Are you seeking additional cash flow without sacrificing your primary job? Passive income can be the perfect solution. Whether running a side hustle or aiming to boost your monthly earnings, passive income provides a steady stream of money while you focus on other endeavours. It offers financial security and the potential to build wealth, making it an appealing strategy for both short-term goals and long-term retirement plans.

So let’s discover a world of opportunities with our curated list of passive income ideas.

List of Top 15 Passive Income Ideas in India

1. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing Illustration

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate hustle for savvy online entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the digital world. It’s a clever strategy that involves recommending top-notch products or services to your eager audience. And in return, you receive a commission every time someone purchases through your unique referral link. 

So why should you become an affiliate marketer?

  • First and foremost, it’s a breeze to execute. You don’t have to worry about product development or order fulfilment; that’s the brand’s responsibility. Your primary role is to showcase the brilliance of the product and captivate your audience with your marketing prowess.
  • Affiliate marketing is incredibly low risk. There are no upfront financial investments or hidden costs to join an affiliate program. You can dive straight into selling established products, reaping the rewards without any financial strain. 
  • Affiliate marketing is also remarkably scalable. Unlike traditional businesses that require hiring extra help as they grow, you have the power to expand your horizons without the added burden. With every new product you introduce to your audience and every captivating campaign you create, your past work continues to generate revenue like an unstoppable force. 

So, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business owner looking to diversify your income, affiliate marketing holds the key to unlocking a world of financial freedom and abundance.

2. Print-on-demand Business

Printed Shirts
Printed Shirts

Unleash your creativity and turn your original designs into fantastic merchandise without the hassle of managing inventory and fulfilment.

Print on demand is an innovative business model allowing you to collaborate with suppliers, customizing a stunning array of white-label products, ranging from trendy t-shirts to eye-catching posters, stylish backpacks, and captivating books. And you only make these items when an order is placed, eliminating the need for bulk purchases or inventory headaches.

Print-on-demand stores represent a golden opportunity to establish a lucrative passive income stream tailored perfectly to your creative prowess.

Find a provider like Printful, Printify, or Gelato to get started. Then just upload your file, handpick the products that capture your artistic vision, and watch as your online store becomes a vibrant showcase for your masterpieces.

3. Publish an E-book


Showcase your creativity and share your knowledge with e-books. This is an opportunity where you can embrace the wonders of low-cost publishing and harness the vast distribution power of Amazon. With just a few clicks, your masterpiece can be discovered by countless potential readers scattered across the globe.

Your e-books don’t need to be sprawling epics; their charm lies in their concise nature, spanning a mere 30 to 50 pages. Even better, creating an e-book is not expensive, as it solely relies on your invaluable expertise. Your passion and proficiency in a particular subject can pave the way for an exceptional literary adventure.

4. Rental Income

For generations, real estate investing has remained an enduring avenue for building long-term wealth and harnessing the power of passive income.

If you find yourself fortunate with substantial financial resources, you can seize the opportunity to acquire apartment buildings or other valuable real estate assets, paving the way for a steady stream of rental income. However, the demanding role of a landlord often requires active involvement. But fear not, for the solution lies in entrusting property managers with the responsibility of tenant management, property maintenance, and the collection of monthly payments or rent.

And as the housing market experiences growth, your properties will appreciate in value, setting the stage for potentially lucrative profits should you decide to sell them in the future.

5. Make Financial Investments

Venturing into financial investments opens up a world of possibilities where you can explore diverse options to grow your wealth. The choices are abundant from the dynamic stock market and the stability of mutual funds to the reliability of bonds and the innovative landscape of peer lending.

The beauty of these investments lies in their ability to generate interest and accumulate value over time, requiring only minimal follow-up work on your part.

Partnering with a knowledgeable financial advisor is key to navigate this exciting terrain and make informed decisions tailored to your unique circumstances. Their expertise will help you uncover the optimal investment avenues that align with your goals, ensuring a prosperous financial future.

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6. Sell Photography Online


Selling photography online may not be the most conventional avenue for establishing a passive business. Still, it holds the potential to amplify your efforts, especially when you can monetize your images repeatedly. Getting started often involves collaborating with esteemed organizations such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, or Alamy.

First, you’ll need to secure approval from the platform of your choice, enabling you to license your captivating photos for usage by individuals who download them. Each time someone utilizes your photo, the platform rewards you with a payment.

However, creating a collection of photos that resonates with a specific audience or captures the essence of a particular scene is crucial. By understanding the demand you can identify what ignites interest among the buyers.

Your portfolio could encompass anything from striking shots featuring models, breathtaking landscapes, and imaginative scenarios to captivating visuals documenting real-life events that could even find their way into the news.

7. App Development

App Development Illustration
App Development Illustration

The beauty of today’s technology lies in the fact that even newcomers can create stunning mobile apps, ranging from basic to advanced, thanks to the incredible array of no-code tools available. Platforms like Appy Pie, Adalo, or Bubble have revolutionized the game, making diving into the app development world more accessible.

Before you begin, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you must determine whether you want to create a website or a mobile app. Alongside conceptualizing your app’s purpose and the problem it aims to solve, you must also consider the monetization aspect.

When it comes to generating passive income through your mobile app, the options are abundant. You can explore avenues such as subscriptions, ads, and pay-to-download models or even embrace a vibrant marketplace where users can engage and transact.

If you need clarification on the specific problem your app should address, fret not! Ubersuggest comes to the rescue, providing valuable insights into keywords with high search volumes and helping you identify promising niches and trends.

With your app’s purpose and monetization strategy in place, the next step involves setting up your digital guidepost for success. Whether you create your storefront or opt for a trusted seller platform, the goal is to establish a seamless and efficient system for collecting sales.

8. Sell Handmade Goods

Handmade Goods Material
Handmade Goods Material

The online space offers many opportunities for selling your products, catering to a wide range of niches and preferences. Whether you specialise in video games, handcrafted treasures, or virtually anything, countless online platforms are eager to showcase your offerings.

Among the famous online selling sites, you’ll find diverse options to suit your needs. Platforms like Handshake, Amazon, eBay, Ruby Lane, and AliExpress bring unique advantages and target different markets.

However, there are two essential investments to consider. Firstly, you’ll need to invest your time and resources in crafting your DIY goods, whether pottery, clothing or any other imaginative creation. Secondly, creating an online store becomes crucial, serving as a digital sanctuary to showcase and sell your products to enthusiastic customers.

Selling through your online store presents a multitude of benefits. It minimises the fees incurred with each sale and grants you the freedom to establish and cultivate your distinctive brand. The beauty of building a brand lies in its compounding effects over time. As you grow an audience and forge deeper connections with customers, your brand becomes a powerful catalyst for increasing sales and making money online.

9. Buy and Sell Websites

The digital landscape is teeming with many websites covering virtually any topic you can imagine. What’s even more exciting is that many of these websites generate substantial income through avenues like affiliate marketing, advertisements, membership subscriptions, or product sales. And some of these thriving online ventures are available for purchase.

Platforms like BizBuySell simplify the process of buying and selling online stores securely. You gain access to a world of opportunities by opening and verifying an account. Imagine becoming the proud business owner that already boasts a steady stream of sales and traffic. Moreover, once you complete the purchase, you also gain access to invaluable seller support to ensure your continued success.

10. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube Logo
YouTube Logo

With a staggering 2.6 billion monthly users worldwide, YouTube presents an incredible opportunity to captivate a massive audience and generate passive income. However, it’s important to note that building a successful YouTube channel requires substantial upfront work with minimal immediate returns.

But if you possess a long-term mindset and are willing to invest your efforts upfront, the income potential of a thriving YouTube channel is remarkable. As you accumulate engaging content, clicks, and views and steadily grow your audience, various revenue streams become available. Affiliate sales, sponsorships, branded integrations, and ad income can all contribute to a passive income stream that accumulates over time. Moreover, if you’re inclined towards diversifying your content, branching out into podcasting can open doors to additional revenue through sponsorships.

11. Invest in Businesses

In the present day, diving into investment opportunities that were historically inaccessible is within reach for everyone. Thanks to platforms like Mainvest, a passive approach to investing with a mere $100 initial investment is now a breeze, with zero investor fees to worry about.

Now, what about the returns? As with any investment, they can vary. However, Mainvest aims to provide you with a potential yield ranging from 10% to 25%. The best part is that you don’t have to vet the businesses you invest in personally. Mainvest takes care of the vetting process on your behalf, allowing you to invest the capital and get started.

As a passive income idea, this opportunity presents a fantastic and secure entry point into business investments. It allows you to dip your toes in, learn the ropes, and steadily grow your knowledge and experience. With Mainvest as your guide, you can confidently venture into the investment realm, knowing that you have a reliable platform supporting you every step of the journey.

12. Sponsored Posts on Social Media

Social Media Influencer
Social Media Influencer

There’s an exciting opportunity to monetise your influence if you have a substantial following on popular social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Brands are eager to collaborate and pay you for promoting their products or featuring them in your feed.

However, to make the most of this opportunity, it’s crucial to consistently fill your profile with captivating content that attracts and retains your audience’s attention. This means dedicating yourself to creating posts that expand your reach and genuinely engage your followers on social media.

By staying committed to producing high-quality, compelling content, you can establish a strong online presence and create a platform with which brands will be eager to partner.

13. Sell Designs Online 

Websites like 99designs, ThemeForest, and Creative Market provide excellent opportunities to establish a passive income stream by selling digital designs online. Whether you specialize in crafting website themes, logos, branding resources, templates, illustrations, or fonts, these platforms offer a ready-made market actively seeking design resources.

You can use website builders and leverage your skills to create stunning designs. Once you’re ready to sell your creations on platforms like Creative Market, you must undergo an application process and await approval. Upon acceptance, you gain access to your storefront, serving as a virtual gallery to showcase and sell your branded designs.

The beauty of these platforms lies in their built-in audience, already searching for captivating design resources. By tapping into this market, you can attract customers, generate sales, and establish a passive income stream.

14. Advertise on your Car

If you’re looking to earn some additional income effortlessly, consider turning your everyday car trips into a money-making opportunity. By reaching out to specialized advertising agencies, you can potentially monetize your driving habits. These agencies will assess factors such as your driving locations and mileage. If you meet the criteria for one of their advertisers, the agency will “wrap” your car with advertisements, all at no expense to you.

It’s important to note that agencies typically prefer newer vehicles and require drivers to have a clean driving record. So, why not put your car to work and transform it into a mobile billboard that generates income while you go about your daily routine?

15. Record Audio Books

Women with Professional Recording Equipment
Women with Professional Recording Equipment

Have you ever considered becoming the creator of audiobooks? It’s a realm that holds tremendous potential for generating passive income through royalties, which is the primary payment method for most audiobook narrators.

To start earning income from audiobooks, there are a few essential skills you need to master. These include:

Auditioning: Learning how to showcase your talent and secure narrating opportunities through auditions.

Proper narration technique: Developing the skills to deliver engaging and captivating performances that bring stories to life.

Choosing your niche: Identifying the genre or specific area in which you excel as a narrator, such as fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or children’s books.

Editing skills: Acquiring some basic editing skills to polish your recordings and deliver high-quality finished products.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this path alone. Various platforms exist to help you kickstart your audiobook career and land your first gigs. One such platform worth exploring is ACX, which provides valuable resources and insights on what you need to succeed in the industry.

Lastly, we have discussed various ways to make passive income online while studying without any initial investments in one of our recent blog posts. If you happened to miss it, we highly recommend reading it and letting us know if you find it helpful. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore these valuable insights!


Passive income opens doors to financial freedom and a life of flexibility. Exploring the various passive income ideas discussed in this article can pave the way for a more secure and prosperous future. Embrace the possibilities, take action, and begin a journey towards a more financially abundant and fulfilling life. Don’t forget to check our list of passive income books to get motivation.


How can I make $1000 a month in passive income?

Here are a few ways to make $1000 a month as passive income
1. Rent Out Your Yard
2. Rent Out Your Car
3. Rental Real Estate
4. Publish an E-Book
5. Become an Affiliate
6. Sell an Online Course

What is the most successful passive income?

Some of the top successful passive income ideas are
1. Rental Properties
2. Dividend Stocks
3. Peer-to-Peer Lending
4. Digital Products and Royalties
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. High-Yield Savings Accounts or Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

What are the most accessible passive income ideas?

There are several easy ways to earn passive income. Some of them are
1. Start a dropshipping store
2. Create a print-on-demand store
3. Sell digital products
4. Teach online courses
5. Become a blogger
6. Sell handmade goods
7. Run an affiliate marketing business
8. Sell stock photos online

How can I make a side income?

Here is a list of top ways to make side income
1. Tutor online
2. Become a user experience tester
3. Take surveys
4. Get cash back from apps
5. Teach English
6. Get paid for your creative skills
7. Offer your services as a virtual assistant
8. Become an influencer

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