How To Resell Home Appliances And Earn Money?

Resell Electronics And Earn Money

Imagine how your life would pan out had television not been invented. Or how you would store food if there was no refrigerator? Sounds absurd, right? That’s how involved home appliances are in our day-to-day lives. Beginning from kitchen appliances to washing machines, these appliances have made our lives easier by cutting down the human labour by half. With new updates in technology, the use of home appliances is only going to increase. Given that, the idea of reselling appliances does not sound silly. The scope of reselling products online has grown as a means to earn money. Affiliate marketing has become common in the world of business. You can become an affiliate today and resell to earn money as well.

If you are wondering where to begin from, EarnKaro is the answer. EarnKaro is a leading deal-sharing app using which you can earn money online for free. You need to share products with your friends in the form of Profit links. Profit links are the links through which your friends shop and money gets tracked to your account. You can share these links on any social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube. Every time your friends shop using the links, Profit will be credited to your account.

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You will find the biggest retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, TataCliq, OnePlus, Samsung on EarnKaro, with amazing deals and discounts. Below are the Profit rates and details of top retailers for home appliances on EarnKaro:

PayoutUp to 7% ProfitUp to 6% Profit
Exclusive CouponsNoNo
Profit Link Cookie / Session Time24 hours30 days
Tracking TimeWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hours
Profit Confirmation60 days70 days
Missing Profit TicketWithin 10 daysNot Accepted
Profit on App orders:YesNo
Terms & ConditionsView HereView Here

Across these retailers, here are some of the bestselling appliances that you begin reselling:

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine  TataCliq3%
OnePlus Y Series 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart Android TV  AmazonUp to 3.50%

How To Resell?

Reselling is easy if you know the right way to do it. Following are the steps to share exciting products via EarnKaro:

How To Resell Products Using EarnKaro

Some of the tips that can maximise your earnings are:

  • Share the products that are relevant to your audience. This way, they are more likely to purchase it.
  • Keep your network in a loop by sharing deals regularly. This way, they will have the on-going offers in their knowledge and shop as per their needs.
  • Provide your opinion and review on the products that you share. This will add a value for the customers, making them more inclined to purchase it.

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Who To Target?

Knowing your audience and what their needs are is the most crucial aspect of reselling. If you share the deals with the correct audience, the chances to earn more are likely to rise. Read below to learn more about your network.

Tips for a Student: If you are a student, you can earn money by sharing deals on small and large home appliances in your college WhatsApp groups. There’s no doubt that appliances are liked by everyone and what’s better than exciting discounts on them? If your friend is looking for a TV, One-Plus, LG, Samsung, Sony should be your go-to brands on Amazon. While you earn up to 7% Profit, your friend can bring home happiness.

Tips for a Homemaker: Homemakers are the prime caretakers of the home appliances. So if you are a homemaker, reselling appliances will be of great interest to you. Share latest deals on televisions, ovens, washing machines on your society and friend groups. If your neighbour wishes to buy a refrigerator, TataCliq has some of the best products which you can share using Profit links. You can make a Profit link of any product by pasting the product URL in the “Make Links” section on EarnKaro. This will bring you Profit up to 6% in your EarnKaro account.

Tips for a Blogger/Influencer: Influencers and bloggers can take advantage of the reach they have in the realm of social media by reselling products. If you are an influencer, you can resell large home appliances by sharing their affiliate links with your audience. Add your review and opinion on the products to make the deal more appealing. Whenever someone shops using your links, you will earn real money.

Potential Earnings

If you resell well, you can earn up to Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 30,000 per month from the comfort of your homes. With over 100+ retailers available on EarnKaro, each retailer has its unique Profit rate, which determines how much money you will earn on each resale. As and when you have a confirmed Profit of over Rs. 10, you can transfer your earnings to your bank account. No fee, no hassle, only Profit.

Do not wait further. Begin earning today.

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