How To Earn Money From Website In India [In-depth Guide]

How To Start A Website To Make Money Online?

Looking to make money from the convenience of your room? Or a passive income to support your finances and sponsor your lifestyle?

The world of the Internet brings a plethora of opportunities for current and potential online businesses. And here is where a well-established website can be an incredible income-generating asset. You can launch a website and use it in creative ways to make money online. It may sound time-consuming to monetize the website, but the rewards that follow can’t be ignored.

Figuring out how to create a website and earn money through it may leave you hitting your keyboard keys in frustration. Don’t worry, as we are here to help you. Read below to know how to earn money from website in India for free.

How To Create A Website?

As the first step of the process, you will need to build a website that will serve as an income-generator for you. Here are the important steps that you can follow to launch your website.

1. Choose a Domain Name and Get it Registered

A domain name provides a unique identification to your website. It is an address that allows the users to access your website. To begin with, you will need to look for a Domain Registrar to get your domain name registered. Registrars such as and charge a fee to offer their services with respect to domain names.

You must ensure that the chosen domain name is representative of your brand and is easy to remember. For instance, is the web address of MakeMyTrip, representative of the fact that it is a travel booking website.

2. Select a Web Hosting Company

The next step involves getting your domain name on the internet. For this purpose, you will need the help of a web hosting company that will provide a platform to your website and make it accessible on the World Wide Web. You will be charged a monthly fees by the firm, depending upon the size of your website and the traffic.

3. Customize Your Website

If you are proficient with coding, then you can set up a theme for your website yourself. Alternatively, you can create the look of the website using a premade, customizable design, that best fits your needs. You can install WordPress to get all the inbuilt plug-ins and layouts required to design your website. To enhance the look, you may choose an eye-catchy font, and add images and graphics to the site.

The website must be well-structured and user-friendly to allow the users to obtain desirable results. You will also need to decide on the sections that you wish to create as a part of it.

4. Create Useful Content

Once you are sure about your chosen niche, you can prepare useful content for your website. The content that you provide to the users must be in sync with the current trends and your focus area.  Depending upon the type of website, static or dynamic, you will need to update the content of your website regularly.

6 Ways To Make Money Through Your Website

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways to earn money from your website is through Affiliate Marketing. As per your preference, you can promote a product on your website, influencing the visitors to purchase it. This may allow you to receive a commission per sale that will work as a great supplement to your income. You can earn a commission from anywhere between 30% of the product or service price to as high as 70%.
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2. Pay Per Click

You can run ads on your website and earn significant commissions each time someone clicks on the ad. Though this method, you can earn from anywhere between Rs.35 to Rs.350 per click. This technique will be of utmost use if your site has enough visitors or traffic.

3. Sell Your Own Products or Set up an E-commerce Site

Undoubtedly, running an e-commerce website is sure to let you gain significant profits in the long run. You can sell products that you manufacture or allow sellers to come on your website to sell their products.

4. Sell Ad Space

To make money from your website, you can sell ad space to companies looking to promote themselves through your website. If your website gets a lot of traffic, Ad pricing can allow you to earn a huge amount in a short span of time.

5. Email Marketing

You can create an email list to build brand presence and invite users to your site from time to time. The objective of email marketing is to convert as many strangers who visit your site for the first time into passionate followers who wish to remain updated about your latest work.

6. Flip Your Website

Website Flipping is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online. Once you have built your website, you can choose to transfer its ownership in exchange for money. You must engage in excessive advertising to popularize your website, which will persuade more and more people to buy it.
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Bringing your idea to life will take time, but sincerity and dedication will help achieve results for sure. The income in this field is variable and will largely depend on the traffic on your website. Click here to know about some more ways to earn money online!