Selling Groceries Online: Earn Money By Online Grocery

How To Earn Money By Selling Groceries Online?

Selling groceries online and make money, have you ever imagined?

Buying and selling groceries online was once a dream. However, the recent multiplication of online grocery sellers has made this dream come true. You can now earn money online by selling groceries via EarnKaro which is an active deal-sharing platform. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a techie to do this. All you need is a smartphone and a fast internet connection. Simply become an EarnKaro affiliate and make money online from the comfort of your home.

Let’s check out how can you earn money online by selling groceries via EarnKaro:

How To Earn Money By Selling Groceries Via EarnKaro?

EarnKaro is an online deal sharing platform that allows its users to earn money online. All you need to do is Sign in to EarnKaro and get started. Find BigBasket, Grofers, etc. on EarnKaro and make Profit Links of the grocery items you wish to sell online. Now, send these Profit Links via different social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Sharechat. Whenever a purchase is made via your profit link, you will get a guaranteed commission on it. You can find different commission rates for different retailers on EarnKaro (See EarnKaro Commission Rates). Make as many profit links via EarnKaro and earn big on every purchase!

Earn Money By Selling Groceries Online: Ideas For College Students & Housewives

EarnKaro is a one-stop destination for making money online. Ideal for housewives and students, EarnKaro enables its users to earn money with just a tap of your finger. Let’s see how you can make money online:

College Students are always on a lookout to earn money part-time. With EarnKaro, it is simpler and totally possible. For instance, a fellow student wishes to purchase some grocery items for Rs.1000 from Big Basket. Now, you make links for the grocery items he wishes to purchase and share it through any of the social media channels. If he is a new user, you will get a 5.20% (Rs.52) commission and if he is an existing user, you will get a 1.50% (Rs.15) commission. Imagine sending these links to as many people you like and earning huge sums of money on each purchase.

Housewives may have some extra time on their sleeve. They can utilize this time to earn money online by selling grocery via EarnKaro. For instance, a neighbour wishes to buy monthly groceries worth Rs.3000/- from BigBasket. You simply go to EarnKaro and make profit links for the grocery items your neighbour wishes to purchase. Share it via any social media platforms with as many people as you like. When your neighbour makes a purchase through your link you get 5.20% new user commission (Rs.156) and 1.50% (Rs.45) existing user commission. This amount will get credited to your EarnKaro account as soon as someone makes a purchase through the link shared you. You can transfer this account by requesting a bank transfer.

Steps To Sell Groceries via EarnKaro?

It is very easy to become an EarnKaro Affiliate and sell grocery items online. Simply sign up on and start earning money online.

Here are the steps to sell grocery through EarnKaro:

Step 1:

Visit and click on the ‘Get Started’ tab.

EarnKaro steps by Selling Groceries Online

Step 2:

Join EarnKaro by entering details like name, phone number, and email id. If you have any referral code, then type it in the ‘Enter Referral Code’ section and click on ‘Start Earning’.

EarnKaro step for Selling Groceries Online

Step 3:

You have now become an EarnKaro Affiliate. Once you have signed in, click on the top icon on the right-hand side. You will find the option ‘Make Profit Links’. Now, click on this tab.

EarnKaro Make Profit Links

Step 4:

You are now on the ‘Make Your Own Profit Links’ page. Find the required grocery items and copy its link. Paste the link in the ‘Paste Link’ tab and click on ‘Make Profit Link’.

Step 5:

Your link is now ready. Simply share the link via all social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp or ShareChat.

Step 6:

Whenever somebody purchases grocery items through your link you will receive the profit. It will show up in ‘Profit’ section which gives you a detailed analysis of your earnings.

EarnKaro Profit

Step 7:

You can transfer the profit to your bank account. Visit the ‘Payments’ section and get your profit transferred easily. You simply need to have Rs.10 as CashKaro earnings to transfer the payments to your bank account.

Potential Earnings

With the advancement in technology, various e-commerce companies are multiplying every day. Selling groceries online was once a dream, but today we can buy and sell grocery items with just a single click. E-commerce giants like BigBasket, Amazon Pantry, and Grofers have increased the potential to earn online for everybody. According to a report, BigBasket caters to 60000-70000 orders a day. So, a user has a scope of earning unlimited money by selling groceries online via EarnKaro. All you need to do is to proactively share these deals for the user’s to shop through those. 

So, what are you waiting for? Register on EarnKaro and start earning money online!

Affiliate Rates on EarnKaro

Affiliate Retailer Profit Rate
Bigbasket Affiliate Rates 5.20% (new users) & 1.50% (existing users)
Amazon (Grocery & Gourmet, Pantry) Affiliate Rates 9%