Become a Shopify affiliate partner and earn money with every Shopify plan purchased through your affiliate link. You can get up to ₹12,337 commission on every successful referral.

Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform designed to assist small businesses in creating online stores and facilitating online sales through a unified dashboard. With Shopify, merchants can effortlessly build modern online stores and sell products on social media platforms, seller marketplaces, blogs, and websites and through email, text, and chat interactions.

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Shopify Affiliate Commission Rate Details

The commission is the amount an EarnKaro user earns on every order placed through their Shopify affiliate link.

ProductsCommission / Profit Rate
Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plansUp to ₹12,337

Program Benefits

1. Earning Potential

Join the Shopify affiliate program and earn more than ₹30,000 every month by promoting Shopify plans with your network.

2. Profit Tracking & Confirmation Timelines

All your Shopify orders are tracked within 24-48 hours of the transaction. However, the confirmation of your commission can take up to 60 days.

3. Payment

With a minimum balance of ₹10, you can request a bank transfer and transfer all your confirmed earnings to your bank account. You can check your earning by going to My Profile > My Earnings

4. No Documentation Required

To join the Shopify affiliate program with EarnKaro, no documentation is required. Just download the EarnKaro app and create an account for free.

5. Automation Tools

To make your deal-sharing process effortless, EarnKaro has developed special tools like the Affiliaters Tool. By using this tool, you can automate and efficiently share deals on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Why choose EarnKaro to become a Shopify Affiliate Marketer?

Below are the 3 biggest reasons why you should choose EarnKaro to become a Shopify affiliate:

  • As a Shopify affiliate partner, you have the opportunity to share deals and offers on Shopify plans with your network.
  • You can get a confirmed commission on every successful referral through your Shopify affiliate link.
  • Transfer all your earned commission into your bank account by placing a request.

Important Details About Shopify Affiliate Program

PayoutUp to ₹12,337
Type of campaignCPS
Relationship historyNA
Joining feesFree
Profit Confirmation60 days
Deep linking possibleNo
Earning through Referral ProgramNA

Tracking Information

Tracking time is the time a transaction takes to show up in your EarnKaro account in Pending status.

Tracking time or frequency28 – 48 hours
Cookie Duration30 days
Mobile WebYes
Multiple ConversionsYes

Marketing Options for Promotions

Text LinkYes
Email (Text)Yes
Custom Email (Text)Yes
Email (HTML)Yes
POP TrafficYes
Native AdsYes
Social MediaYes
Facebook AdsYes
SEM – Brand Keyword(s)No
SEM – Generic Keyword(s)Yes
SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword(s)Yes

Payment Information

Payment Duration6-8 days
Requirement for PaymentBank details only
Mode of PaymentNEFT
Minimum Withdrawal₹10

Please Note:
1. In case the user’s transaction is cancelled/returned for any reason, the commission will not be ‘Confirmed’ and will be ‘Cancelled’ as per policies.
2. Commission rates are subject to change and differ with every retailer. Please check the commission rates on the EarnKaro App or Website before promoting.

Why Choose Shopify Affiliate Program?

Shopify stands out as a renowned and reliable brand in the e-commerce industry, earning the trust of millions of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, marketer, or entrepreneur, the Shopify Affiliate Program is designed to cater to various affiliates. Moreover, you can increase your earnings as an affiliate by referring more customers and receiving commissions on their purchases.

How Does Shopify Affiliate Work?

affiliate flow
This is the working process of the Shopify affiliate program.

Meet Our Affiliate Marketers

affiliate marketers
Have a look at our Affiliate Marketers earning an average commission of ₹20,000 to ₹30,000 by promoting deals on Shopify products. You can earn even more by joining the affiliate program.


What is the Shopify Affiliate Program?

The Shopify affiliate program allows affiliate marketers to earn money by promoting Shopify plans with their network.

How much does Shopify pay affiliates?

As a Shopify affiliate partner, you can earn up to $150 commission on every successful referral.

How do I become an affiliate for Shopify?

To join the Shopify affiliate program, download the EarnKaro app and sign up for free. Then you can create and start sharing Shopify affiliate links with your network.

How are referrals tracked?

You get a confirmed commission for each qualified referral. All Shopify transactions through your affiliate link are tracked within 24-48 hours on EarnKaro.

How do I get paid?

Once you have a minimum confirmed balance of ₹10, you can request a bank transfer of your earnings.

Will EarnKaro help with any doubts?

Absolutely! For any queries, you can contact EarnKaro support by emailing

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