Starting a part-time business is a low-risk way to explore all the different business ideas you have while still having a full-time salary. This can be either something you actually wanted to do or something just for extra income. But making an online business come into play isn’t always easy. Doing the right research and time management is the key. Below we have listed some of the top part-time business ideas which you can start without quitting your job.

List Of Top 14 Part-Time Business Ideas in India

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting products or services made by another company and earning a commission for doing it.

The most common way in which affiliate marketers get paid is Pay-Per-Sale or PPS in which affiliates are compensated for each sale they bring. Other ways of getting paid include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Lead (PPL).

Starting an affiliate business requires little to no investment. You can join any affiliate network free of cost and start promoting deals and offers your audience might be interested in. As it is a performance-based business, you can eventually turn it into a full-time venture that provides surplus income.

The niche in which you can start affiliate marketing is long. Below you can find some of the prominent ones:

  • Technology
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Hobby
  • Pet care
  • Travel

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2. Dropshipping


A drop shipping business is one of the low-investment part-time business ideas. Dropshipping is a type of order fulfilment method that does not require you to keep an inventory of the items you are selling. Instead, you buy products from the supplier after the order is placed, and the supplier ships them to your customer.  

When done rightly, dropshipping can be a profitable business as most dropshipping businesses don’t require a lot of capital or time to set up and operate.

Dropshipping can seem challenging at first as you need to work on your store, customer service, and finding the best suppliers until you see a wholesome income flow. But it can be a good source of passive income, and eventually, it can become your full-time work.

3. Print-On-Demand Business 

Print-On-Demand Business
Print-On-Demand Business

Print-on-demand is another great part-time business that you can start. Print-on-demand is a simplified way to sell products without keeping an actual inventory. What most of the sellers do is collaborate with a supplier who specializes in customizing white-label products like bags, mugs, t-shirts, wall art, socks, and more and exhibit their creative side. Although you can also manufacture products and maintain an inventory.

Once your customer makes a purchase, your supplier will get the details of the design and quantity of the products ordered. Once the design is printed, your order will be packed and shipped by the supplier to the end customer. This means that you don’t have to pay for the products until you have made a sale.

You can start your print-on-demand business with little to no investment, as you don’t have to keep any inventory or spend money on materials and equipment. The only investment you need to make is of your time for creating the designs and building your brand presence online.

4. Customized Gifting Business

Gift Store
Gift Store

Who doesn’t love personalized gifts? Customized gift boxes and personalized gifting has become a trend nowadays. Giving overrated and mundane gifts like photo frames and chocolates has become old school. People are now looking for gifts that have a personal touch to them. Hence, starting a customized gifting business can be a good part-time business idea.

For starting a customized gifting business, all you need is to stay up to date on the current trends and create gifts that resonate with them. Also, purchasing raw materials which are economical in bulk.
In gift customization, you can experiment with various products like customizing gift baskets, photo frames with digital artwork, handwritten notes, and much more.


5. Freelance Photography


Another good part-time business idea for Students is photography. If you are a person who has a knack for photography and loves to be on the creative side, then you can turn your hobby into a profitable part-time business.

You can start doing freelance photography, wherein you can do photoshoots like portraits, passport photos, headshots for online profiles, etc., indoors by turning your room into a studio or shooting outdoors at different locations.

You can also do event photography, such as at weddings, sporting events, engagements, baby showers, etc. Apart from this, you can also sell your photos to large stock photo websites like Shutterstock and earn passive income.

Since you are doing freelance photography, you can choose your work timings. Also, according to your convenience, you can accept or reject a client you want to work with.

6. Become a Live Streamer

Counter strike game live streaming
Counter strike game live streaming

Live streaming has become a very popular and effective way for content creators to engage seamlessly with their audience. It has been getting a lot of traction and attention as you get to engage with your audience in real-time and can deliver content in new and innovative ways.

A professional streamer is someone who earns money through live-streaming content such as music, art, gaming, and other things with the help of donations, subscriptions, advertisements, and sponsorships.

There are many types of live streaming you can do, including music & performing arts, talk shows & podcasts, sports & fitness, food & drink, etc.

Starting a live-streaming business requires little investment. You can start with your phone and a tripod. You can signup on to websites like Twitch to start streaming today.

7. Handicraft Business

clay molding
clay moulding

Starting a handicraft business is also one of the top business ideas for women and others that has become popular these days. With the help of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, people nowadays sell personalized, handcrafted things like décor items, crockery, paintings, handmade jewellery, etc.  

Social media platforms have given an excellent opportunity to people who are creative and can make aesthetically appealing items. They also help in increasing the reach of the buyers, hence giving them a chance to shop from any part of the country.

You can easily monetize your hobby of creating handcrafted items like wall hangings, handmade jewellery, paintings, macrame décor, or scented candles by starting it as a part-time business. With the use of social media, you can advertise your products and increase your reach to potential buyers.

8. Social Media Management


In today’s world, no business can continue to exist without a strong social media presence, whether it’s a big company like Netflix or a small-scale company that makes handmade products. No matter the size, all businesses have social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Hence, this has increased the demand for social media management in India, which can be done easily alongside your full-time job.

To become a social media freelancer, you must have knowledge of social media algorithms. Also, to create good content and grow engagement, you must stay up to date with the current trends.

Moreover, we have also created a guide on some of the part-time jobs available in India that you can join from the comfort of your home. Do have a look.

9. Baking Business


If you have an interest in baking and cooking, why not turn it into a profitable side business? You can start this business from the comfort of your home and enjoy the flexibility it offers. You can even offer baking classes online with platforms like Skillshare and earn money from it.

As there is always demand for freshly prepared cookies, biscuits, and cakes, starting a baking business can be profitable. Just keep in mind to use high-quality ingredients and good presentation to reach to potential customers and retain the existing ones.

Starting a baking business would require little investment to buy an oven and other baking equipment.

10. Blogging


If you enjoy writing, use blogging as a platform to communicate with everyone you want. These days, there are plenty of platforms where you can quickly learn how to blog. The perfect example is You can start by journaling your experiences or by writing about a niche that you are interested in. Your blog can be as imaginative and engaging as you like. Those who desire to start a part-time business can consider this.

Starting a blog has several advantages, but getting viewers at first will take a lot of work. Once you have enough visitors, you can also make a significant sum of money through sponsors and ads. A blogger in India can easily earn between 1 and 1.5 lakh rupees each month.

11. Tutoring Services Online


The traditional way of learning has changed. More and more students are interested in taking online classes. It is either to supplement their regular classes, prepare for an exam, or to learn about a stream before jumping in and pursuing it as a full-fledged career option. As a result, online tutors are in demand. They get decent pay and have flexible working hours. If you have a flair for academics, starting an online tutoring business is a great option for you.

In addition to this, if you are a student and looking for a part-time job, then do have a look at our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the top part-time jobs for students in India.

12. Freelance Graphic Designer

graphic designer
Graphic Designer

If you have a knack for creativity and can think out of the box when it comes to designing, then you can start a part-time graphic designing business. As a freelance graphic designer, you would be designing social media posts, e-brochures, flyers, visiting cards, banners, logos, etc., for multiple brands. This business can be started with low investment as you only require a laptop and a stable internet connection.

13. Freelance Video Editing

video editor
Video Editor

If you are familiar with software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, etc., then you can start doing freelance video editing. Companies and institutions are always on the lookout to hire freelance video editors to edit videos for event/ performances that happens occasionally.

14. Web Designing

web deisgner
Web Designer

Every business nowadays has an online presence, and it has become difficult to stand out from the competition. You, as a web designer, can help brands to make their website exceptional and more user-friendly. You can earn a decent amount of money in this field and only require investing in a laptop and certain web designing tools.


If you have the skills or desire for them, here are some of the top Part-Time Business Ideas in India that you can start without too much effort. You can work as much or as little as you like because you are your own boss, which is one of the major benefits of a part-time business. With that being said, earning a living income through a part-time business can be difficult without prioritizing and planning.


Which businesses are best for part-time?

There are countless part-time businesses that you can start, but we have handpicked some of the best, and the list goes like this:
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Dropshipping
3. Print-On-Demand
4. Customized Gifting Business
5. Photography
6. Live Streaming
7. Handcrafting
8. Social Media Management
9. Baking
10. Blogging

How do I start a part-time business?

Anyone with a desire to earn some extra with dedication can start a part-time business as a side hustle.
The key is to find what you like to do the most or what is your area of expertise, for example, if you like doing research or writing, then you can definitely start blogging part time likewise if you like cooking, then you can start a part-time cooking business.

What is the easiest and cheapest business to start?

An affiliate marketing business is the cheapest business to start as it requires no initial investment or certain qualification requirements. You can easily join platforms like EarnKaro and start affiliate marketing within 5 minutes.

What are the best part-time business ideas for working professionals?

if you are a working professional, then this list of part-time side hustle business ideas will suit you the most.
1. Blogging
2. Streaming
3. Photography
4. Online Tutoring
5. Digital marketing (consulting)

Mansi Rana is an experienced content writer with 2 years of experience in creative storytelling. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi is passionate about helping creating micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. When not writing for the Internet, she is a voracious researcher of all things beauty and fashion.


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