netmeds Affiliate Program – Ideas for a Student

Suppose, a friend of yours needs to stock up on regular medication because he/she must go on an adventurous trip. You can simply share the affiliate links of general medicines with him/her. All you have to do is select the medicines from the Netmeds’ website, copy their link and paste it in the ‘Make Links’ section of your account. Next click on ‘Make Profit Link’ to generate your affiliate link. Share this link with your friend to earn profits. Once your friend shops through your link you will earn a guaranteed profit.

Netmeds Affiliate Program – Ideas for a Housewife

If you know someone who always keeps some regular medicine in their home and is looking for some cool deals on those, then help them out by sharing some best deals via Netmeds. Choose the medicines that have cool discounts and copy their links. Now paste the link in the ‘Make Profit’ section of your EarnKaro account and click on ‘Make Profit Link’. Share the generated link with your acquaintance via social channels like Whatsapp or Facebook and earn a profit for the purchase made.

How To Become A Netmeds Affiliate via EarnKaro?

Signing up to be a Netmeds affiliate is not a herculean task. You just need to spare some time to search for the best medicines available online and make affiliate links for them. To know about the whole process, scroll down.

Step 1: Visit and click on ‘Get Started’ button.

Earn money online by selling medicine

Step 2:
Fill in the necessary details like your Mobile Number, Password and Email Id. Then select the ‘Start Earning’ tab.

If you have a pre-existing EarnKaro User’s Referral Code, then you can use that too.

Earn money online by selling medicine online

Step 3:
You have now successfully signed up and are eligible for being a Netmeds Affiliate through EarnKaro. To create your affiliate link, click on the Profile icon in the top right corner of your EarnKaro homepage and then select ‘Make Profit Links’.

Earn money online by selling medicine online

Step 4:
You can now paste the selected product link from Netmeds to make your own profit link through EarnKaro by pasting the link into the Paste Link section.

How to earn money via selling medicines

Step 5:
Your EarnKaro profit link is now ready to be shared. You can copy it and share this link with your friends on social platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook.

Whenever somebody shops through your link, the profit will automatically get added to your EarnKaro account and will show up in the ‘Profit’ section. You can click on ‘Profit Rates’ to see the amount of profit you will earn on any product.

EarnKaro Profit

Step 6:
You can then go to the Payments section to transfer the earnings to your bank account. You should have a minimum of Rs. 10 in your EarnKaro account to request for a bank transfer.

Earn money via selling medicines

Why Become An Affiliate For Netmeds?

Netmeds is one of the most-trusted retailers for prescription and non-prescription medicines. Having a huge and loyal customer base, this retailer is known for supplying quality medicines and health-related products. By becoming an affiliate for Netmeds you can earn a huge sum of money as the profit rates here are always on the peak.

Potential Earning: How Much Money Do Netmeds Affiliates Make?

By becoming a Netmeds Affiliate, one can earn an amount that ranges from a few hundreds to thousands. The number of earnings will solely depend upon the number of links you share, and the number of purchases made using those links.

Netmeds Affiliate Program: Commission Rates On EarnKaro

DealNetmeds Commission Rates
On all Orders above Rs 50030.00%