Online Micro Jobs: Top 5 Micro Work For Making Money Online

Top 7 Micro-Jobs For Easy Money

There are a lot of us who wish to make some extra bucks apart from our usual income. One such way of earning is by taking online micro jobs. Micro jobs are temporary tasks that are often booked through the Internet.

These include online work such as taking surveys, performing Google searches, data entry, and offline tasks such as car washing, dog walking, so on and so forth. These jobs can easily be done by students, housewives, and working people too. Though boring work may be involved, who doesn’t like some quick cash with no-strings-attached?

1. Take Paid Surveys Online

Take Surveys Online

This is one of the simplest ways of earning money online. All you have to do is share your opinion on some topics and get paid for it. There are several websites that let you do this, some offer less while there are others that pay well.

An example of this is This is a US-based website which lets you earn about $1.5 (Rs. 106.81) per hour. You will be awarded points for filling out the surveys and those points can be redeemed for money only after you’ve scored at least 1,200 of them.

Another example is that of It is a high paying website with no minimum requirement for cashing out. Plus, they pay you within 24 hours via PayPal. But, you’ll have to work a little harder. In order to sign up, you’ll need to record a profile video and answer a few questions to decide the type of surveys that you’ll qualify for.

If you are chosen, you’ll be asked to answer 1-7 questions through video. This will roughly take up 15-20 minutes of your time. If you are answering 7 questions, you’ll be paid $50 (Rs. 3560), but if you’re answering 1 question, you’ll be paid $10 (Rs. 712). Their minimum pay is also a great deal! Read more on How You Can Earn Money By Taking Paid Surveys Online?

2. Help with Notes & Assignments

Help with notes and assignments

If you’re staying in Gurugram, then you’ve probably heard about the Bharat store. They’ve been helping students with their holidays’ homework and Science models for over 10 years now. A lot of us have been sharing notes and doing others’ assignments in school and college. It’s time to put an affordable price tag on it. You can easily charge Rs. 10 per page for notes and assignments alike. Like it’s said – when you’re good at something, never do it for Free.

3. Earn Money from PTC Sites

Earn Money Through PTC Sites

Paid to Click (PTC) websites are the easiest source of making extra income. All you need is a PayPal account. Once that is in place, just sign up with a PTC site and get paid for viewing some ads. The best idea is to simultaneously do the ad-viewing task while you’re cooking or binge-watching Netflix.

One such website is Once you’ve joined this site, you need to hold 16 Bonus Ad Points (BAP) daily, till you become a holder of 100 BAP. You start receiving paid ads after that. The more your BAP, the more valuable ads you’ll get. Other legitimate PTC sites are Neobux, InboxDollar, etc.

Although PTC sites pay you in fractions of dollars per ad (of up to 30 seconds), with some good planning and consistency, you can easily earn up to Rs. 10,000 in a month, maybe more. Read more on How You Can Earn Money Through PTC Sites.

4. Play Games

Play Games and Earn Money

There cannot be a more interesting way of earning money. Do you like to play games in your leisure time? Now you can make money out of it. With games like Classic Rummy, you can join the tournaments for as little as Rs. 5. This game gives excellent bonuses too. There are similar games like Rummy Circle, PokerBaazi and Dream11 that are reliable and good for making some extra cash. For more details on such games, read this blog.

5. Walk The Dogs

Dog Walking (Online Micro Jobs)

No job can be called menial. Dog walking is perfect for people love dogs. Walking your neighbour’s dog will not only fetch you money, but will also take your stress away. If you’re a working individual and are willing to work in your time off after office, then this is the most fulfilling extra work you can do. With all members of the family busy with jobs, getting a dog walker is a trend in most metro cities.

The best option here is to ask if your neighbours need any help with this, so that you don’t have to travel. People easily shell out Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500 per month for this, depending upon the locality. It’ll take you maximum 30 minutes to walk one dog. You may even be able to convince people for more.

There are websites like clickworker and rapidworkers that can also be checked out if one wishes to start online micro jobs-working projects like writing reviews, downloading files, liking YouTube videos, and the like. Keeping all this aside, the easiest method of earning money is by shopping through CashKaro, India’s largest cashback and coupons website. After all, a rupee saved is a rupee earned.