As we enter the month of February, the feeling of love is all in the air. And rightly so! Love is what brings everyone together, all across the globe. With the special occasion of Valentine’s day approaching, it is the perfect moment to express love and make the dear ones happy. No Valentine’s day is complete without an exchange of gifts and sweets. So, help prepare your friends and family for the same by sharing lovely gift recommendations. But here’s a food for thought: what if you could earn while recommending products? Interesting, right?

EarnKaro brings you the opportunity to share gift ideas this Valentine’s day and earn money through it. This can be done by making Profit links of the products you want to recommend and sharing them with your network through Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social media platform. When people shop via your link, you will earn Profit that will be added to your EarnKaro account.

Tip: Learn on Profitshala — How to Make Profit Links?

Wondering where to look for gift recommendations? We got you covered there too!

7 Days 7 Brands

The idea of sharing recommendations and deals is the backbone of EarnKaro. That is why, EarnKaro will be promoting gift ideas and recommendations which you can share with your friends and family. EarnKaro has picked 7 top brands which are a perfect fit for gifting and will be promoting one brand each day for the Valentine’s week on the social media platforms. These brands are popular fashion and skin-care brands and will make for excellent V-Day gifts to loved ones.

To top this, there will be exciting giveaways each day to the top performers of the day. Meaning, if you get the most transactions on the brand of a particular day, you will be eligible for an exciting giveaway. All you have to do is share EarnKaro Profit links of the particular brand with your network. The more they transact, the more are your chances of winning the giveaway!

Valentine's Day Contest

Stay tuned on our social media platforms to know more about the brands. This Valentine’s Day, be prepared to shower love over your friends and family and save them for last-minute gifting panics.

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