In 2023, entrepreneurship has become a trendy business term. Everybody, no matter where they come from, aims to become an entrepreneur. People with a job have recently started to gain interest in having a part-time business for various reasons that we will discuss in just a bit. But today, we will focus on all the working ladies out there. We will talk about the best part-time business ideas for working women in 2023 and share our two cents on how to start and grow your business. So let’s begin!

Why Should Working ladies Have a Part-Time Business?

1. Considerable Income

Let’s be honest. Money is one of the most (if not the most) important factors in starting your own business. A personal business can provide many opportunities to gain a passive income along with your full-time job and helps supplement your income.

2. Fulltime Opportunity

Here’s the thing about businesses in 2023. You can venture into many fields without putting in loads of investment and profit from your efforts. Part-time business ideas can bloom into a full-time opportunities providing you with much higher returns than expected.

3. Efficient Time Utilization

It is always better to keep yourself busy. You only have a limited time on earth, and part-time business provides you with an opportunity to use this time for something fruitful and make something big for yourself.

4. Upskill

You can be the smartest person in the room but starting a business is never easy. Having a part-time business allows you to learn the realities and struggles of the corporate world, gain interpersonal skills and business acumen, and helps you to widen your horizons.

5. Benefits in your Job

Everything you learn from your part-time business can be put into your day-to-day habits. You can learn things like time management, clear communication, confident body language, etc., from a part-time business; these skills can surely help you in your personal and professional life.

List of Top 10 Part-Time Business Ideas for Working Ladies in India

1. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a partnership in which a marketer gets a commission for promoting the products on an online retailer. The marketer can use channels like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or even their website. Affiliate marketing provides huge earning potential if done right. It can be done as a full-time or a part-time business opportunity. You can also visit platforms like EarnKaro to become a part-time affiliate marketer.

EarnKaro is an affiliate marketing platform where people can earn real money by sharing deals and offers with their network. EarnKaro has collaborations with more than 150 online retailers, including big names like Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra and many more. Simply register on the platform without documentation, select the deals of your choice, share them with your network, and get on your journey to becoming an affiliate marketer. You earn a commission every time someone purchases through your link.

2. Thrift Store Owner

Thrift Store
Thrift Store

If you do not know yet, thrifting is an up-and-coming form of shopping under which people can sell their used, good-conditioned apparel items to someone who has more use for it. Typically, it involves an intermediary to match the buyer and the seller, which is where you come in. You can have an online or offline thrift store where you can sell everything from jackets, T-shirts, and jeans to boots, accessories and much more. Due to its environmental friendliness and budget-friendliness, thrifting has found its loyal consumers in millennials and Gen Z. More people are getting interested in the business, which is why this provides huge earning potential even as a part-time business.

3. Handmade Products

Home made key holder
Home made key holder

Handicrafts have always been preferred by people of taste to decorate their homes and workplace. Creative people have found a way to unlock their potential by creating hand-crafted items like frames, vases, candles, and showpieces. People can also do business by selling other artists’ handmade products and playing the role of an intermediary. Handicrafts provide good earnings per product and a very large consumer base which is why it stays on our list of the best part-time businesses for working women.

4. Youtuber

Youtube Logo
YouTube Icon

Let us be honest! Who hasn’t thought of starting a Youtube channel at least once in their lifetime? Every person has wondered how it would feel to share their talents with the world. If you are still wondering, this is the right time to enter the digital realm. You can show off any of your skills to the whole wide world – cooking, painting, dancing and whatnot and have an opportunity to earn a good income. YouTubers can earn through different income streams like sponsorships, personalised merchandise, product promotions, etc.

5. Tutor

Teacher teaching students
Teacher teaching students

Some people naturally tend to explain things as easy as possible. Tutoring is becoming a booming side business due to the incredibly fast-paced lives of parents these days. You can teach any subject, to whomever you want, at any time and charge as much as you want. This flexibility makes it one of the best part-time business ventures for working ladies. You can now even tutor students online through your page or by affiliating with a coaching institute.

6. Illustrator

illustration Drawing
illustration Drawing

In 2023, vector arts and digital illustrations have found considerable space in the market. These products are one of the best performers in the gifting industry right now. Opportunities for making illustrated frames, wedding cards, invites, business cards and many more are available as an Illustrator. You can also enter the Graphic Design industry to create attractive posters, logos, banners, and more. However, there is a learning curve. So, start experimenting if you are interested in this field.

7. Video Editor

Video Editing
Video Editing

Bumping shoulders with Illustrating, Video Editing, too, is emerging as a highly in-demand business opportunity. Companies/individuals hire video editors for projects like wedding videos, commercials, showreels, advertisements etc. The requirement for video editors is increasing as every company/artist wants an online presence in the market.

8. Social Media Consultant

Instagaram icon
Instagram icon

If you identify yourself as someone who can find hidden patterns, understands how different social media platforms work and knows how to make a post go viral, Social Media Consultancy is your field. As we mentioned, everyone today wants to have an online presence. This leads to a lot of data being spammed daily on social media. That is why companies and artists hire social media consultants to advise them on different topics like what time to post, what content to make, how to engage, how to respond to their audience and ultimately, how to get a big and loyal online audience.

9. Baker


Baking is one of the food industry’s most intricate and technical forms. Working ladies can make a successful bakery business for themselves by selling cookies, pastries, cakes, and every other baked items. All you need to do is focus on your product quality and marketing. Word of mouth is one of the most important aspects of a cooking business. So, make sure only to provide the best to your clients.

10. Blogger


If you think you have something to say that people may want to read about and if you have a way with words, starting a blog can be the best part-time business for you. You can write about anything and build an audience for your platform. You can start earning through different sources like sponsored posts, running ads on your page & affiliate marketing. But it is important to learn skills like web design, SEO, & content writing before venturing into this industry.

Bonus Tips To Make Your Part-Time Business Successful

1. Learn a Skill

As you must have noticed, most businesses mentioned above require some special skill. You must give time to developing your ability in the field of your choice. Only after that will you be able to provide a good service and ask for a higher price from your clients.

2. Keep Patience

Even though you may be one of the best in the business, things do not happen overnight. You have to keep your calm while building your business. Creating a network, a marketing funnel, and a proper trajectory for your business takes time. So, be patient.

3. Start Small

Part-time businesses generally do not involve a large monetary investment. Being ambitious is good, but do not spend much money in the early stages of building your business. You do not want to run a hole in your pocket before things look good for your business.


Starting a part-time business has become easier with this new era of social media and the internet. You neither have to spend immensely on marketing & advertising your business nor do you have to spend extensively on skill development courses. All you need is a skill, time, and ambition. Our best picks for a part-time business will help all the working ladies to create their entrepreneurship journey.

Mansi Rana
Professional Experience. Mansi joined EarnKaro in 2022 as a Content Analyst. With over three years of experience, she is a seasoned content writer specializing in niches such as affiliate marketing. Educational Background. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi channels her passion towards empowering aspiring micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. More About Her. She indulges in her passion for beauty and fashion in her spare time, immersing herself in extensive research and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.


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