Thousands of publishers benefit from daily collaborations with brands and retailers in the form of regular cash income. One of the best ways to earn money online using your media platform and social networks is affiliate marketing, also known as partner marketing. Whether affiliate marketing is your primary or secondary source of income, you will want to work with the top affiliate networks in both cases to increase sales.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing by checking our affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an arrangement between a company and its partners (affiliates), who refer customers to a product or increase sales in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketers typically use social media or websites for advertising products.

Numerous affiliate programs are available, but not all are suitable for everyone. Your online business can significantly benefit from affiliate marketing if you have the skills to identify and select the best partner programs.

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How to Find Affiliate Programs in India?

1. Online Search Engines

An online search engine is a quick, easy, and direct approach to identifying the top affiliate programs in your niche, despite how simple it may sound. You can enter “affiliate marketing programs” in the search field along with your niche. Additionally, you can search for specific vendors and the affiliate programs they provide. For example, if you want to promote beauty products, you can search for  ‘beauty affiliate marketing programs or if you want to promote a particular brand, like Mamaearth for instance, you can search for ‘Mamaearth affiliate program’

First, you need to consider where the affiliate program operates. High-paying affiliate programs are often not available in all countries. Moreover, you can look for affiliate directories. Affiliate program managers upload information about their programs in affiliate directories, where partners can search for the top affiliate programs in their industry. As a result, it is quite convenient to look for offers by category, niche, type, and commission size.

2. Look for Other Affiliates Referral link

Use referral links from other blogs, influencers, and affiliate sites to find high-paying affiliate programs. Knowing your immediate competitors and who they are promoting would be much better. You can use competition analysis tools or search for content that is similar to yours for these objectives.

The next step is to look for and analyze competitor affiliate links. These links typically have a unique ID or other referral tags. By clicking these links, you will be taken to a product website to look up affiliate programs. Most of the time, this data is hidden in the website’s footer.

3. Similar Brands or Products

Search for similar products or even the competitors of your current vendors to find additional affiliate programs. Doubts may arise about how one promotes competing companies or goods. You should not be concerned about this because affiliates can manage these situations in a consistent way. You could, for example, write a comparison of two products that are in direct competition. This will boost the loyalty of your subscribers towards you and also help in increasing your conversion rate. Also, it will give your audience an alternative to choose from.

4. Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks have consolidated a large number of retailers (including big retailers) into one platform and help you track your commission for each one of them. Your website should receive the platform’s approval, as is the case with most affiliate networks. After that, you must apply to each of the programs you want to promote. No matter what programs you wish to promote, it is essential that you have a well-established website with original, high-quality material.

Below are a few of the best affiliate networks that you can look for:

1. EarnKaro

Affiliate Marketing with EarnKaro

EarnKaro is one of India’s most trusted affiliate marketing websites. It is a deal-sharing platform that allows you to make money by investing minimal time & effort. EarnKaro is a terrific way to supplement your income whether you are a student, a housemaker, or a working professional. EarnKaro offers a user the chance to become an affiliate of 150+ shopping sites across various categories.

Monthly commissions can reach up to Rs.30,000 simply by sharing deals from websites such as Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, etc. You earn a commission when your friends, relatives, and others in your network shop through your Profit Link!

EarnKaro is one of the safest websites to sign up for an affiliate program and start making money. EarnKaro has been backed by prominent people, like Mr. Rata Tata and some of India’s leading VC firms, Kalaari Capital and Korea Investment Partners.

EarnKaro also does not require any documentation when you join the affiliate program. EarnKaro has served over 20 lakh people to date and continues to grow rapidly. Working with EarnKaro allows you to join any affiliate program offered by India’s most prominent companies with trust. And you can earn a commission of up to 25% depending upon the retailer you promote.

2. Optimise

Optimise logo

It is a global affiliate network with a strong presence in India. OMG India is another name for it. Publishers in the affiliate network advertise the client’s items online in exchange for a commission.

Affiliates can work with premium brands that are relevant to their product promotion site. It helps in increasing site traffic, maintaining direct contact with clients, and increasing engagement. Affiliates can earn money online through a global network of premium advertisers, and the brands and clients are top-notch.

3. Admitad


Admitad is a global affiliate network that connects a variety of companies/brands with publishers all over the world., Samsung, and Tata Cliq are just a few of the well-known businesses that are affiliated to Admitad.

This affiliate platform, which began in 2005, allows publishers to establish a powerful online network and monetize their communities’ social media, emails, YouTube channels, messengers, and other traffic sources through CPA affiliate networks.

It also provides a variety of business strategies for monetizing content, such as advertising, promo codes, coupons, banners, contextual, and so on. Admitad affiliate earnings can be withdrawn via a PayPal account, bank cards, or the Payoneer platform.

5. Facebook Groups and other social media platforms

Social media is incredibly important in today’s time for finding somebody or an organization. Companies with affiliate programs frequently participate in social media groups. They promote themselves to gain more exposure through this channel.

Like this, Facebook groups for affiliate marketing are another place to learn more about these companies. You can learn more from other affiliate marketers by connecting with them on social media. You can participate in their discussions, learn more about marketing, and widen your knowledge by joining select groups of your choice.

Some Tips to pick the Best Affiliate Programs

1. Promote what you like

Working with things you enjoy can improve your chances of success in affiliate marketing and your willingness to put in the effort. Of course, not every product will leave you completely satisfied. Even so, having good knowledge can generate enthusiasm or even passion. Learn more about the product, read more about it, and use it. Find out as much information as possible about a product if it is not related to your niche. You are free to select a product in the affiliate marketing industry you are passionate about.

2. Promote products that are linked to your content

This point is important to remember, even if it may seem obvious to others. Your success is significantly impacted by the goods you choose that are relevant to the central idea of your article. You can still be creative and think beyond the box. For example, if you blog about dog care, you might do more than just promote affiliate links for dog care items. Moreover, you can promote dog owners’ events, pet insurance, fitness programs for exercising with dogs, etc.

3. Fulfill the needs of your target audience

Even if you have known your subscribers for a while, it will not harm to bring up the topic again. Making excellent affiliate sales will be made simpler the better your analysis of the desires of your target audience.

As closely as possible, create a portrait of the customer. Even better, ask your audience which products they want the most via a survey. You can publish polls as comments or send them via email. Conduct a social network analysis to determine the issues your competitors’ audience is facing if you do not currently have a large enough target audience. You will be highly successful if you find an affiliate program that addresses the problems of your target market.

4. Commission structure and affiliate payouts

How much you will earn from their commission is a key consideration when selecting affiliate programs. You must keep in mind a simple rule and avoid the rookie mistake of seeking out the highest affiliate commissions.

Higher commissions are frequently given on affiliate products with low sales ratings or high lead acquisition costs, whereas low payouts signify that the product is selling well and that the cost per lead is quite low.

For example, let’s consider you have 2 affiliate products: Product A and Product B. With Product A, you are earning 1% commission, and you were able to sell 9 products. But with Product B, you are earning 10% commission and were only able to sell 1 product. Therefore, the product with a lower commission made you more money due to more number of affiliate sales.


Now that you know how to find affiliate programs, its time to become a part of one. Always remember to have a greater impact on the target audience and drive more traffic to the merchant’s website, you must be fully aware of the appropriate niche before signing up for an affiliate program. Additionally, it will enable you to receive commissions that are significantly higher.

Understanding your market and the preferences of your followers is, therefore an important part of this process. You can build your base in affiliate marketing by using the above-mentioned tools.


How do I find affiliate programs?

You can find affiliate programs through online search engines, other affiliate referral links, similar brands or products, affiliate networks, and social media platforms.

How much can an affiliate earn in India?

On average, Indian Affiliate Marketers earn around 0.3 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum.

What are affiliate marketing programs?

In a nutshell, an affiliate program is an arrangement between a company and its partners (affiliates), who refer customers to a product or increase sales in exchange for commission. Affiliate marketers typically use social media or affiliate websites to advertise products.

Which affiliate program is best for beginners?

There are many affiliate programs out there from which you can choose from. As a beginner EarnKaro is the best affiliate program to start. 

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