Online data entry jobs without investment: In-depth guide [2019]

Earn money by online data entry

All you need to work in the virtual world is a Laptop, an active internet connection and some relevant skills. And you’re all set. While there are many online jobs by which one can earn money, one of the most feasible choices of a newbie is an Online Data Entry job. Today, you will read an in-depth guide on how to do online data entry jobs without investment.

What Is Online Data Entry?

Online Data Entry jobs involve the process of entering information manually into the computer from non-electronic forms, or offline databases and uploading onto online databases. This data is segregated into different columns as per the headings and the category it falls in.

Who All Can Do Data Entry?

Anybody who is well-versed as a data processor, typist, word processor, transcriber, coder, and a clerk is fit to do data entry from any remote location or as an in-house employee. One can even take up the training sessions for this job to excel in this field.

Let’s know in brief about what are the roles in the data entry segment:

Data Processor: A Data Processor is a person who processes data as directed by a data controller. While most of the Data Processing work has now been automated, the Human Data Processors are found very rarely.

Word Processor And Typist: A Typist is a person who is skilled enough to type maximum words in a given time period. They gather material, type reports, correct rough drafts by checking the data for spellings, grammar, punctuation and format and are also recruited for sending faxes.

Transcriber: A more professional approach towards typists are Transcribers. Transcribers write down whatever is dictated by the other person. They usually work with audio files and are responsible for turning the speech to text. Often seen using shorthand, a technique of rapid writing where abbreviations and symbols are used for drafting notes, these transcribers are quite skilled with spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Coder: A coder is a skilled programmer or software developer who writes code. A plus point for a coder to work as a Data Entry Keyer is to have a good typing speed and accuracy.

Clerk: Clerks are skilled in paying attention to the details. They deal with many office tasks like preparing bills, maintaining and retrieving records etc., that require a lot of attention to detail.

How Much Can You Earn As A Data Entry Keyer?

While people often consider that Data entry is not a high paying job, a Data Entry Keyer can earn anywhere between Rs.300 – Rs.1500 per hour or Rs. 2000000 a year on an average.

Skills You Need For A Data Entry Job

Entering data in online databases requires effort. Following are some of the important skills that you need to focus on:

Strong Typing And Reading Abilities: A person with fast and accurate typing skills can excel as a Data Entry Keyer. Apart from this, if you’re a master in using 10-Keypad (the 17-key section computer keyboard), then consider yourself an ideal fit for this job.

Knowledge Of Other Languages: While mostly Data Entry Jobs require you to input the given data in online databases, many businesses even work with professionals who are versed in languages other than English. These kinds of employers look for a multilinguistic Data Entry Professional.

Can Spot Spelling And Other Errors: Along with speed and accuracy, the skills of proofreading also come in handy when you’re up for working as a Data Entry Professional. If you can spot spelling errors, punctuations and grammar, then make use of this opportunity.

Basic Computer Skills: While all you require to become a Data Entry Professional is a laptop and an excellent internet connection, few basic computer application skills are also important. An understanding of the functions of the Microsoft apps, emails and web portals is an important part of these skills.

Great Communication Skills: While mostly Data Entry Professionals do not communicate with the customers directly. In some cases, they may need to stay in touch with them. Good communication skills always make your work easier and the client happier.

Time Management: One of the most important skills that a Data Entry Professional needs to have is excellent time management skills. Along with good speed and accuracy you should be able to meet the daily targets too.

How Can I Find Online Data Entry Jobs?

There are many websites for freelancers where you can find online data entry jobs without investment. Websites like Freelancer and Upwork offer jobs for Data Entry. You can even connect with Data entry professionals and join the relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to know about new online Data Entry opportunities and trends. You can also register on job boards like Monster who often post about Data Entry Opportunities.

Make sure you stay away from potential scams. You may find these scams in the form of Data Entry Advertisements that often mislead the customers by seeking investments, security etc. We hope you liked our thorough guide on how to do online data entry jobs without investment.

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