As the world of technology is advancing rapidly, electronics have become an inseparable part of human lives. With the growth of technology and electronics, entertainment and recreation have become a necessity in everyone’s daily schedule. Keeping in mind this emphasis on electronics, starting a business venture in electronics does not sound like a bad idea at all. Selling electronics has become easier with the aid of affiliate marketing. You can begin reselling the best deals on electronic products and earning money up to ₹30,000 per month by using EarnKaro. EarnKaro is a simple tool which allows you to share product links and earn money when someone shops through them for free. It is also one of the best reselling apps where you can resell anything and earn.

With over 100+ retailers, EarnKaro allows you to share your favourite deals with your social network and earn money. You can find retailers like Flipkart, TataCliq, Samsung, Croma and more on EarnKaro, offering amazing commission rates and coupons. From earphones, speakers, and power banks, you will find all on a single platform. Check out the commission rates and details of top retailers dealing in electronics on EarnKaro:

PayoutFlat 10% commissionUp to 6% commission
Exclusive CouponsNoNo
Cookie Duration30 days30 days
Tracking Time36 hours36 hours
Profit Confirmation60 days85 days
Missing Profit TicketWithin 10 daysWithin 10 days
Profit on App orders:NoNo

How To Resell?

The process of reselling is very simple once you get the hang of it. Following are the steps to share exciting products via EarnKaro:

How To Resell Using EarnKaro

Who To Target?

Reselling is most efficient when you are selling to the right audience. It is crucial you know your audience and their needs. Read below to learn more. You can also resell home appliances and some other categories. Reselling mobiles in India can also be a profitable business in India.

Tips for a Student: Students are the most active community who keeps an eye on the latest innovation in the electronic field. Hence, sharing exciting product deals with your college friends and classmates can bring you a lot of earnings. For instance, if your classmate is looking for a pair of truly wireless earphones, you should share deals of brands like boAt, Noise, One Plus, JBL available on retailers like Amazon or Flipkart.

If your friend needs help in finding the right power bank for herself, share affiliate links of retailers like Portronics, TataCliq, and Flipkart. Every time your network shops through your links, you will earn a commission as per the commission rates offered by the retailer.

Tips for a Homemaker: If you are a homemaker looking for means to earn money, electronics is a good category, to begin with. Electronics are needed by all and avoided by none. Using EarnKaro, you can share happening deals on electronics with your society and friend groups. For example, if your neighbour, who happens to be teaching from home, is looking for a pair of durable and branded earphones, you can share deals on earphones from Croma, boAt or Apple. Sharing those products can bag you a commission up to 7.35%, depending on the retailer. Every time someone shops via your product link, you will receive a commission in your EarnKaro account.

Tips for a Blogger/Influencer: Influencers can earn money by reselling products on their social media handles. One category that is always in demand is electronics. You can share your favourite electronics using EarnKaro affiliate links with your network. This will bring you a commission whenever your audience shops using those links. And commission means real money. Here you can also check how to use Flipkart affiliate program to earn a commission?

Tip: Learn on ProfitshalaTips On How To Earn More

Potential Earnings

Want to know how much you can earn online? One can earn up to ₹15,000 – ₹30,000 per month by just reselling products. And To do that, you need to share more and more product links of various retailers to get the most out of it. Begin sharing these products with your friends and family and earn real money, transferrable to your bank account once your earnings are over ₹10.

What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start earning now!

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