If you are looking for ways to join in on the journey of making India aatmanirbhar, you are at the right place! EarnKaro, being a #MadeInIndia brand, believes in the spirit of making in India and is a hub for several Indian brands. EarnKaro is a deal sharing platform wherein you can share products in the form of Profit links and earn Profit on every order that gets placed on your link. Anyone and everyone right from students to housewives can earn extra income through EarnKaro. One can earn up to Rs. 20,000 per month by reselling products via EarnKaro. With over Rs. 10 Crore Profit paid to over 10 Lakh happy users, EarnKaro has paved a way for users to earn money online in India, just from the comfort of their homes. Join us in promoting similar Indian-based brands and products who have contributed to the spirit of #MakeInIndia. Have a look at one of the best reselling apps in India. Use EarnKaro new referral code and earn Rs. 25 signup bonus.

Now, are you feeling pumped up about making India Aatmanirbhar? But are you also wondering how to make your contribution? Don’t worry! We have got your back! Below are three ways to join us in promoting the #MakeInIndia Revolution:

Join The #MakeInIndia Revolution And Earn Money

1. Share Profit links of Indian Brands

There are more than 30 Indian brands available on EarnKaro across categories. These brands can cater to all the needs of your network including their beauty and skin care needs, their fashion needs, as well as their last-minute gift recommendation crises! Promote these brands by sharing their Profit links and earning Profit on every purchase.

2. Go Vocal for Local

Every time you share a product recommendation with your network, tell them about the product as well as the brand. This will not only make them aware of the brand but also make them confident about it after they use the product themselves.

3. Place orders for your family

In order to truly contribute to this revolution, you need to make a shift from global to Indian on a personal level. Besides sharing Profit links of Indian-made products, you can also place orders for your family and close friends via EarnKaro. Trying out Indian-made brands will make them likely to forward this spirit of #MakeInIndia to their friends and neighbours as well.

These are little ways in which you can promote the #MadeInIndia products and bring a change on a personal level. Check some of the Indian brands across categories available on EarnKaro here. Moreover, you can stand a chance to win exciting giveaways by reselling more and more Indian-based products.

Don’t wait, make your move. The Republic Day campaign ends on 26th January. Pave way for the #MakeInIndia spirit by sharing links now! You can easily earn money from earnkaro online by following makeinIndia program.

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