With more than 583 million users, Snapchat is one of the world’s most popular social media apps. Snapchat users can share stories, photos, and videos with their followers. Developed by Bob Murthy and Evan Spiegel, the app is popular for its unique feature of disappearing content after it has reached its intended audience. All posts are automatically deleted after a 24-hour timeframe. This feature has allowed brands and users to share unique content and build relationships. Although it is not seen as a money-making app by creators, it is possible to earn money with Snapchat. In this blog article, we have explained how to earn money from Snapchat in India. You can use these tips to earn your income in the comfort of your home.

How to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat?

  • Download the Snapchat app and tap on your profile or your story icon
  • Click on the third dot beside the option ‘Add to Snap Map.
  • Get access to the Tier1 public profile and click ‘continue‘ to proceed.
  • Click on the option to ‘get started.  
  • When the screen displays a disclaimer to create or cancel, tap on the option to ‘create’.
  • Click on the ‘my public profile’ option, edit your details and set up your account.

8 Best Ways to Make Money on Snapchat in India


1. Promote Affiliate Products

Promoting Affiliate Marketing products is one of the easiest ways to earn money on Snapchat. You don’t need any financial investment and can earn money without any limits. As an affiliate, you would get to promote popular brands such as Apple, Adidas, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Mama Earth, and so on. You can do this work in the comfort of your home. 

To start earning, sign up for Affiliate Marketing platforms like EarnKaro. Next, explore deals and select the one you like. Lastly, copy the affiliate link and paste it into your snaps. Make sure the snaps are interesting enough to gain the audience’s attention. This way, you will earn money whenever someone views your snap, goes to the affiliate link, and purchases the product through it. It will be your commission for increasing the sales of the retailer. The more people shop, the more you will earn a commission.

2. Make Money in Snapchat Spotlight

snapchat spotlight
Snapchat Spotlight

Snapchat spotlight highlights the 60-second most popular videos created by users in a dedicated section. Moreover, the company also gives a million-dollar reward to the best spotlight clips decided by the Snapchat algorithm. A Snapchat spotlight video is shown based on the uniqueness, views, screenshots, shares, and view time. The more people view your snap, the more likely you will earn this reward.

These are the steps to follow if you want to know how to earn money with Snapchat spotlight. First, create your snap using the camera, filters and music provided on the app. Click on ‘send to’ and the ‘spotlight‘ name displayed at the top. Lastly, you can add hashtags to post the video. When the clip has been posted, you can click on your avatar and then on ‘Spotlight and snap map‘ to check the number of views you have. To get more views on spotlight post content regularly, promote your Snapchat account and choose a niche. For example, educational videos and DIY tutorials.

3. Promote your Business Using Geofilters

Geofilters source

Geofilters are filters that Snapchat users use to show their location. Other than popular destinations, Geofilters are used to promote businesses as well. The reason is that these filters are shared by users even if they are branded. They eventually help in creating awareness for your brand. Do make sure you are adding the logo of your business when you are promoting your business.

You can make a geofilter by taking a photo or short video and then swiping and selecting the filter that is accessible to you. After that, you can customize and test it using Illustrator Formats or Adobe Photoshop templates. Lastly, you can download the geofilter you created by setting the time, date, and location and paying for the filter. To start, you can create a free geofilter for public venues such as parks, cities, etc. If you are holding an event or launching your store, you can create filters for that too. 

4. Promote your Products and Services 

Have a business? Why not promote it on Snapchat? Share links to your business’s products, services, and downloadable assets. For example, If you are in the e-commerce business, you can share images and links to the new product line, or if you offer Digital Marketing services, you can post about that. The only thing is that you would need a decent number of Snapchat friends to drive your income.

Similar to Affiliate Marketing, promoting your products and services means sharing the external link that will redirect the customers to a site where they can purchase the product. Hence, to promote products and services, you need an eCommerce site. Beginners can start by creating a dropshipping store and pasting its link on the snaps you post. The same goes for services. If you have a freelance account where you want clients to approach you, you can share its link on Snapchat. Follow the 70- 30 rule. Post engaging and hilarious content 70 per cent of the time, and the rest 30 per cent, post promotional content. You can use the Snapchat business page for the same.

5. Create Sponsored Lenses for your Business

Sponsored lenses or augmented reality filters allow Snapchat users to touch and play with items in augmented reality. Snapchat lenses are a great investment because the app can show you how many users will interact with the sponsored lens. Usually, it is used by large businesses such as MTV, Warner Brothers, etc., to build campaigns that target audiences based on their demographics and what topics they are interested in.

Small businesses can also create sponsored lenses for their business openings, product launch, etc. You can expand your business’s reach when the users share it in their stories. For example- if you are a life coach or a fitness trainer, you can create branded lenses to create more interest in your services. Snapchat lenses are memorable, which means when your friends see and share them, sales will increase eventually.

6. Use Snap Ads and Story Ads

Snapchat ads
Snapchat Ads

It is one of Snapchat’s marketing strategies. You can set short video ads to play on the screens of people who are likely to be your target market. Snapchat users can be targeted based on their characteristics, interests, and actions. While Snap Ads has a few competitors like Facebook and Twitter, the advertisements are similar to those on other social media platforms.

Each ad can include a call to action encouraging the viewer to watch a longer video, visit the website, download an app, or read an article. The purpose of Snap Ads is to increase interaction or drive visitors to a website.

7. Get Paid for Story Advertisements

If you are an influencer on Snapchat, you can allow other businesses to sponsor your stories. It means a business can advertise itself on your story, and you will be paid for it. For example, Shaun McBride, a well-known artist on Snapchat, was paid to advertise Frozen by Disney. You would need a large following to earn from Snapchat through paid stories.

Moreover, just like Snapchat, we can also earn money through Whatsapp. Want to know more? check our latest blog, where we have fully covered how to earn money with WhatsApp. Have a look.

8. Sell Snapchat Filters Online

You can also make money on Snapchat by selling filters to your audience. You can design and sell customized or personalized filters for various events like birthdays, holidays, weddings etc.

Once signed in on Snapchat from a desktop or laptop, individuals can buy custom filters and upload them.

Pros and Cons of Snapchat for Business


1. Add Links To Your Stories

You can redirect your audience to your website or other landing pages by adding links within your stories. This could be to your other social media accounts or a new blog post. Easily direct your user’s attention to more content-heavy platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

2. One on One Interaction

With Snapchat, you can tailor your messages according to your target audience as it allows the business to engage with the customers on a personal level. You can interact with your followers directly as they can respond to your stories and ads.

3. Younger Demographic

Snapchat’s 85% of the user base is under the age of 35, with most of them falling under the 18-24 age bracket. If your business is catering to a younger audience, then it is the perfect platform for you.

4. Cost-Effective Advertisement

The cost of an advertisement is minimal and can be done manually because the content of the videos is only 10 seconds and can be created with a smartphone. Therefore, this is a huge plus for the growth of small businesses or newly established ones. They only need to set up a business Snapchat account.


1.  Smaller Audience

Although Snapchat does have a considerable audience, it is not as big as other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

2. Limited Time

Since the videos are only 10 seconds long and they disappear after 24 hours, they may not reach enough audience to create an impact.

3. No Share Option

Snapchat has no feature for re-sharing content, which makes it difficult to share customer-created content. The only way you can do it is by taking a screenshot and posting it on other platforms.

4. Analytics

It might be challenging to track how effectively your ads and content are performing on Snapchat because its metrics aren’t as dynamic or comprehensive as those of other platforms.

Tips to Increase your Snapchat Following 

To earn more money through Snapchat, you will have to grow your Snapchat following. Attracting more followers will increase your chances of brands paying you for story advertisements. To increase your Snapchat followers, you can use these tips.

  • Share engaging, interesting, or funny content. To do this, you can use a great hook, Snapchat music, and post relevant content that will appeal to your users. 
  • Have a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter account? Share your Snapchat profile on these social media platforms to direct more followers to your account. Moreover, you can also earn easily on Youtube with Affiliate marketing. Check out our guide.
  • You can also run competitions and offer small or free prizes to push users to follow your content.
  • Snapchat shares each week what’s trending on the platform. You can stay up to date with it and post trending content if it is relevant to your brand.
  • Try to get Snapchat shoutouts from influencers.
  • Promoting other users on Snapchat will encourage them to return the favour.
  • You can also pay for Snapchat Ads to reach the target audience.


Snapchat’s revenue stands at $1.111 billion. It comes under one of the lists of the most popular apps in the world. Despite this, not many creators or influencers use Snapchat to earn money. The reason is that they do not know how to monetize it. Snapchat is one of the best apps to check out if you are starting out. After all, there is low competition. You can earn money through Affiliate products, promoting your business through Snap Ads and stories, Geofilters, and more. Successfully monetize your content by creating great content and building your audience.

In addition to this, do you know you can also earn by playing games? Check our latest blog, where we have fully covered how you can earn money by playing games online. Do check it out and let us know if you find it helpful.


What are Subscriptions on Snapchat?

You can browse stories shared by users and public profiles on Snapchat if you have a subscription. Even if you are not friends, their stories will continue appearing in your feed when you subscribe to someone. Numerous people follow well-known personalities, brands, and influencers that they like.

How to get the subscribe button on Snapchat?

When you become an official Snapchat creator, you will get the subscribe button next to your name. There are two ways you can get the subscribe button, first, create original Snapchat lenses and second, create and share lots of content regularly.

How to make money in the Snapchat spotlight?

Snapchat spotlight highlights the 60-second most popular videos created by users in a dedicated section. Moreover, the company also gives a million-dollar reward to the best spotlight clips decided by the Snapchat algorithm. A Snapchat spotlight video is shown based on the uniqueness, views, screenshots, shares, and view time. The more people view your snap, the more likely you will earn this reward.

How to maximize your earnings on Snapchat?

You can maximize your earnings in the following ways
1. Create and promote products
2. Affiliate marketing on Snapchat
3. Advertising for brands
4. Launch your own Snapchat filters

How to increase your number of friends on Snapchat?

Here are a few ways to get more friends on Snapchat
1. Have a clear Snapchat strategy
2. Make your Snapchat account more discoverable
3. Promote your Snapchat profile on other social media platforms
4. Share quality content
5. Make most of the lesser-known features
6. Create lenses and filters
7. Run contests
8. Partner with publishers

Will you get paid for views on Snapchat?

No, on Snapchat, users are not being paid for views. You need to sell goods, offer affiliate links, or allow other businesses to sponsor your stories so that they pay for you for reaching to your audience.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on Snapchat?

You need at least a few thousand subscribers on Snapchat to earn considerable money.

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