Earn Money By Selling Photos Online (2019)

Earn Money By Selling Photos Online

Are you a budding photographer? Do you find photography artistic and invigorating? If your answer is yes, then we have good news for you.

Make your photos work for you. Did you know that you can actually earn money by selling photos online? There are so many buyers who are constantly on the outlook to buy high-quality images for multiple uses. Read the full story to know more.

The Best Place To Sell Photos Online

There is no shortage of online platforms to market your photographs. The demand for quality pictures is always high. Some of the best platforms that can be used to sell your photos online are:

a. Fotolia

b. Shutterstock

c. On your own website.

d. 500px Prime

e. iStock Photo
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Can I Sell Photos Clicked From My Phone?

Although smart phones are powered with amazing cameras, it is not prudent to sell pictures clicked through them. SLRs/DSLR are known to click better quality pictures by capturing the fine tunes of the subject. Their exposure levels and pixel counts give the best character to a photograph.

Useful Tips To Keep In Mind While Selling Photos Online

a. Create Affiliate Links: If you have a recognised website, then you can sign up for an affiliate program and make extra money.

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b. Using The Accessories Rightly: Accessories like reflectors, lenses, tripods etc., are helpful to enhance to quality of your pictures ultimately contributing to fetching a higher price for your work.

c. Harness The Social Media Wisely: Social media has enormous potential. Make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., to market your websites/pictures and attract higher traffic. After all, the use of social media should not be limited to just entertainment.

d. Attend Networking Events: Always be on the lookout to meet likeminded people in varied meetups. It will give you opportunities to grow your business and market yourself well.

Who Are The Online Buyers of Photos?

The scope of selling photos online is vast. Buyers may come in the form of bloggers, website owners, YouTube influencers, news houses, product promoters etc. Decide a mutually beneficial price for your photograph and establish your network.

How Much Should I Charge For A Photograph?

The best part about selling photos online is that you determine the price. Although there is no thumb rule to this notion, you can mutually decide a price with the buyer of the photograph. Take into consideration the number of photographs, the delivery time and the types of photos required.

Which Are The Accessories I Need To Click Sellable Photos Online?

You would need to click the best photograph to sell it online. There are a number of accessories available to power your toolkit. Some of the most essential accessories are as follows:

a. DSLR / SLR Camera: As mentioned above, smartphones will not capture the best quality pictures. You ought to have a DSLR or an SLR camera to get started.

b. Tripod Stand: More often than not, we unintentionally click blurred pictures. You can eliminate this problem by using a tripod stand which will enable you to click pictures with accuracy.

c. Data Back Up: It is a must requirement in the present-day age.

d. Remote: It will help you time your pictures properly, eliminating the possibility of blurred images.

e. Lens Cleaner

f. Reflector: It is an extremely versatile accessory. Affordable and useful, a reflector helps give a professional look to your pictures.

We hope that the above story triggered some ideas in your mind. Just go ahead and start monetizing your awesome clicks.

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