The beauty of an online business is that you can start it from anywhere. All you need is a solid internet connection, time, and the will to keep on going. By starting an online business from home, you will be able to cut down massive capital investments that you would have to make if you had chosen the traditional route. You will also be gifted with flexible timings and can even manage your school and work commitments along with it. Here is the list of the best online business ideas in India to help you start your first online business.

List of Top 10 Online Business Ideas in India

1. Sell Homemade Products

Homemade Cookies
Homemade Cookies
Required SkillsThere is no need of specific skills, anyone can create home made products and sell into marketplaces
Income2.7 Lakhs per year (Source: Ambitionbox)

If you have a knack for arts and crafts, jewellery, clothing, makeup, or cooking, you can start selling your homemade products. Here you get to control every aspect of the product you sell, starting from the price and quality to the audience you want to target. Once you have decided on the product and have created it (for example, a candle), you can sign up with websites such as Esty, AuthInda, Amazon Karigar, and Craftvilla. When someone purchases the product, you will earn money.

Useful Resources for Sell Homemade Products:

container depot
Container depot 
Required SkillsNeed to have a good sales skills, accounting, communication skills
Income1,50,000 – 3,00,000 per year (Source: Naukri)

Dropshipping is one of the best online businesses to start from home. This is because you don’t need a warehouse to start this business. You have to create a website, contact sellers, quality check the items you want to sell, and finally list them on your website. When a customer orders a product, you have to contact the seller and let them deliver the product. As a mediator, you get to set the price and hence get to keep the profit. For example, if a product is 60 rupees and you sell it for 100. You get to keep the remaining 40 rupees

Useful Resources for Dropshipping:

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing
Required SkillsNo need of any specific skill. Anyone can start with Zero Investments
Income₹ 0.1 Lakhs to ₹ 11.9 Lakhs (Source: Ambitionbox)

Looking to start an online or a part-time business from home without investment? Affiliate Marketing is the right choice. This is because it is the easiest way to earn money online. You can sit in the comfort of your home and earn a significant amount of money. For this, all you need to do is sign up with an affiliate platform to get the latest deals and then promote them. Promotion simply means sharing the affiliate link with your friends and family. When someone purchases the product through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. That commission will be your earnings.

Useful Resources for Affiliate Marketing:

EK Banner

4. Buy Wholesale Products and Sell Online

View of a wholesale store
View of a wholesale store
Required SkillsGood Communication, sales, convincing & accounting skills
Income2.7 Lakhs per year (Source: Ambitionbox)

Another way to earn money is to buy wholesale products and sell them online. For example, you found that a certain product is not available in your region. You can purchase them from a wholesaler and sell them in your area. For this purpose, you can launch your website and list yourself as a seller on Amazon or Flipkart. You can even sell your product on social media apps such as Instagram and earn money.

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Useful Resources for Selling Online:

Customised T-shirt
Customised T-shirt
Required SkillsNo specific skills required
Income2.7 Lakhs per year (Source: Ambitionbox)

Having your print-on-demand business is great because you don’t need inventory. You can start a print-on-demand business for a variety of products such as books, blankets, hoodies, T-shirts, watches, and so on. To start, choose a niche you want to work on. Next, you can use your creativity to design your products the way you want. Then you can create an online store by partnering with print-on-demand companies or sell the product yourself on websites such as Etsy. Finally, you promote the product to gain customers and earn money.

Useful Resources for Print-On-Demand Business:

6. Freelancing 

Guy working on PC
Guy working on PC
Required SkillsNeed to have expertise over a specific skill which you will be providing services for
Income₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 11.5 Lakhs (Source: Ambitionbox)

Offering freelance services is one of the best small online business ideas from home. This is because you will be paid for your skill, time, and effort. You can work as a freelancer by providing services such as freelance writing, virtual assistance, marketing, designing, SEO consulting, and so on. Unlike traditional businesses, you don’t need a lot of customers. You can run a smooth freelancing business with a handful of clients. If your services are good, word-of-mouth is enough to get you new clients.

Useful Resources for Freelancing:

7. Teach Online

Teacher teaching java programing language
Teacher teaching java programing language
Required SkillsNeed to have a higher or a graduation degree of any specific subject that you are willing to teach
Income₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 11.5 Lakhs (Source: Ambitionbox)

Do you excel in academics? Why don’t you become a full-time or a part-time tutor? Teaching online is one of the top online business ideas for students Whatever subject it may be, mathematics, physics, or history, you will find students looking to learn the subject. You can even take music classes online. You can also prepare students for competitive exams such as NEET, IAS, SSC, Bank exams, and so on. Online teachers have the opportunity of fixing their timings. You will also get paid decently. To become an online teacher, register yourself to a job portal and look for opportunities in your area.

Useful Resources for Teaching Online:

8. Virtual Event Planning

View from a marriage event
View from a marriage event
Required SkillsNeed to have a good management, communication and Problem-solving skills
Income ₹393,421/ year (Source: Payscale)

Virtual event planners are needed for arranging corporate conferences, work meetings, fundraisers, virtual parties, trade shows, educational conferences, and webinars. If scheduling comes naturally to you and you are good with organizational work, you can become a virtual event planner. To become a virtual event planner, get familiar with platforms such as Hopin and Cvent. This will help you to win over your first customers. You can use tools like Instagram to get the word out about the services you offer.

Useful Resources for Virtual Event Planning:

9. Photography

Guy with a camera
Guy with a camera
Required SkillsNeed to have a good photography knowledge with a passion of always exploring new places
Income₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 6.2 Lakhs ( Source: Ambitionbox)

Launching your photography business is a great idea if you are into photography. Select a photography niche that you like, and then start taking photos. Once you have a collection, you can either start your store or can sell your photos through apps such as Adobe Stock, iStock, and Shutterstock. It is not enough to know how to take good photos, you need to know how to market them and develop your brand. If you are good at marketing yourself, the photography business will pay you.

Useful Resources for Photography:

10. Become a Social Media Manager

Instagram icon
Instagram icon
Required SkillsNeed to have a good knowledge of social media seo, latest trends and content creation.
Income  4.1 Lakhs per year ( Source: Ambitionbox)

If you are good with likes, followers, favorites, and retweets, you might want to consider becoming a social media manager. It is work from home business without investment. To start, all you need is a laptop or a mobile. You can find a job by consulting with companies and spreading their content across the web, keeping their brands on track, and responding to customer questions. Like this, you can turn your hobby into a day job.

Useful Resources for Social Media Management:

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It’s time to get started and build an online money-making business in your spare time if you’ve been considering how to start an online business. Don’t put everything on the line. Start small and grow from there with a side business. or keep everything minimal. The freedom to do whatever you want is the joy of beginning your own online business.


What makes online businesses successful?

To make your online business successful
1. Understand your customer
2. Solve your customer’s problems
3. Get traffic from different sources
4. Add an easy payment method
5. Use Webmaster tools
6. Understand conversion testing
7. Use tech support

How to start an online business in India?

To start an online business in India, follow the steps below:
1. Choose your business model
2. Choose your target market field
3. Do market research
4. Define your problem statement
5. Find a solution to your problem
6. Set realistic goals and expectations
7. Perform a SWOT analysis
8. Get feedback and improve
9. Register your business and establish your business legally
Decide upon the legal structure of your online business
Enquire if you need to get a Tax Identification Number for your business
Get the necessary licenses and permits to run your online business
10. Opening a bank Account
11. Build your business website
Using a Pre-Built Platform or Building a Website from Scratch
12. Payment Gateways
13. Supply Chain and Logistics
14. Attracting customers to your website
15. SEO Marketing
16. Advertisements
17. Promotions
18. Word of Mouth
19. Retargeting the potential consumers

Which business is best for online?

Some of the best businesses to start online are affiliate marketing, selling homemade products, dropshipping, freelance, tutoring, and social media planner.

Mansi Rana is an experienced content writer with 2 years of experience in creative storytelling. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi is passionate about helping creating micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. When not writing for the Internet, she is a voracious researcher of all things beauty and fashion.


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