Are you looking for an easy way to earn some extra bucks? No matter how much you earn, extra cash in your account is always welcome.

Every brand tries to target their consumers’ wants and requirements. In order to improve upon their products and achieve customer satisfaction, these brands create some surveys where you need to answer some easy questions. To know consumers’ preferences, these brands are willing to pay for the information which is coming directly from a consumer. (Your opinion matters and is worth real money.)

Why not use this opportunity and earn some easy cash? If you really wish to earn money through online surveys, you need to plan out a strategy of answering the questions that are asked. Don’t you worry, we’ve got some easy steps to help you make money with online surveys.

What is an Online Survey?

An online survey is a form of a questionnaire that can be short or long according to the target audience. Its sole purpose is to collect data for research on any product, industry trends, marketing, etc. Online surveys can be helpful for a company or a brand that gets direct information from the consumers. If you’re up for an online survey, you are providing input for the development of a product or a service. These surveys are super easy and less time-consuming. You can take around 20 paid surveys in a day and earn up to Rs.1200/per day.

Pro Tip: To get paid, you need to do extensive research about the topic of the survey and answer the questions honestly. Because money doesn’t come that easy! It will be helpful if you have knowledge about the brand or the company for which you are taking that survey.

Who is it for?

Online surveys are for everyone, there is no degree, or any certification needed to take an online survey. Simply register on a website or an online survey and start giving answers to the questions given in the survey. Many brands pay you to answer a set of questions. So, if you are a person who wishes to make money online through simple measures, taking a paid online survey can be of some help to you.

Pro Tip: You might not be eligible to register for every online survey. Some of the brands ask some basic information about you and match you up with a survey that fits your profile.

How To Make Money With Online Surveys

To get the most out of paid online surveys, we have curated a list for you that helps you understand how you can make money with online surveys.

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Sign Up To Multiple Brands For Their Online Surveys

Multiple brands launch their online surveys fortnightly or monthly. If you sign up for a limited number of surveys, you probably might have to wait sometime for one to come along. Signing up to multiple brands or their survey portals makes it sure that you always have surveys to answer. If at all you do not like the service, you can always unsubscribe the brand.

  • Be Truthful When Filling Out Information Or While Answering The Questions

Honesty is the best policy! You should always fill in information which is 100% true and authentic. If you fill incorrect information, you might be penalized for contradicting yourself or giving inadequate responses.

  • Always Watch Out For Scams And Fake Online Surveys

It is advisable to read about a website or a brand for which you are taking the survey. This can be beneficial for you to know if it’s a scam or if it is too good to be true.

Do you really believe that a company would send out 1000s of PlayStations for a test to 1000s of people who are taking the same survey?

  • Always Cash Your Money When You Reach The Limit

You should always cash in the money for these paid survey sites as they can have a validity that might expire after a certain period. Usually these sites have a limit on when you can spend the points and what percentage of these points you can use at a time.

  • Never Pay To Join These Online Survey Sites

There are ample online survey sites which do not charge you a penny to register or join them. Then why pay? Do not pay to participate or subscribe to an online survey site no matter what they promise you. There can be a possibility that the survey site turns out to be fake or a scam.  You surely do not want to waste your hard-earned money.

Note: Few sites pay you money in the form of gifts or rewards. Also, be aware of the mode of payment for each survey site. For example, Clixsense pays users via Dwolla, Payoneer, Skrill &Tango Card which might be a problem for you.

Ways To Earn Money Online With Online Surveys:

Here are a few sites you can try to make money with online surveys.

1. Survey Junkie

Earnings: Points: 10/per survey (minimum)

2. Swagbucks

Earnings: Points: 25/per survey + $5 Sign up Bonus

3. MyPoints

Earnings: Points: 20/per survey +$10 Gift card Bonus (for new users)

4. SurveyClub

Earnings: Points: 25/per survey

More sites you can try: Toluna, iPanelOnline, OpinionBureau

Earnings might be subject to change, please read the terms and conditions of respective websites before starting your money making journey with online surveys.

Some Other Ways to Earn Money:

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