How To Earn Money By Watching Videos Online?


With the advancement in technology, brands are resorting to online media for their marketing activities. This has opened a lot of money-making opportunities for homemakers as it does not require the physical presence of an individual. Videos form a major chunk of content marketing activities of many brands worldwide. In fact, there are companies who will pay you to watch their Video and TV content. Research firms like Nielsen pay its video watchers about $8 per hour. So guys, turn your pastime of watching videos online into a lucrative money-spinning opportunity. Earn money by watching videos online! Read further to know how.

How To Get Paid By Watching Videos?

Get ready to be paid in cash, reward points and gift cards. Select from any of these lucrative platforms to earn money online.


Earn Money By Watching Videos Online via Swagbucks

Swagbucks App is a rewards and loyalty program site. You can use Swagbucks to earn money for watching videos online. Login into your Swagbucks account to watch a plethora of money-making videos related to world news, sports, entertainment, etc. If you are new user then you can create Swagbucks login. Make additional money from browsing the web, taking online surveys and making online purchases. Simply visit the Google Play Store or visit the iTunes App to download the Swagbucks App for Android or Apple phones.

You can redeem the collected bucks (points) for gift cards or PayPal cash.

As far as the Swagbucks review is concerned, it is a legit site that offers the best cashback rates and money-making schemes for online shoppers.


Earn Money By Watching Videos Online via InboxDollars app

The InboxDollars App is an alternative to Swagbucks. It is another way of earning money online. You will be paid for taking online surveys, playing games and even shopping for your choice of brands. Sign up for promotional offers and browse the web are few other things that you can do on this platform. However, what differentiates InboxDollars from other platforms is that its users get paid every day for opening sponsored emails. What’s more? You get paid in cash and earn $5 just for signing up.

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SendEarnings owned by InboxDollars is another popular site that you can explore. You can take surveys, shop online and redeem digital coupons and get paid in cash on this site.


make money via viggle app

Viggle is an app that pays users for watching TV. To get paid, users need to “check in” on their smartphone while they watch content on TV. The app draws from the audio to determine the channel and show that the user is watching on TV and give points for that particular show. Similarly, the app can be tapped while streaming content on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. Earning potential is great as users can earn one point per minute in addition to a bonus. In fact, through some shows, users can earn 10X bonus with 10 points per minute of viewing. What’s more? Viggle offers users to interact with friends and gain extra points. These points can be redeemed in the form of gift cards, prizes and even cash.

earn money through app is an associated site of Viggle with shorter videos. You can earn money from watching these short videos on You can earn Perk Points for watching movie and app trailers on Live. Additionally, you can play quizzes or download new apps to earn extra. These Perk Points can be redeemed in the form of cash, gift cards, and merchandise. You can even earn it as a donation to charity or NGO. Moreover, you can earn Perk Tokens that can be encashed to participate in sweepstakes.


make money through Netflix

Netflix, the popular subscription video streaming service hires “taggers” from time to time. These taggers need to watch and tag Netflix programs to offer authentic recommendations to subscribers. You can find these tagger positions on Netflix job board. So, the next time you decide to binge watch the best movies on Netflix, do think about its great money-making opportunity.

YouTube Videos

Make money by YouTube

YouTube is by far the most popular mode of watching videos online. You get the best quality videos with high download speeds by gaining access to free YouTube Video Downloader.

You can find videos on any topic on YouTube. YouTube’s Paid2YouTube pays you for watching videos. To earn money by watching videos online on YouTube, you will need to rate the videos, add comments, subscribe to various YouTube channels as well as refer friends to join. After your earnings reach $10, you will be paid via PayPal.

Creations Reward

earn money by Creations Reward

Creations Reward will pay you for taking online surveys, shopping, browsing websites, referring friends, etc. The reward points can be redeemed via gift cards on Amazon or Walmart and cash via PayPal. New users can avail a 5% signup bonus on earning 5,000 points in the first 60 days of joining.

Neilsen Digital Voice

how to earn money by Neilsen Digital Voice

Neilsen Digital Voice is a rewarding way to measure computer or mobile device watching activity by downloading the Nielsen App. Earn rewards for watching videos along with earning additional rewards through activities like online surveys. Nielsen gives a collective amount of up to $10,000 to 400+ members every month.

Besides the above sites and portals like Fusion Cash, Mypoints, Slidejoy, QuickRewards, AppNana., etc., can be explored to earn money by watching videos online.

The comfort and flexibility of making money by watching videos and movies can make this a rewarding experience for one and all.

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