Ajio Affiliate Program With Highest Payout Of Flat 10% / Sale

How To Earn Money By Becoming An Ajio Affiliate

Want to earn some extra bucks without taxing yourself? Start earning by becoming an affiliate with Ajio via EarnKaro. In a few easy steps, you can create a legit source of side income by sharing deals and products already available on Ajio. It is an ideal platform for students, housewives or those looking to earn some money from home. Here is why you should become an affiliate and how much can you earn through this opportunity.

The Ajio Affiliate Program Via EarnKaro

EarnKaro is the newest deal sharing platform that helps its users earn money. Becoming an Ajio affiliate via EarnKaro easy and the only thing you need to do is share links of products already available on Ajio. To get started you will need to sign up on EarnKaro. After this step, you can start making links for all Ajio products and share these on social media platforms.

The number of purchases made through these links will fetch you money in terms of profit. Different products have different profit rates. To know EarnKaro’s guaranteed commission available on Ajio, you can see our rates now. You can transfer your profit earnings to your bank account with the minimum amount in your EarnKaro account being Rs. 10.

Ajio Affiliate Program – Ideas for a Student

Let’s say, your friends need to dress up for their farewell party. They want to buy a saree from Ajio that costs Rs. 1300 after discount. You can easily create a link for this one saree or multiple sarees via EarnKaro. This link can be shared via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social channel. Every person who makes a purchase using this link, you’ll earn a profit of Rs. 130.

Ajio Affiliate Program – Ideas for a Housewife

A mom wants to buy a toy for her child that is worth Rs. 330 after a 15% discount offered by Ajio. You can create a link for this toy via EarnKaro and share the link via WhatsApp. As soon the mother makes a purchase through your profit link, you’ll earn Rs. 33 as your profit.

How To Become An Ajio Affiliate via EarnKaro?

You can become an affiliate for Ajio via EarnKaro in just a few easy steps. All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone with an internet connection to sign up on EarnKaro.

As we said earlier, technical skills are not necessary and this platform is open to anyone who wishes to earn some extra money.

Follow these steps to start making money instantly.

Step 1: Log on to EarnKaro.com and select the ‘Get Started’ tab.

Ajio Affiliate Program

Step 2: Fill in your details in the form such as Mobile Number, Password and Email Id, etc. You can also add an existing EarnKaro user’s referral ID if you have one. Next, select the Start Earning tab.

Congratulations! You’ve officially become an Ajio affiliate via EarnKaro.

Ajio Affiliate Program With Highest Payout

Step 3: In order to create your affiliate link, click on the ‘Profile’ icon in the right corner. Now select Make Profit Links. You can also select any category option like Sports Shoes, T-shirts etc., and then apply a filter for Ajio.

Join Ajio Affiliate Program

Step 4: On the next page, paste any product link from Ajio and your ‘profit link’ will be created. Find any product you like on Ajio, copy its link and paste it on the Paste Link section.

Earn Money Ajio Affiliate Program

Step 5: With your EarnKaro profit link ready, you can share it on social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. The profit earned by you will get automatically added to your account whenever a person shops through the links posted by you.

Go to the Profit section to see the Deal Sharing Earnings Report.

Best Ajio Affiliate Program

Step 6: By going to the Payments section, you can see how much profit you’ve made. By selecting the Request Payment button, you can get this amount transferred to your bank account.

Ajio Affiliate Program With Highest Payout Of Flat 10% / Sale

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Why Become An Affiliate For Ajio?

Ajio brings the trendiest and most unique styles from India and around the world. Its private label called ‘Ajio Own’ is adored by people as it lets you showcase your personality. This leading Fashion e-commerce site operates in various corners of India. Other features like quality products, quick delivery, easy exchange policy, EMI options, etc. only add to its quality. With a huge fashion collection for men, women and kids, your chances of earning by becoming an affiliate for this Ajio are sky-high.

Potential Earning: How Much Money Do Ajio Affiliates Make?

Depending upon the number of links you share and the number of purchases made through these links, you can make anywhere between a few thousand to lakhs. The potential of earning is massive, so get started and start earning now!

Ajio Affiliate Rates on EarnKaro

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