Let’s be honest. There is no bigger social media platform on earth than Facebook. It is a force to reckon with regarding the social world. According to Statista, Facebook has more than 2.9 Billion active users in 2022, and the number is constantly growing. That is more than one-third of the world’s population. So, you get the picture. But what does it mean for businesses, marketers, and advertisers? Is it any good to do marketing on Facebook? What does it mean for Affiliate Marketers? Keep reading to find out!

What is Facebook Affiliate Marketing?

facebook affiliate marketing
Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, and doing affiliate marketing on Facebook is a great way to generate more sales and profits. Affiliate marketers may leverage the vast audience active on Facebook to get more visitors to Facebook groups, pages, or external websites.

With millions of groups and pages devoted to nearly every topic you can imagine, Facebook is the largest and most popular social media network in the world. Basically, what you’re doing is choosing the appropriate market for the product you’re trying to promote. And you achieve this by putting together a group of individuals who are interested in the specific topic you select.

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Why Choose Facebook Affiliate Marketing?

We get it. You are confused and probably a little skeptical about marketing on Facebook. So here are a few reasons to convince you why Facebook can be one of the best platforms for your affiliate marketing career.

1. Large Audience

Facebook’s customer base is already wide. You have more than 3 Billion people in front of whom you can market your offers. These are the people with earning and spending potential. Every marketer looks up to get in front of their eyes, and you should.

2. Trustworthiness

Facebook’s regular users trust the platform as it has existed for quite some time. So, when they see an ad campaign, a company page, or a marketer’s page, they are subconsciously sure of its trustworthiness and thus aim to engage more on the platform.

3. Marketing Tools

Facebook is not like other social media platforms. It provides marketers with different tools and techniques to get in touch with the audience. These tools include concise insights on your performance, ad campaigns, different forms of posts, and many more. We will discuss all of this in detail down below!

Moreover, we have also created a blog covering how to start affiliate marketing on Instagram, Where we have mentioned tips and steps that are important for beginners. Do check it out.

4. Insights

Facebook has a solid analytical infrastructure. The platform’s insights give page owners and group admins a tight grip on their posts and page performance. This helps them create content and market products to the public more efficiently.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?

Marketers can do Facebook Affiliate Marketing in two ways: make a Facebook page for their brand or create a Facebook Group for the users. Let us talk about the former first.

1. Create a Facebook Page

If you already have a Facebook page, well and good. However, if you don’t, you can visit http://facebook.com/pages/create and create a new business page by filling in the relevant details. Here is our guide to help you create a Facebook page instantly.

For Computer

Step 1

Visit http://facebook.com/pages/create. Facebook allows existing and new users to create a Facebook page for their business or to build a community for a public figure or interest. You may need a personal profile to become a public/private page admin.

Step 2

how to create a facebook page
Facebook Page Creation

Now that you are ready to create your page enter relevant details like page name, profile picture, cover picture, page category, page bio, contact details, and much more. Having all these details embedded into your Facebook page allows you to create a professional look for your page and attract visitors and potential followers.

Step 3

facebook page
Facebook Page

Click ‘Create Page’ to save all your details and start sharing content on your Facebook Page. You can share any video, image, gif, or written content to build an audience and start sharing deals on the platform.

For Android/iOS App

How to create a Facebook Page on IOS
How to create a Facebook Page on IOS

Step 1

Find the ‘3 bars’ icon in your Facebook app and click on it. Find the ‘Pages’ option and tap on the ‘Create’ button (plus sign). Like the browser version, you need a personal Facebook user ID to create a public/private page.

Step 2

After clicking the ‘plus sign,’ you get the same options as a browser to add your page name, profile picture, cover picture, bio, and page category (up to 3) and save the details when you are done.

Step 3

Tap ‘Create’ and voila! Your Facebook page has been created, and you can now share content and affiliate deals on the platform.

A Facebook page is one of the best ways for you to get in front of your target audience. You can always share your page with people whom you think will be interested in what you are selling. A Facebook page provides ample opportunities to get in front of your audience through different posts, photos, and videos. It also allows you to promote what you are selling to your target audience. Since a Facebook page is always public, anyone can interact with your content. Below are some tips to make your Facebook page a success.

How to Grow your Facebook Page?

1. Post Regularly

It is important to understand the importance of affiliate content on any social media platform. Like any other social channel, you can make yourself a trustworthy Facebook Business by posting quality content regularly. You can choose a timeline of your choice. Some people post three times a day, while others post once every second. Both have an audience. Make sure to choose whichever suits you the best and stick to it.

2. Add a Call to Action

As an affiliate marketer, people must know how to contact you. You can add actions like calls, mail, and a website on your page so people can reach out to you quickly.

3. Exclusive Affiliate Links

Facebook allows affiliates to promote affiliate links along with their posts. This is exactly the kind of feature that you need. While preparing your post, you will find this functionality under the ‘Offer’ option. Do not miss out on this, as this is one of the easiest and classiest ways to get your followers to buy a product/service.

4. Insights

Affiliate Marketers must understand how their audience reacts to different posts and offers they upload on their page. Your page insights are your best friend in this situation. You can understand different metrics like how many people reacted to which post, how many people your page reached in a period, what is your audience’s median age and many more. These analytics can help you create better content that suits your audience.

5. Use your Blog

If you already have a website to write down blogs and posts, sharing these blogs on Facebook with a small preview is always a good idea. This not only helps increase traffic to your website but can also bring more conversions to your basket.

6. Run Ads

Facebook pages have much competition, and affiliate marketers might need to run ads regularly to reach their target audience. These ads can be optimized based on consumer age, location, user behaviour, etc., and will bolster your page growth immensely.

2. Create a Facebook Group

While Facebook pages can be created by anyone and visited by anyone, Facebook Groups are much more limited in how they let you interact with your audience. You can only reach out to people that you add to the group. Facebook Groups are best suited for marketers who already have an established network. Marketers can add these people to their group to share exclusive deals, offers, and discounts.

For Computer

Step 1

Find the ‘Groups’ option in the left menu of your Facebook profile. If you cannot find the option, click on the ‘See More button.

Step 2

facebook group creation
Facebook Group Creation

Click the ‘Create New Group’ option and enter your group’s name, privacy choices, and group description.

Step 3

facebook group
Facebook Group

Once your group is created, you can manually add people. Public groups can also be searched and joined by anyone from Facebook’s huge user base.

For Android/iOS App:

Step 1

Find the ‘3 bar’ icon in your Facebook app and click on it. Find the ‘Groups’ option and tap on the ‘Create’ button.

Step 2

Enter different details like group name, description, privacy settings, etc. and save the details by tapping ‘Create.’

Step 3

Your group is created, and now you can either manually add people to the community or make it a public group for anyone to join.

Let us check out some benefits you can extract from Facebook Groups.

1. Find the Right Audience

Consider all the groups you are a part of, whether they are on Facebook or not. You joined it because it allowed you to talk to others who shared your interests. Making a Facebook group gives users on the site a place to connect and work towards shared objectives. For instance, Facebook groups on writing draw a lot of avid writers and publishers of digital content.

2. Improve Organic Reach

The organic reach of Facebook page posts has substantially decreased over time. Posts created in groups on Facebook have far more of a chance of being seen because the platform is designed for sharing group material. The members will be notified every time you post, and they may choose whether or not to share your work with their friends and followers.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

You may develop a tight-knit community by starting a Facebook group. Sharing a range of content, including blog entries, how-to articles, hilarious memes, and short stories, enable audience engagement on a more personal and in-depth level. By joining your Facebook group, prospective clients can receive assistance and guidance. Another benefit is that loyal consumers are more inclined to recommend your company favourably to others.

4. Get Real Customer Feedback

Your Facebook group is a fantastic area to gather insightful feedback for your marketing initiatives. Once your group has more than 250 members, you may see group analytics to get enlightening information about your audience. Additionally, you can start discussions and polls and ask questions in your group on various subjects. Your understanding of your audience will improve due to the feedback you receive, which will help you develop solutions that are better suited to meet their needs.

5. Established Authority

Online trust-building is challenging. Most users who engage with your material will be strangers who may live far away. Starting a Facebook group is a no-brainer if you want to establish credibility as an influencer or subject-matter authority in a particular area.

Moreover, if you are looking for a perfect affiliate marketing niche, then we can help you with that. Do check our list of best affiliate marketing niches that you can choose for higher returns through affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Which is Better – Facebook Page or Facebook Group?

Considering all the points mentioned above, it is very clear that Facebook Groups are a better idea for beginners who are just starting affiliate marketing and do not have a lot of budget to spend. Facebook Groups will offer these people organic reach, brand awareness, and affordable marketing opportunities. Facebook Pages are much better for affiliate marketers or businesses that already have an established customer base and have a good amount to run advertisements across the platform.

Important Tips for Facebook Affiliate Marketing

1. Post Videos

It’s no secret that every social media platform promotes videos more than any other content. You should post videos regularly to please the algorithm into promoting your content without spending any money. Do not forget to add closed captions in your videos. Recent studies have shown that videos with subtitles are better optimized to reach a wider audience base.

2. Run Ads

The Ad campaign program is one of the most powerful Facebook tools. If you think you have organically established a good user base, you can use this feature to reach out to more people according to your specific needs. You can fine-tune how and to whom Facebook promotes your content by choosing user age, location, campaign time, and much more. Be sure to check it out!

3. Interact with the Audience

It rarely happens that people do not comment on a post they like. When they comment, it is your job to engage them, interact with them and keep them happy. You can always run contests and polls on your page to increase interaction and improve your business.

4. Add a Disclaimer

Whenever you promote a product or share a deal, it is good practice to add a disclaimer informing your audience about the benefit you will get from the deal. This practice helps build trust and loyalty on your page; the best thing is it is a two-way street. You get to know your best customers and the users know that you are completely honest and transparent with them.

In addition to this, we recommend you check our all-in-one guide on YouTube affiliate marketing. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.

5. Short Links

Customers never click on a dubious-looking link. Long links have a sketchy reputation and lack credibility. Unappealing links can put people off, even if you offer the finest offers. Therefore, optimize your affiliate links to be more readable and smaller. To start with this procedure, you can utilize tools like Earnkaro Magic Tool, Bitly, Prettylinks, etc.

6. Market Research

Thousands of brands provide the same product in a globalized market, and most have affiliate programs. Marketers should thoroughly investigate their partnership possibilities before selecting a company to affiliate with to maximize their return on investment.

7. Budgeting

Facebook Pages require constantly targeted ads to create a good following. These paid ads can get expensive quickly and burn a hole through your pocket. Keep a close track of your expenses and do a cost-benefit analysis regularly.

8. Optimize Regularly

Insights and customer feedback will help you understand the on-ground situation of the consumers and your target audience. This data will help you create better posts, promote better products and earn better commissions.


Facebook provides a lot of opportunities for affiliate marketers to grow their businesses. It is getting bigger every day, and the competition is increasing too. But if you pay attention to all the tips and tricks mentioned above, your affiliate marketing business will coast in no time.

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