LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. More than 900 million people have chosen LinkedIn to showcase their professional achievements, connect with like-minded people and explore opportunities in different industries. LinkedIn is also an excellent place for business-minded people, especially affiliate marketers. The platform can be a great addition to any affiliate marketer’s social media strategy. So, let us talk about how affiliate marketing on LinkedIn works and how anyone from an amateur to a professional takes advantage of the platform. Let us begin!

Why should Affiliate Marketers join LinkedIn?

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1. Huge Reach

As we mentioned above, LinkedIn has more than 900 million active monthly users which provides a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers to target their audience. Even 1% of the total LinkedIn audience can make a huge difference in any affiliate marketer’s lead generation and effective conversions.

2. Written Content-Based Platform

Creators on LinkedIn generally use long-form written content combined with a video/picture to reach the maximum number of people. LinkedIn’s algorithm supports high-quality written content in a way like no other. This is a boon for those affiliate marketers who write blog posts/guest posts to attract affiliate sales as they would be able to reuse niche content on LinkedIn as well.

3. Decision-Making Audience

LinkedIn is full of working professionals. Some of them are beginners while some are veterans in their industry. Either way, LinkedIn’s audience is affluent in decision-making power which gives an edge to affiliate marketers to bring a higher number of clicks on their affiliate links.

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How to Use LinkedIn for Affiliate Marketing?

1. Create a Professional Page

Having a business profile on LinkedIn that accurately represents your brand and objectives is crucial before you start utilizing it for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers must make sure to create a professional display picture, a cover picture, and a professional headline to get started on LinkedIn.

2. Connect with the Right People

Connecting with potential clients, business partners, and influencers may be done quite effectively on LinkedIn. To expand your reach and visibility, be sure to connect with the right individuals in your sector, join the right groups, and take part in discussions.

3. Share Valuable Content

LinkedIn is full of ‘fake’ experts who try to influence people without any real background or experience in their field. However, you should not fall into that category. Every LinkedIn affiliate marketer must have in-depth knowledge about their niche. Make sure to do a complete deep dive research on whichever topic you are creating content on. Do not forget to combine long-form written content with pictures and videos to get the best results.

4. Share Affiliate Links

Once you start seeing considerable engagement on your LinkedIn content and profile,  you can start promoting your affiliate links to your followers as well as other potential clients. Affiliate marketers can post affiliate links in their LinkedIn posts or add CTAs to promote people to visit their website. However, make sure to be subtle about your marketing efforts. Trying too hard or promoting too much will hurt your trustworthiness in the long term.

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Tips to Maximize your Affiliate Potential on LinkedIn?

1. Turn on Creator Mode

LinkedIn provides a special ‘Creator Mode’ for people who want to create an audience on the platform. This special mode comes with special content creation tools, in-depth content insights, audience metrics, guides, and much more. Affiliate marketers can multiply their return on investment by putting all of these ‘extra’ tools to the best use.

2. Professional Look

It is essential to have a professional-looking LinkedIn profile. A well-maintained profile not does not only include a professional profile picture, a cover photo, and a concise headline but should also illustrate your educational background, professional experience, certifications, and contact information. All of these details make it easier for affiliate marketers to build trust among the audience.

3. Right Type of Content

Many affiliate marketers use visual content like videos, photos, carousels, etc. to build an audience on different social media platforms. However, it is important to note that all these forms of content only play a secondary role on LinkedIn. LinkedIn promotes written content – short form as well as long form. There are different categories of written content that perform better on LinkedIn. These include talking about life experiences, conversations about new trends in the industry, etc.

4. Join LinkedIn Groups

A wonderful technique to get potential leads and increase conversions is through LinkedIn groups. In various LinkedIn groups, you can advertise your blog, posts, products, and services. Find the groups that are appropriate for your professional needs and experience.

5. Engage with the Community

Engaging with the LinkedIn community is crucial, just like on any other social media network. Writing recommendations for your connections, praising their abilities, commenting on postings, reposting other people’s content, and many more activities constitute engaging on LinkedIn. These activities help in pleasing the LinkedIn algorithm to provide beneficial results.

6. Use LinkedIn Ads

An excellent approach to advertising your affiliate links is with ads on LinkedIn. To reach the right people, affiliate marketers can design tailored advertising campaigns and can also monitor their effectiveness.


LinkedIn can be a great addition to any affiliate marketer’s lead generation funnel. It can help marketers reach different consumers as well as businesses and create a solid income stream in the long term. We are sure that you must now have an idea of what you need to do to establish your affiliate marketing business on LinkedIn. So, what are you waiting for? Start today!

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Is affiliate marketing allowed on LinkedIn?

Yes, affiliate marketing is allowed on LinkedIn. Marketers can promote their affiliate links whenever they publish a post or an article.

How do I become an affiliate on LinkedIn?

Below are the steps to become an affiliate on LinkedIn

1. Build a strong LinkedIn profile
2. Choose a niche
3. Find affiliate programs
4. Create valuable content
5. Include affiliate links
6. Engage with your audience

Is LinkedIn good for affiliate marketing?

LinkedIn is the ideal network for marketing teams looking to use an affiliate program for business-to-business (B2B) companies because you can easily find related businesses looking to establish welcoming and cooperative professional relationships.

How to advertise affiliate links on LinkedIn?

You can promote your affiliate links on LinkedIn in the following ways

1. Through LinkedIn ads
2. Through LinkedIn groups
3. Through your own LinkedIn profile
4. Creating blog posts, infographics, videos, or podcasts

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