How To Earn Money By Domain Trading? [2019]

Start Domain Trading to Earn Money

With the evolution and growth of online space, Domain Name Trading is gaining immense popularity among people. It is one of the most sought-after professions that allows people to make money from the convenience of their homes. But what exactly is Domain Name Trading? Domain Name Trading is the process of buying Internet domain names with the purpose of selling them at a profit later.

Termed as the ‘real estate’ of the Internet, domains have become a great investment option for people. Moreover, since they are limited in number, their demand in this tech-centric world is directly proportional to their market value. GoDaddy and Flippa are some of the renowned marketplaces that are used to carry out this profitable venture.

How To Make Money Through Domain Trading?

High risk often leads to greater profit and so is the case with Domain Flipping. The right domain name can certainly create a substantial return on investment. Simply follow the steps given below and understand how you can gain through this bankable way to earn money online.

1. Look for Valuable Domain Names

To make money through domain trading, it is essential to know what kind of domain names are popular and have a high demand. Here are some major types of domain names that are known to offer great value.

  • Generic Names
    Generic domain names often relate to a particular product or service and are expected to offer high returns on investment in future. For instance, considering the increased inclination towards fashion these days, it will be right to assume that is a high-priced domain name.
  • Geographic Names
    Names of cities, states, and countries can turn out to be profitable investments over time. They can be easily sold out to businesses working around those specific communities and will enable the investor to earn huge in the long-run.
  • Business Names
    Certain business names such as or can be used to earn money through domain trading. These names are derived using the particular business name, followed by the desired extension such as .com, .in, or .org.
  • Timely Names
    Names formed using a combination of a specific year and an event taking place in that year tend to become great investments over time. For instance, domain names such as ‘worldcup2019’ and ‘olympics2020’ have high earning potential and can be used for the purpose of making money.

2. Join Domain Auction Sites

Several prominent domain registrars such as,, and provide vital information regarding the availability of different domain names. Some of these facilitate sales via auctions, while others are created to buy and sell domains.

You can make an offer to the particular seller and buy a domain of your choice. The sale of a domain name results in the transfer of domain rights from one user to the other. Alternatively, you may choose to build a website using the purchased domain name and make money through website flipping.

3. Create an Online Account for Payments

You must set up an online payments account in order to facilitate your exchange transactions. For this purpose, you can use e-commerce wallets such as PayPal that allow easy debit and credit of money.

4. Conduct a Legal Check

You will need to be aware of your rights under the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) so as to avoid any legal complications in doing this business. This law governs the functioning of domain name trading and its provisions must be adhered to, to ensure long-term profits and stability.

With the help of this exclusive way to earn money online, you can easily gain huge in a short span of time. The trick of this business is to keep an eye on domains that have the potential to fetch higher returns, and buy them. You must sell the domains only when they appreciate in value in order to take full advantage of this lucrative investment opportunity.

Huge profits await you! Pull the opportunity towards you and invest in a domain today! Eager to know about more ways to earn money online? See here!