How To Earn Money By Selling Used Gadgets Online?

How To Earn Money By Selling Used Gadgets Online?

E-Commerce is a boon that has completely revolutionised the process of buying and selling. It has given rise to more and more online selling portals and has even resolved the way people sell scrapped items. Take advantage of it and convert it into a lucrative business opportunity with EarnKaro. EarnKaro is a tremendous platform created to help you make money by simply sharing links while you sit and sip coffee on your couch. A smartphone and a basic internet connection are the only two things you need to bring a difference to your income.

Even selling your old gadgets was never this easy. Read below to know how you can make money through EarnKaro by helping others sell used gadgets.

How To Earn Money Via EarnKaro By Helping Others Sell Used Gadgets?

Who knew you could earn money while someone else sells their gadgets online? Be ready to surprise yourself as you learn how to make money in a single click by simply sharing links. Here’s all you need to do- Open the partner website and copy the link of the product that your network wants to sell. Visit the ‘Make Profit Links’ section of EarnKaro and create and share the formed link with your network through Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social media platform. On successful completion of the sale, you will earn a guaranteed profit amount that will get added to your EarnKaro account.[

Earn Money Online By Selling Used Gadgets- Ideas For Students And Housewives

Whether you are a student or a housewife, EarnKaro has something in store for anybody and everybody. Suppose your friend wishes to sell his old mobile phone that isn’t doing well on performance. Introduce him to the various online resale stores like Cashify and inform him about the advantages of selling gadgets online. The deals and sale prices that run on these platforms are certain to appeal him to sign up and sell instantly. Ease his job by directing him to the required phone deal by sharing the product link that you create via EarnKaro. When your friend makes a sale, you will earn a direct profit amount in your EarnKaro Account. (See Profit Rates)

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Steps To Earn Money Via EarnKaro By Helping Others Sell Used Gadgets

Using EarnKaro to help your friends sell gadgets is literally a cake walk. So why wait? Simply log on to EarnKaro for Free and make money in a convenient manner.

Follow the steps given below to understand how you can make money by sharing links via EarnKaro.

Step 1

Visit EarnKaro. Select the ‘Get Started’ tab.

EarnKaro Login

Step 2

Enter your personal details such as email address and contact number in the provided form. You can provide a Referral Code, if available, and tap on the ‘Start Earning’ tab.

EarnKaro Step 2

Step 3

After you sign in, you will see the ‘Make Profit Links’ option on the right-hand side panel, under your profile icon. Select the tab to reach the Profit Link page.

EarnKaro Make Profit Links

Step 4

On the next window, paste the link of the deal you have chosen and create the Profit Link.

EarnKaro Profit Links

Step 5

Your Profit Link is now ready. Copy and share it via a social media platform like Facebook or Whatsapp and Start Earning!

When someone uses your link to sell, you will earn a profit that will be added to your EarnKaro Account. You can find a detailed report of your earnings in the ‘Profit’ section of the website.

EarnKaro Profit

Step 6

You can select the ‘Payments’ tab to transfer the confirmed profit to your bank account. You should have a minimum of Rs.10 as your confirmed earnings to be able to request a bank transfer.

EarnKaro Payments

Potential Earnings

With the increase in the number of users choosing to sell gadgets online, there is no doubt about the enormous potential of this way of making money. Platforms such as Cashify have gained immense popularity in a short span of time. So, you no more need to find a potential buyer as you can simply post a sale requirement in minutes. Cashify has successfully encashed over 9,75,000 gadgets, making about Rs.657 crore for its 8,77,000 happy users. So, imagine how fruitful the venture can be for you.

Depending on the conversions that you get on your shared links, your earnings can easily escalate from a few hundreds to thousands in no time. So, head to EarnKaro and be ready to ante up a generous sum of money.

Commission Rates On EarnKaro

Partner Retailer EarnKaro Profit Rates
Cashify Rs.70 on all transactions