Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know CAPTCHAs: the weird-shaped numbers and alphabets that appear mostly before sign-ups, yes, the ones you solve in one go. 

Now, like a curious cat, you must have wondered what’s the deal with ‘Confirm that you are not a Robot’ but we can bet that you never thought, even in your wildest fantasies, that you can earn money in India for solving them. 

Close your gasped mouth and read on. 

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is short for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.  

It is used to recognize whether the user at the other end is a Robot or a Human, which is important because you don’t want Robots pretending to be Humans to send you friend requests or a Bot purchasing 456 concert tickets for a millionaire while you cry in a corner.


Bots cannot usually solve a CAPTCHA because they are dumb when it comes to recognizing and segmenting crowded numbers/alphabets. So many websites and businesses require humans to crack these codes.

So hurry, earn some money before Bots come for this job as well.

How to Earn Money by Solving CAPTCHA?

Anyone can start earning through CAPTCHA-solving websites. You can earn around Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 16,000 every month solving CAPTCHAs part-time.

Most websites either pay you weekly or for every 1,000 CAPTCHAs that you solve. Also, every website is looking for people to solve specific kinds of CAPTCHAs. We will advise you to go through these sites’ terms and conditions before signing up. You can also supplement your earnings by signing up on EarnKaro, an affiliate-based site where you can earn by sharing amazing deals.

Fun Fact: It is estimated that approximately 200 million CAPTCHAs are typed every day by people all around the world. You can also supplement your earnings by signing up on EarnKaro, an affiliate-based site where you can earn by sharing amazing deals.

Some Other Ways to Earn Money

Although CAPTCHA solving is easy work it always seems to pay you less because it requires a lot of time and hard work but doesn’t pay off that well. So, here are some other ways by which you can earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing: You can start earning a passive side income through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you will be promoting other’s products and services on your social networks. And you will be rewarded with a guaranteed commission every time someone buys that product through your affiliate link.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

To start affiliate marketing, you will have to first join an affiliate program. And you can do it instantly with EarnKaro. You can join a wide range of affiliate programs with EarnKaro, and no documentation is needed. Here are the steps through which you can join any affiliate program in India.

Steps to join Affiliate programs in India:

Anyone can intently join an affiliate program in India. Because all they must do is follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the EarnKaro website or app.
  • Sign up for free (No Documentation needed)
  • Now Copy the URL of the product that you want to share or promote and convert it into a profit link with the EarnKaro link converter.
  • Now you can Promote this profit link within your Network, and you will earn each time anyone buys anything through your affiliate link.

Things to Check Before Working on CAPTCHA Solving

  • You must have a PayPal and a Payza account before you start solving CAPTCHA because many of the CAPTCHA-solving platforms pay through PayPal and Payza.
  • It is recommended to explore new CAPTCHA-solving websites to check their authenticity and minimum payouts.
  • You might be asked to download software for the admin panel, and you will only be able to solve the CAPTCHA after you log in to the software.

Skills Needed to Solve CAPTCHA

  1. A sound understanding of various kinds of CAPTCHA
  2. Good Timing and Accuracy (some sites block you if you are not accurate)
  3. A registered account on the CAPTCHA solving service
  4. An integrated API (Application Program Interface) and communication platform
  5. A desire to earn money

List of Best CAPTCHA Earning Apps in India

To start solving CAPTCHA you first need to register on a CAPTCHA solving website. Here is the list of best CAPTCHA solving websites in India.


2CAPTCHA is a human-powered CAPTCHA solving provider. They are known for their CAPTCHA loading speed where they can load 2 CAPTCHAs within 8 seconds. You can earn up to Rs. 100 or more by solving CAPTCHA via the 2CAPTCHA website. Their minimal withdrawal starts from as low as $0.5. You can even increase your earnings by referring your friends.

2. CAPTCHA Typers

CaptcahTypers is also a genuine CAPTCHA typing website where you can earn by solving CAPTCHA online. You can start solving CAPTCHA by simply writing to admin@captchchattypers.com. They will provide you with free-of-cost admin access. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $1.

3. Mega Typers

Mega Typers is a workforce management company that provides CAPTCHA entry services all around the globe. You can earn anywhere from $100 to $250 and more by solving CAPTCHA via Mega Typers. Their minimum withdrawal limit is $0.45.

4. ProTypers

Pro Typers is one of the best places to earn a part-time income by solving a CAPTCHA. You can earn up to Rs. 20,000 per month by solving CAPTCHA images. Their minimum payout amount is 0.45$, which you can access from your linked PayPal account.

Join EarnKro

5. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is one of the best CAPTCHA entry websites in the world where you can start your journey as a CAPTCHA solver. They provide work-from-home flexibility to people from all around the world. You can earn up to Rs. 20,000/month by solving CAPTCHA with Kolotibablo.


CapthchaClub is one of the top Home-based online job providers in the world. It has almost 8936 Daily signups, 7392 Daily earners, 89672 Daily Happy Users, and 1738 Daily Payouts. You can earn by solving CAPTCHA with flexible timings.

What are the required tools to Solve Captcha?

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

You can use any of them.

Different Kinds of CAPTCHAs

Before you leave us to embark on your journey as a CAPTCHA Solver, it will help you to know a bit about different kinds of CAPTCHAs.

  • Text-based CAPTCHA
  • Mathematical CAPTCHA
  • Image-based CAPTCHA

In addition to being different in their content, they also have different difficulty levels and purposes. But if you love solving problems, none of them would be too difficult for you. 


How do you make money from CAPTCHA solving?

You can start earning money by registering yourself with the CAPTCHA typing websites. You can earn up to Rs. 20,000/month by solving CAPTCHA at your home.

Is CAPTCHA work genuinely?

CAPTCHA solving is safe because most of the time the CAPTCHA typing sites do not even ask for any personal information. But one should always check the authenticity of the website first before solving CAPTCHAs.

What Is the Ideal Response Time Required to Solve A CAPTCHA?

The average speed required to solve a CAPTCHA is less than 12 seconds including the transfer of information from the business to you. Ideally, one should be able to solve a CAPTCHA within 6 seconds.

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