Earn Money By Videos: Guide To Make Money Via Motivational Videos

Earn Through Motivational Videos

Let’s start with the basic: We all need inspiration no matter how happy, sad or successful we are. It helps to fuel up our efforts and enhance our output manifolds. Motivation can come through a plethora of resources like books, insightful conversations, podcasts etc. However, this story is about draining inspiration from motivational videos. It acts as a great source to power-up people in their personal and professional lives.

What if we tell you that this is also a great source to earn money? That’s correct, we are here to discuss how you can earn money by healing others through your own motivational videos. Here’s the ultimate guide to earn money by videos:

What Are Motivational Videos Aimed At?

Aim Of Motivational Videos

Different speaker/ influencers cater to different requirements of their audience. Broadly speaking, motivational videos can cover topics on life, philosophies, education etc. You must discover your niche` and get going.

Who Are Some Of The Best Motivational Speakers?

There are many speakers who have captivated huge audiences since they started. Their videos are persuasive and have a wide reach. Of the many, some of the most noticeable speakers are:

1. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari

He is a universally acclaimed speaker and motivator who gives speeches on inspiring others. His charismatic charm has enabled him to capture millions of followers on his official YouTube channel.

2. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

He is yet another speaker who is known to address the worries of his audience. He speaks about ways to overcome the roadblocks in life. Many have benefitted through his mentorship. Shetty is also known for his initiatives as a social worker.

3. Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

A Pastor by profession, Joel has been delivering splendid speeches since long. His sermons cover topics from the Holy Bible. He infuses humour while delivering strong messages to believe in the power of God.

How Many People Watch Motivational Videos?

It all depends upon how you market your videos. If your strategy implementation is strong, then you will be able to reach more audience in less time. Know that your content will take you a long way in crafting the overall video for your audience. You may like to read about <How To Earn Money By Blogging?> to understand the importance of creative content.

Pro tip: You can also hire such bloggers who will design an engrossing content for your followers.

How To Make Motivational Videos?

Make An Impact

The following steps are important in preparation of a captivating motivational video:

a. Selecting a Niche/Subject: This is the first step that you must address. Study and select the subject for your channel. In the case of motivational videos, you can talk about philosophies, biographies, wisdom, etc.

b. Content Creation: Creating appealing and easy to understand content is the core to success of your videos. Your audience should be able to grasp the essence of your video.

c. Time Duration: Viewers usually appreciate if they are able to receive maximum knowledge in minimum time. The ideal duration of the video should be between 5-7 minutes in order to have the maximum watch time.

d. Call to Action: Your video must ring a bell in the minds of your viewers. They must be able to learn and apply the insights you decimate through your videos.

e. Spread the Word: Last and most important, you must be able to popularise your video amongst a wide audience. Using the right promotion strategies, optimizing SEO tools, using social media etc., are some ways that ensure your video is able to gather huge traffic.

Where Can I Post My Motivational Videos?


Thanks to the digital age, you can easily promulgate your motivational videos across varied people. There are several platforms available to do that. Some of the best ones are explained below:

a. YouTube: YouTube is a great platform to promote videos. This is the most favoured source to reach the maximum audience. The amount of money generated through YouTube videos can be vast.

Sign up and start uploading a series of videos to attract a maximum audience. Read about How To Earn Money Through YouTube? to gain better insight.

b. Social Media: Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can also be very handy. Besides entertainment, these can prove to be an appreciable source of revenue. If you have a strong base of followers, you can easily divert them to your videos. More the number of views more would be your revenue. Here is how you can make money through Social Media Apps And Sites and as a Social Media Influencer.

Pro tip: You can club the element of affiliate marketing in your videos to support extra income. Read How To Make Money By Affiliate Marketing? to know more.

c. Website: You can build your own website with useful content. It is generally acclaimed to add more credibility to your channels. You can add detailed information about related audience and foster your audience base. Read more on How To Earn Money By Creating A Website?

We hope that you could drain useful insights on earning through motivational videos. If yes, then share this post with your acquaintances. Also start your own podcast to spread the words. Here is a guide to conducting a successful Podcast.

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