Earn Money From Captcha Work In India [2019 Guide]

Earn money as a Captcha Solver

Have you wondered why do websites ask you to type in certain numeric values or words shown in a distorted form or select images containing a particular object from a college? Well, those verification tests are known as CAPTCHAs. Here’s the starter guide to earn money from Captcha work in India.

Earn Money From Captcha

Important Information: CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”

Oh! Did we mention you can earn real cash by solving these?

But Before Moving Further, Let’s Understand It In Detail


A CAPTCHA is a type of verification test that helps determine whether the user is a human or a bot. Mainly used as for a part of a security check by the websites including Google, CAPTCHAs protect the websites from any automated action performed by the bots.

The concept of a CAPTCHA was brought into the internet world taking into consideration that many businesses use automated programs and bots to fill forms or signing up on the websites etc. This helps turn away any unwanted automated attacks by bots as there is no technology that could help the bot decipher the code and crack it.

So here comes the need of a human CAPTCHA Solver.

How Much Can A CAPTCHA Solver Earn?

There are many websites and businesses that require human intervention to crack these verification codes. As a CAPTCHA solver, you can easily earn around Rs.10000 – Rs.20000 per month if you work as a part-time CAPTCHA solver. Or for every 1000 correct CAPTCHAs that you solve, you can get Rs. 36 – Rs. 145.

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Fun Fact: It is estimated that approximately 200 million CAPTCHAs are typed every day by people all around the world.

What Are The Tools And Skills That You Require To Become A Professional CAPTCHA Solver?

CAPTCHA solvers are the people who are well-versed in cracking the codes. Thus, to become a CAPTCHA solver, you will require:

  • Accuracy to solve the CAPTCHAs
  • Understanding of CAPTCHAs
  • A registered account on the CAPTCHA solving service
  • An integrated API (Application Program Interface) and communication platform

You can then begin working as a CAPTCHA Solver from a remote area.

Where Can I Sign Up To Become A Professional CAPTCHA Solver?

To earn by solving CAPTCHAs, register with websites like 2captcha, CaptchaTypers, MegaTypers, ProTypers, CaptchaClub, or install apps such as Kolotibablo Bot. Or you can even take up a freelance CAPTCHA solving job with the help of websites like Upwork and Freelancer.in.

What Is The Ideal Response Time Required To Solve A Captcha?

Most of the websites have their own criterion to which the Captcha Solvers have to adhere to. However, the average speed required to solve a CAPTCHA is less than 12 seconds including the transfer of information from the business to you. Ideally, one should be able to solve a CAPTCHA within 6 seconds. While the average speed for solving a ReCAPTCHA (a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse using advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart) can be less than 68 seconds.

Earn Money From Captcha

What Are The Different Types Of Captchas That You May Come Across?

While you plan to become a professional Captcha Solver, have a look at the types of CAPTCHAs that you may come across:

  • Text-based CAPTCHA
  • Mathematical CAPTCHA
  • Image-based CAPTCHA
Earn Money From Captcha Work In India

While the difficulty level may vary according to the type of CAPTCHA, you’ll love to work over as a CAPTCHA solver if you like challenging tasks. Well, here’s one to motivate you!

Earn Money From Captcha Work In India in 2019

Check out more such brain-twister CAPTCHAs. Check these awesome Captcha online and have fun!

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