Are you looking for the best Telegram channels for the Indian stock market? Then you have come to the right place. Telegram is a rapidly growing social media platform in India. It has opened many opportunities for people to gain knowledge and earn money. Stock market channels are also getting popular mainly because you get all the information related to stocks and some trading tips in one place. With hundreds of channels out there, it cannot be easy to choose the right one for you. To give you a head start, we have filtered out some of the best stock market Telegram channels for you.

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List Of Top 15 Stock Market Telegram Channels in India

Stock Market Telegram ChannelsSubscriber CountsLinks
Stock Gainers (SEBI REGISTERED)1,14,329Join Now
everydayprofits32,617Join Now
Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX17,590Join Now
nsestockpro24,305Join Now
20PAISA.COM(Banknifty Option)14,092Join Now
TradeOnomics9,797Join Now
VISION OPTION TRADING (Call/Putt)10,680Join Now
CREATIVE TRADER (Option Trading)11,179Join Now
NiftyFnOofficial46,604Join Now
StockPro_Online1,92,354Join Now
honeststockmarketer17,003Join Now
Bulls Vs Bears5,63,865Join Now
Original Bull Bull5,70,435Join Now
intraday_tradex10,522Join Now
tradephoenix_stocks9,925Join Now
nifty_50_stocks46,639Join Now
This is a summary table featuring some of the best telegram channels for stock marketing channels. Last updated on (17-04-2024)

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1. Stock Gainers (SEBI REGISTERED)

If you are a new trader or have few years of experience, go for STOCK GAINERS. Stock Gainers provides calls with proper guidance of Stop Loss(SL) and Targets. They are SEBI registered, and offer calls with high accuracy. If you can spend a few hours trading daily you can make maximum by following their calls.


  • Free 7-10 trade calls in Options (Nifty, BankNifty and Stocks), Futures, Equity Cash and Commodity.
  • SEBI registered Research Analyst 
  • Genuine 60,000+ Traders 
  • Free Intraday and Positional Calls

2. Profits Everyday

Profits Everyday is a Telegram channel dedicated to the stock market. Offering analysis-based tips on stock options is their area of focus. They post one free stock options call on a daily basis, along with giving updates on whether to exit the trade on time or book profit.

They also offer paid services at lucrative prices and claim to retrieve membership fees within 2-3 trades.


  • Free services
  • Economical premium services
  • Tailor-made support over Telegram
  • Small investment required

3. Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX

Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX is a reliable trading Telegram channel you can join. They offer daily equity and nifty intraday calls. If you are a beginner at trading and want to know about portfolio management, this group can be useful. Apart from this, they share quick pre-market updates that give you a headstart idea of how the market will behave.


  • 80,000+ members
  • Daily equity and nifty intraday calls
  • Portfolio management for beginners
  • Pre-market updates

4. NSE Stock Pro

NSE Stock Pro is another popular stock trading Telegram channel. This channel offers investment calls actively. They have more than 1 lakh subscribers. They provide expert tips and advice related to stock trading, If you are looking for the latest trends of the stock market then we suggest you try this channel.


  • 100,000+ members
  • Daily free calls
  • Nifty stocks updates

5. 20PAISA.COM(Banknifty Option)

Another promising channel you can check out for the latest stock market trends and news is 20PAISA.COM (Banknifty Option). They have been in the market for over a decade. They offer accurate calls and updates. Here, you can get expert advice on bank nifty options, future & options trading, stock options trading, & Equity options.


  • Bank NIFTY Call Put
  • 95% High Accuracy
  • Quality Performer
  • Expert guides & tips for the stock market, future & options trading, Equity options etc.

6. TradeOnomics

If you want to trade in Nifty, Banknifty, and stock options, TradeOnomics is the place to go. They provide free trades, provide live market support, and do free webinars every weekend. They believe that you can earn while you learn with them. Their trading report for 2023 is publicly available on their website and channel.


  • Daily index and stock trades with proper enter, exit, and targets
  • Live market support
  • Free Option trading data and insights
  • Free webinars

7. Vision Option Trading (Call/Putt)

Vision Option Trading (Call/Putt) offers a valuable resource for those new to options trading. They specialize in providing free trades in Nifty, Banknifty, and Finnifty options, ensuring that beginners can learn without financial risk. Each trade comes with a proper stop loss (SL) and is communicated in advance, allowing for informed decision-making.


  • Bank Nifty / Nifty Options Trade [ Call / Putt ]
  • 90/95% High Accuracy Trade
  • Advance Trade Provide
  • Options Trading With Learning

8. CREATIVE TRADER (Options Trading)

If you’re into options trading, Creative Trader is your go-to channel. It’s known for its authenticity and accurate predictions, making it a trusted choice among traders. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you’ll find valuable insights and guidance here to help you succeed in the markets.


  • Nifty & BankNifty & FinNifty Option Trading
  • Intraday Option Trading
  • Per Day 4-5 Option Trade
  • High Accuracy Provider

9. BankNifty Masters

One more popular stock market Telegram channel is BankNifty Masters. The main aim of this channel is to educate both beginners and skilled traders and help them in earning profits via options trading. With 1-2 daily BankNifty calls, they also provide expert views on BankNifty and Stock options. Apart from this, they provide frequent updates on the calls given in the channel, like whether to leave trade or book profit. 

They also offer paid services to traders who are interested, along with free knowledge and views on their Telegram channel. Also, have a look at these amazing SEBI-registered telegram channels that you must follow to get the latest Stock market updates.


  • 1-2 daily BankNifty calls at no cost
  • Up to 85% accurateness
  • Regular transparent reports on P&L
  • Premium Services with Personalized support are available

10. StockPro Online

Another trusted channel for the stock market is StockPro. It is managed by Dr Seema Jain, a SEBI-registered research analyst. You can find educational content, authentic knowledge, and tips about the stock market on this channel. 

They share content on various things, including trading calls, YouTube videos, strategies, market trends, chart analysis and free webinars, making it one of the top channels to join.


  • 98% accuracy in their trading calls  
  • Offer the finest equity calls along with positional stock updates
  • Exclusive morning sessions for discussing topics
  • Specialization in bank nifty and options trade

11. Honest Stock Marketer

Honest Stock Marketer is an Intraday Trading Telegram channel. They provide a range of trading calls, including bank nifty and stock options. Apart from this, they also offer tips and frequent updates on calls and to book profit on time.

You will also find market analysis and predictions on this channel. This channel also provides premium services, including stock and commodity stock tips and 1-2 free trading calls.


  • 1-2 free intraday options call 
  • 20K-30K investment required
  • Expiry special hero-zero BankNifty call
  • Cost-efficient premium subscription

12. Bulls Vs Bears

If you are into index and stock options, then Bulls Vs Bears is the channel for you. With up to 90% accuracy and open targets, they provide free calls, including BankNifty call options. Apart from this, they also offer premium services, which include 2-3 intraday tips with personalized assistance.


  • Free services
  • Small investment required
  • Open referral Demat account to avail premium service
  • Customer support over Telegram

13. INTRADAY Tradex

Intraday Tradex is another popular Telegram channel for intraday equity and options trading. They provide premium trading calls and daily market news updates with 3-4 high-accuracy trading calls.


  • 3-4 everyday high-accuracy trading calls
  • Regular market updates
  • Consistently profitable clients
  • Along with the entry price, they provide stop loss and take profit price levels

14. Trade Phoenix

Trade Phoenix is another rising Telegram channel for the stock market in India. If you are into options trading, then this channel is for you. It offers great opportunities for BankNifty trading.


  • 3-4 regular BankNifty calls
  • Provide updates on a daily basis
  • In-depth market research provided
  • The constantly profitable client base

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the top money-making telegram channels in India. Do check them out and get all the inspiration needed to start your own Telegram channel.

15. Nifty 50 & Stocks

Nifty 50 & Stocks is another stock market Telegram channel that you can join. Their call accuracy is around 90%, with a risk-to-reward ratio of a minimum of 1:1.


  • They regularly offer 3-5 Equity & Options call 
  • High accuracy calls
  • High-quality live training classes
  • Offer calls and resources only for educational purposes
  • Regular updates about Indian and International markets

Moreover, if you are also planning to make telegram as an income source. Then don’t miss our A to Z guide on ways to earn money from telegram in India. Do check it out.


You can earn a significant amount of money with stock trading if you have the right financial advice and knowledge. The above-listed Telegram channels will provide you with beneficial knowledge about the stock market. Always remember to do your research with the help of these Telegram channels. Happy Trading!

Note: Disclaimer: The above-mentioned details are for knowledge purposes ONLY. The User, while opting for the desired telegram channel, shall act at their own discretion, and such decisions made by the Users shall not hold us liable for any uncertainty in the future.

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