In 2023, affiliate marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Affiliate marketers must use different strategies, techniques, and tricks to stay ahead of the competition. Paid ads are one of the most used techniques for affiliate marketers with the means. Affiliate marketing through paid aids or PPC Affiliate Marketing has its issues, benefits, and several unique features. Today, we will discuss all of it in detail. So, keep reading to find out if PPC Affiliate marketing is still worth it in 2023.

What is Paid Ads Affiliate Marketing?

Not to be confused with the affiliate marketing model in which a marketer earns for every click made on an affiliate link, PPC Affiliate marketing refers to using paid advertising options by affiliate marketers to bring hot leads and higher conversions for their affiliate partners. Marketers with the requisite financial means run ads on different social media platforms to attract new and recurring visitors for their affiliate partners.

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Pros of Paid Ads Affiliate Marketing

1. Faster Growth

It takes a while for SEO-generated traffic to gain traction. Consider the level of competition you face from other reputable websites with a higher domain authority than yours. Through paid ads, affiliate marketers can improve their conversion capability and start seeing growth immediately, rather than waiting for months or even years to see any type of progress.

2. Highly Targeted Traffic

Affiliate marketers want highly targeted visitors who have the potential to become regular readers or followers and bring recurring sales in addition to making a single affiliate sale for them. Paid ads allow marketers to hit their goals cheaply and efficiently.

3. Better Conversion Rates

Affiliate marketing has the potential to be very profitable, but it frequently requires some trial and error before marketers see significant revenue in return for their efforts. Paid marketing allows marketers to concentrate on the people who are better poised to convert into permanent customers without going through the tiring process of trying to attract different segments of customers from the market.

4. Low Investment Requirement

One of the most widespread misconceptions regarding paid marketing is that a big financial investment is required before you can expect to see any form of return. Affiliates can start paid advertising with just a few bucks using several social media and search engine paid marketing platforms.

Cons of Paid Affiliate Marketing

1. Low Profitability

Profitability is the biggest obstacle to employing PPC (Pay-per-Click) for affiliate marketing. Affiliates face the risk of spending money on ineffective advertising strategies. For many people, the issue of profitability is a deal-breaker. Your paid campaigns must be carefully planned and managed to turn a profit and get a balanced Return on Ad Spending (ROAS).

2. Tracking Issues

Monitoring the effectiveness of your ads is crucial for PPC testing and optimization. Since affiliates do not own the websites for the items they advertise, they cannot simply generate an algorithm to track sales. While it is not possible to track conversions directly, affiliates can still keep track of ad clicks, impressions, and all other activities made on their affiliate landing page.

3. Hard to Scale

Scaling simply implies paying more for clicks since higher clicks increase the possibility of higher conversions. But your conversion rates don’t always rise in tandem with the rise in clicks. A larger audience is also necessary for getting more clicks, but this is difficult to achieve when promoting a specialized product.

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

1. Google

Google Ads Example
Google Ads Example

Google is the go-to place for most consumers before they make a purchase decision. Google Ads can be optimized for particular keywords and can be displayed above the top-ranking organic pages of a search query. Google can be a great way to test your PPC Affiliate Marketing strategy without investing too much into the mix.

2. Facebook

Facebook ads example
Facebook ads example

With its innovative, updated features, Facebook offers some of the best audience targeting options available. Affiliates can target a highly specific demographic with their affiliate marketing material using Facebook Ads’ extensive targeting capabilities. Using Facebook Advertising for affiliate marketing, affiliates can also install a covert Facebook Pixel on their website to draw in website visitors who have already seen their content (called retargeting). Additionally, Facebook Ads lets you target your advertising based on a person’s interests in particular Facebook pages, groups they belong to, and other Facebook-specific data.

3. Instagram

Instagram Ads example
Instagram Ads example

Instagram has more than a billion active users, with most users between the ages of 18 and 29. This is because Instagram is designed for those who enjoy visual content. Instagram Ads might be an excellent location to start experimenting if your affiliate marketing content is mainly visual and you’re attempting to appeal to a younger-leaning client base. Also, check out our full guide to know more about our affiliate marketing on Instagram.

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Best Practices of Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

1. Hook the Audience

Now that you have completed your research about the market, your audience, affiliate tools, affiliate programs, etc., it is time to compose a few alternative hooks that can grab the audience’s interest in your campaign. It’s best to keep your hooks brief and easy to read. The purpose of a theme is to create interest and intrigue, much like the creation of an advertisement. If someone is purposefully watching a YouTube video or lazily scrolling through social media, your hook needs to be compelling enough to stop what they’re doing and pay attention to what you have to say.

2. Use Creatives

Ad creative is probably a paid media strategy’s most overlooked and underrated part. Once your hook has been established, come up with three to five innovative creatives that have the potential to create your audience’s interest. A creative should be engaging and relatable and must guide a viewer to the next course of action.

3. CTAs

A CTA refers to a Call-to-Action. It generally means asking a viewer to take an action on whatever post they are seeing. There should be no ambiguity on what to do next once a prospect has seen your paid ad. Affiliates can provide a URL or describe the next action in the form of a tiny button that the user can click on.

4. Start with Organic Traffic

PPC marketing can help you increase traffic to your affiliate website quickly and effectively. However, SEO will help you raise your site’s rating and establish authority in the long term. Affiliates must create an affiliate landing page that provides value to attract organic traffic and add PPC to the mix once they have established an organic base and verified that their website can afford the expenditures of advertising.

5. Keyword Research

Favouring high-intent keywords can help marketers make the most of their keyword research. These search terms are more likely to result in actions being taken by the users. Continuous testing and upgrading of your lists by the most recent trends are necessary for effective keyword research and placement.

6. Track Campaigns Regularly

You shouldn’t expect your advertisement to succeed immediately. It will require monitoring and constant optimization. If your initial ad has received numerous clicks, you may make a second ad that is directed to everyone who has already read the original article or clicked the link. This advertisement can drive visitors to the affiliate product landing page or to another piece of content that sells the item more directly.

7. Create a Unique Landing Page

Without a website, there can be no PPC affiliate marketing. Users arrive at an affiliate landing page after clicking the link in your ad. Since you are adding a step in a user’s online buying process, your affiliate landing page must add special value for these potential consumers. Pay attention to the layout of your website and make it as user-friendly as possible to generate a positive first impression.

8. Find the Right Audience

As much work as you put into writing and developing your advertisement, you need also to devote yourself to identifying the appropriate targeted audience. This process may require some hit and trial before an affiliate finds the best audience solution.


PPC Affiliate marketing can be a good way for new and established affiliate marketers to add to their organic marketing efforts. There is no paid ads affiliate marketing if you do not already have an installed organic audience base. Make sure to follow the best practices and strategies to maximize the potential of your paid ads.

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