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YouTube is one of the best platforms to start as an affiliate marketer. With traffic of 2.6 billion people each month on YouTube globally, it is a huge market waiting to be reached with your YouTube affiliate marketing. YouTube has recently exceeded 3 billion dollars in global consumer spending, so there is a huge potential audience for you to tap into. So, let’s get started with this step-by-step guide on using YouTube affiliate marketing to amplify your earnings.

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube affiliate marketing is a smart approach to give your viewers more value while also generating income. Affiliate marketing gives you direct control over the things you promote and allows you to see more of the resulting income. At the same time, YouTube offers a variety of built-in ways to monetize your content.

YouTube affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting products or services on YouTube by creating videos around them and earning a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

As an affiliate, you can promote anything from a book, shoe, shirt, jeans, electronics, medicines, beauty products, baby products, and groceries to financial products.

Benefits of using YouTube for Affiliate Marketing

  • Great source of passive income
  • You have the freedom to choose the product you want to sell
  • You can create content the way you want
  • You can start with little to no investment 
  • There is no limit on how much money you can earn

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

  • The first step is to pick a niche you want to create videos about, like gaming, product reviews, tech, fashion, food etc.
  • Then create a YouTube account with monetization enabled and give your email address and phone number. This will allow YouTube to connect you with Google AdSense and other marketing companies.
  • With the help of Google Adsense, you can host advertisements for other companies in your channel. More brands and companies will allow you to host advertisements when your popularity rises.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing?

Step 1. Create Relevant and Engaging Content

The quality of your videos will encourage the viewers to visit your channel, trust your advice and eventually purchase a product. According to Shopify, 68% of the users have watched a YouTube video before purchasing. For this reason, you must create relevant and engaging content.  

The first step is to find a niche you would like to work on. A niche is simply a fragment of a larger market. To find the right niche for you, consider your interests and expertise. Do keyword research and find out the niche’s monetization potential. Ideally, you can select a niche that you are interested in and that you easily monetize. Then you can create video content around that topic. As a YouTuber, these are the most popular types of content you can create to generate affiliate revenue.

  • Trending videos- YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine. Due to this reason, it has its segment of trending videos. Find what’s popular and create an affiliate product video around that topic.
  • Unboxing videos- Have you ever watched an unboxing video before purchasing a product? You can go to the description and find out that there is a link that will redirect you to an e-commerce platform. This is an affiliate link. As a YouTube affiliate, you can create unboxing videos on mobiles, laptops, headphones, etc.
  • Round-up videos- You can influence a buyer’s purchasing decision by creating videos encouraging impulse buying. This includes creating videos like ‘top 10 financial products’ or ‘monthly favourites’.
  • Product review videos- Almost every customer reads a review before making a purchase. You can create reviews of any product, be it fashion, make-up, toys, sneakers, electronics, or lifestyle products.
  • Tutorials- Those who are watching a tutorial video are already interested in purchasing a product. Creating a how-to-use product tutorial video can easily convert them into customers. For example, how to decorate a cake, charge an electric car, be a more confident public speaker, and save stuff in the drop box.

Step 2Add Affiliate Links to the Description

‘You can check out the link in the description is perhaps the most used line by YouTubers. This is because it is an affiliate link that will redirect you to an eCommerce platform like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. When you make a purchase, the YouTuber, who is also an Affiliate Marketer, earns money. As a YouTuber, you too can make money through Affiliate Marketing on YouTube by adding the affiliate link in the YouTube description.

First, sign up with an affiliate marketing network like EarnKaro for free. Explore products and deals from popular brands like Apple, Adidas, One Plus, Mama Earth, Ajio, etc. Next, select a deal relevant to the YouTube content you have created. For example, if you have created a make-up product review. You can select a Nykaa deal. Finally, copy its affiliate link and paste it into the YouTube description. You will earn a commission whenever someone watches your YouTube content and purchases the product through your affiliate link.

You can add multiple affiliate links in the YouTube description. This means you can add affiliate links to multiple products. The customer can decide which product they want based on your YouTube video. Like other YouTubers, you can remind the users in the video itself to check out these links. YouTube has a feature called ‘end cards’ that only YouTube Partners can use to incorporate links directly into the last 20 seconds of each video.

Step 3. Be Honest and Disclose your Affiliate Links

Honesty is the best policy you can use to gain the trust of your audience. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you need to tell your viewers that you will be getting a small percentage of the products that they are buying. You can do this by asking them to support your channel by purchasing the product or by stating upfront that you are an affiliate with the company. This way, you will not be duping your audience.

You would only naturally talk more about the affiliate product in your video. If the customer is not aware that you are an affiliate, they will not be able to make an informed decision. Therefore, you must mention that you have provided affiliate links in your video. Being transparent will only help you to build long-term trust with your viewers.

Step 4. Affiliate Marketing with YouTube Shorts

You can also do Affiliate Marketing with YouTube shorts to earn money online in India . For this, you would need to make a 60-second video about the product you are promoting. You can talk about the main benefits and features of the product in this time frame. Don’t forget to internally link the YouTube shorts to the main video. Viewers genuinely interested in knowing more about the product will go to the main video. If they like the product, they will make the purchase.

Step 5. Post your Content on YouTube

When you are done creating the video, you can add the affiliate link and post the content. However, make sure that you are using eye-catchy thumbnails. To generate more sales, you would need more clicks in the video. You can think of thumbnails as the cover page of a book. If it is not good, no one will bother reading it. It is always best to give out your thumbnails for someone else to design them. That is if you are not a good designer. Canva and Fotor are good sites that you can use to design your thumbnails yourself.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind while posting your videos is optimizing your content for search engines. Figure out the keywords that match your target audience and add them. You can check out other YouTube channels that are promoting similar products and use tools like Keywords Everywhere to figure out the search volume for a topic. 

Finally, you can add chapter marketers and post your content. Chapter markers are needed to help people skip through unnecessary details and move into the session they want to watch. These chapter marketers will help customers directly know about the product you are talking about.


Affiliate Marketing through YouTube will help you earn additional income with minimum effort. You will get to promote the product of your choice. You can do this by creating relevant content, adding an affiliate link, and being transparent about it. You can also do YouTube shorts Affiliate Marketing to drive more sales. Your efforts will pay off when the viewers click the affiliate link and purchase the product. With every sale, you will earn a commission.

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How much do affiliate marketers make from YouTube?

Affiliate Marketers make money depending on how many sales happen through their affiliate links. Their earnings may vary depending upon the brand they have associated with – usually between 5% to 50%.

How do you make money with YouTube affiliates?

To earn money with YouTube affiliate marketing, first, you need to join an affiliate network like EarnKaro. Then share deals on your YouTube channel and copy the affiliate link in the description. Every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you will earn money.

How much do beginner affiliate marketers make?

A beginner affiliate marketer can earn around 0.1 lakh per year on average. However, you can significantly increase your earnings by growing your network and getting more purchases.

Does YouTube allow Amazon affiliate links?

Yes, YouTube allows Amazon affiliate links.

Does YouTube have an affiliate program?

YouTube does not have an Affiliate Marketing Program. However, you can monetize your content through the YouTube Partnership Program.

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