The demand for computer games has only grown in recent years. Almost anyone, from a primary student to an adult IT professional, likes to play games. As per The Economic Times, the gaming industry in India is estimated to reach 3.9 billion dollars by 2035. There are ample ways to earn money if you are a gamer. You can play card games, video games, and even casino games to earn money online. To help you start, we have provided the best ways to earn money by playing games in India.

How Much can you Earn by Playing Games in India?

According to industry standards, professional gamers can earn anywhere between Rs 70-85 lakhs per annum. You can earn by playing online games, making video game content, becoming a game journalist, participating in live professional gaming events, and live streaming their gameplay. The amount of money you will earn depends upon the kind of games you play, the gaming content you create, the platforms you use, and the time you invest. You can also participate in tournaments and content that gaming apps encourage to earn additional income. Another report from glassdoor shows that an average professional gamer’s salary in India is ₹21,418 /month:

 average professional gamer's salary in India
average professional gamer’s salary in India

List of Top 9 Ways to Earn Money by Playing Online Games in India

1. Become a Gaming Affiliate Marketer

Gaming Affiliate Marketing

Game affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn money online. You don’t have to invest anything and can work in the comfort of your home. As an affiliate marketer, you must promote games affiliate programs of popular gaming companies. This includes companies like GameFly, Howzat Fantasy Cricket, Rummy Circle, etc. You will get a commission when a user purchases a gaming product or downloads a game app through your affiliate link.

You can join an affiliate network like EarnKaro to get started and share deals on gaming within your network through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram. Moreover, you can even promote games on youtube to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing.

2. Become a Live Streamer

Game streaming PC

Live streaming is one of the popular ways to earn money by playing games in India. Anyone can become a live steamer. You need a gaming computer, some games that viewers are interested in watching, a fun personality, and streaming software. You would also need high-speed internet for smooth live-streaming sessions. For live streaming, you can start by becoming a YouTuber. Else, you can join Twitch, the largest live streaming platform.

However, it will take you some time to build an audience. The reality is you will need thousands of viewers to get a significant amount of income. Hence, it is important to make yourself stand out from other users. This can be achieved with the help of humour or personality or by being a phenomenal player in the games that no one else is playing. Make sure your content is unique and creative to keep the audience engaged.

3. Become a Game Writer

Game writing

Game writing is a competitive niche. Lots of people want to become game writers. If you enjoy writing, it is the best option for you to earn additional income. You can join an existing game site or start your own to write game news, reviews, and interviews. As a game writer, you will be paid per article. You can also become a freelance game writer and look for individuals and companies offering work. 

While looking for work, make sure to carry your sample writing. You can look for open positions at medium-sized gaming companies and start sending out your application. If you don’t have previous experience, you can consider working for smaller companies first.

4. Install Game Reward Apps

Game Reward Super mario

Want to know how to earn money while playing games? Install game reward apps. These apps allow you to play everything from poker and casino games to fantasy cricket. For example, Howzat fantasy cricket pays you to play fantasy cricket by building your fantasy cricket team. If you win tournaments, you can expect to earn more. Another example is the Rush app. Here, you can play carrom and Ludo to earn money. 

Other popular game reward apps include rewards, Roz, Mistplay, and Gamez. All of these apps are available on PlayStore. You can choose to play the game of your choice in the comfort of your home without any investment. To start earning, download the game reward app that you like. Finally, play games to earn. When you win the game against your opponent, your earnings will be added to your wallet. You can use it as gift vouchers, recharge coupons, or choose to withdraw the money directly from your account.

5. Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials 

Video Game

All new gamers read game guides. Particularly when they can’t understand what the game is all about. For example, Multiplayer player versus player or PVP guides are read by many newcomers. If you enjoy writing, you can create video game guides and tutorials. However, it requires intensive research. You will have to understand a game first, then find out the problems most games face, and explain the solution in a detailed manner.

To stand out as a game guide writer, you will need to write dense and comprehensive guides. Nobody likes to read a boring or complex guide. Hence, you will have to make it entertaining as well. You also need to focus on formatting. Then you can publish the content as your ebook or on websites. You can also upload videos and tutorials on YouTube and monetize them through the YouTube Partnership Program, Affiliate Marketing, and Sponsorships.

6. Get Paid to Test Games

Game testing

Before games are released, they need to be tested. A game developer needs fresh eyes to find out the user experience. Hence, game testers are hired. As a game tester, you will need to test out even the small bugs in the game. You will need to find out the flaws and report them to the game-developing company, which will pay you for your services. 

Game testing is hard to establish as a full-time career option. This is because it is difficult to land a job with a large development company. Usually, the game testing positions are open for small mobile apps. This can be a completely different experience than testing out PC games. To start, you can look for positions in PlayTestCloud, beta testing, and BetaFamily. When it comes to large development companies, you will have to go to their website, look for vacant positions, fill in applications, and hope for the best.

7. Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships

Gaming Tournament

PvP titles like fighting games have tournaments that you can participate in. They are a great way to earn money. The more popular the game is, the more competitive it is, but the cash rewards can be huge. When you are consistently on top, you can gain sponsorships. ESports companies even hire highly skilled gamers. If you are an excellent gamer, this is the best option to earn your part-time income. 

You can start by winning small tournaments, practising, and getting better at playing games. Eventually, you can connect with other gamers to get your name out there. However, you cannot rely on tournaments to provide consistent income because no matter how skilled you are, you can lose a game against a good opponent. 

8. Sell your Account or Digital Items

Another way to earn money by playing games is to sell digital items such as steam trading cards. This is the best option for those who are already skilled at games and have reached a level. The amount you earn by selling digital items will be enough to cover your gaming purchases. You can also choose to sell your secondary or smurf accounts to other players looking to gain time. If you are good at your game, other players might even pay you to rate them better on the gaming platform.

However, not every game allows its players to sell their digital items. You must read a game’s terms and conditions before trying to sell your digital items. Moreover, playing a game over and over can be daunting to win some cards. This option might not be the best for you unless you are a highly skilled player.

9. Become a Video Game Developer

game development

By becoming a video game developer, you can utilize your skills as a game designer. This is an excellent option for those who like to work behind the scenes. You will get to play video games and utilize your creativity. You can launch your own game, offer it for free, and earn through in-app purchases later.

Working for game companies is another option to earn money as a game developer. Getting an online degree in developing games is enough to start. You can then apply for jobs, get hired, design games, and become a part of the video gaming industry. As a game developer, you can earn ₹478,895 per annum on average.

In addition to this, do you know that you can use Snapchat to earn passive income online? Check out our guide on how to earn money with Snapchat. You can thank us later for this.


When games are just games, they are fun. When it becomes your job, it might not be that entertaining. However, if you are truly passionate about playing games, you can become a game writer, live streamer, and developer. Game affiliate marketing and installing reward games are the easiest way to earn money as a gamer.  You can choose to work on what you like and earn money while sitting at home.


What games pay you real money to play games?

You can play several games to earn money. It includes card games, fantasy games, bingo, Ludo, ball pool games and so on.

How to earn money by playing online games in India?

You earn money by becoming a gaming affiliate marketer, live streamer, game writer, installing game reward apps, creating game guides and tutorials, testing games, tournaments and sponsorships, and selling your account and video game developer.

How much can I earn by playing games online?

Professional gamers in the world make around $60,000 per year. The top players earn $15,000 per hour.

What Android games should I play to earn money?

You can play android games like Decathlon, Gamez, Genesis Casino, and Howzat Fantasy Cricket app to earn money.

Is earning online by playing games legal in India?

Yes. It is legal to earn money by playing games online in India.

Mansi Rana is an experienced content writer with 2 years of experience in creative storytelling. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi is passionate about helping creating micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. When not writing for the Internet, she is a voracious researcher of all things beauty and fashion.


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