The internet has changed the way people make money. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to affiliate marketing to make a living. One of the most well-liked methods of making money online nowadays is affiliate marketing, which offers significant potential for financial success. This article will explore some of the highest-paying affiliate programs in 2023 and how you can get started with them. So, let us begin!

List of Top 12 High Paying Affiliate Programs in India

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates logo
Amazon Associates logo

It is no secret that Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. Amazon Associates, the company’s affiliate marketing division, enables website owners and bloggers to build links and make referral payments when users click those links and purchase items from Amazon.

The program is free to join and requires no minimum order amount. The program also offers banner ads, text links, and product widgets that can customize the look and feel of Amazon links on a website or blog. Check out how you can join the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon Associates Commission Rates

Kitchen Appliances9%  
Televisions    5%  
Mobile Phones1%
Large Appliances5%  
Apparel & Accessories5%  

2. Flipkart

Flipkart logo
Flipkart logo

A Made in India website, Flipkart is a famous name in the online shopping industry. Through the Flipkart Affiliate Program, affiliates can earn a percentage of the revenue from each sale they help generate, making it an easy and effective way to monetize their online presence.

Affiliates can also benefit from exclusive discounts, promotional offers, and access to training and support. Commissions range between 4-12% depending on the type of product you recommend.

Flipkart Commission Rates

New UserUp to 15%
Old UserUp to 15%

3. Canva

Canva logo
Canva logo

Canva is an online graphic design/video editing software with an extensive library of templates, elements, and assets. Canva Affiliate Program allows marketers to share the pro version of the software in return for a hefty payout of up to $36 for each successful conversion. The potential to earn is huge due to the increasing demand for Canva in 2023.

Canva Commission Rates

UserCommission (Canva Pro subscriber)
New UserUp to $36
Old UserUp to $36

4. Nord VPN

NordVPN logo
NordVPN logo

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables users to browse the internet privately while protecting their data. It aids in securing your surfing data and guards against spyware, malware, and phishing attacks. One of the safest VPN services on the internet, NordVPN, has a lucrative affiliate program that offers a great 100% commission for new signups on the platform. In contrast, the typical commission rate for other service packages ranges between 30 to 40%.

NordVPN Commission Rates

New UserUp to 40%
Old UserUp to 40%

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy logo
GoDaddy logo

GoDaddy is one of the top website solution providers on the world wide web. The platform provides hosting services, domain registry, email registry, SSLs and more. The GoDaddy Affiliate Program is free to join and offers a variety of promotional materials to help affiliates advertise GoDaddy products and services. The commission rate normally sticks around 5%.

GoDaddy Commission Rates

UserCommission (Canva Pro subscriber)
New User (commission on all categories except the ones mentioned below*)Flat 5%
Old User (commission on all categories except the ones mentioned below*)Flat 5%
*Round Up Donations, Sunrise/Landrush Domain Registrations, Auctions, and All Bulk Domains

6. Bluehost Affiliate

Bluehost affiliate
Bluehost affiliate

The Bluehost Affiliate Program is a referral program that pays affiliates for referring Bluehost services which include different kinds of online hosting, domain registrations, SEO plans, email registrations, and WordPress solutions, among many other things.

The program also includes a generous two-tier referral program, so affiliates can earn an additional commission when their referrals make sales. Affiliates can refer visitors to Bluehost and earn ₹5000 for each qualified sign-up.

Bluehost Commission Rates

UserCommission (qualifying signup at Bluehost India)
New User₹5000
Old User₹5000

7. Hostinger Affiliate

Hostinger logo
Hostinger logo

The Hostinger Affiliate Program is easy for people to earn money promoting Hostinger’s services. Affiliates can earn a commission from referring customers to Hostinger’s Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and other services.

Once signed up, affiliates can start promoting Hostinger and earn up to 30% commission from each referred customer’s purchase. Hostinger also provides affiliates with promotional materials and tracking tools to help them maximize their commissions.

Hostinger Commission Rates

UserCommission (Hosting Plans of Over 1 Month)
New User₹1100
Old User₹1100

8. Fiverr Affiliate

Fiverr logo
Fiverr logo

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace and an online learning platform with many courses and opportunities for freelancers. The Fiverr Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn by recommending its services or courses to their network and offers commissions that start from $15 and go up to $150 for each conversion.

Fiverr Commission Rates

New User$15 – $150
Old User$0

9. Skillshare

Skillshare logo
Skillshare logo

Skillshare is one of the world’s biggest online learning platforms and is a favourite of many affiliate marketers due to its high acceptability and easy conversion ability. The Skillshare Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission each time someone signs up for a membership using your unique referral link. After clicking on your link, you will get $10 per month for each user who signs up for a paid subscription.

You can also earn a commission when people upgrade their membership or purchase in the Skillshare store. Additionally, you will receive a $10 bonus for each new skillshare user referred via your link.

Skillshare Commission Rates

New User40%
Old User0%

10. Nykaa Affiliate

Nykaa logo
Nykaa logo

Nykaa is an online beauty and fashion platform with a wide range of clothing, footwear, makeup, and skincare products. Nykaa Affiliate Program allows marketers to share any product on the platform and provides an opportunity to earn up to 10% on every successful sale.

Nykaa Commission Rates

New User6%
Old User3%

11. Shopify Affiliate

Shopify logo
Shopify logo

Shopify is an online ecommerce website-building platform that allows anyone to build a functioning, aesthetically pleasing website in a very short amount of time without any prior knowledge of coding or website design.

The Shopify Partner Program is a great way for affiliates to make money due to the huge uptick in demand for online presence for any business. The affiliate commission ranges anywhere between 10 to 20%.

Shopify Commission Rates

New User20%
Old User20%

12. Yatra Affiliate

Yatra logo
Yatra logo

Yatra is an online travel booking platform through which customers can book hotels, flights, trains, trips, travel packages and much more. Yatra is a famous name in its industry; affiliates can earn up to 5% commission on flights and up to 3.5% on hotels. Yatra also provides promotional materials, tracking links, and 24/7 customer support.

Yatra Commission Rates

New UserUp to 4%
Old UserUp to 4%

Why should you think about Affiliate Marketing?

1. Low Barrier to Entry

Affiliate marketing requires minimal start-up costs and no prior experience or specialized knowledge. All you need is a website or blog and an affiliate network to join.

2. Flexible Work Schedule

As an affiliate marketer, you can work when you want and from wherever you want. You are in control of your success.

3. Unlimited Earning Potential

You can make as much money as you want as an affiliate marketer. You can generate a steady income stream with the right strategies in place.

4. Ability to Promote Multiple Products

When you become an affiliate marketer, you can promote various products and services from different vendors. This allows you to diversify your income and maximize your earnings.

5. Build an Asset

As an affiliate marketer, you are building an asset that can generate passive income for years. This asset is your website or blog.

6. Learn New Skills

Affiliate marketing allows you to learn new skills such as marketing, copywriting, and SEO. These skills can be valuable in other areas of your life.


High-paying affiliate programs in 2023 are a great way to generate income for your business. With so many options, you can find the right program that best meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to promote products and services, offer coupon codes, or make commissions on sales, there’s an affiliate program out there that’s right for you. With the right program, you can make a high income by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.


Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Yes. Affiliate marketing can make you rich but it won’t happen overnight. It requires years of hard work and effort of crafting your process and knowing your audience to be able to earn a six-figure income.

Which affiliate program is the best?

Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs. It has helped bloggers and all other types of content creators to earn a good amount of money.

What is the highest-paid affiliate program?

There are several high-paying affiliate programs Amazon Associates, Flipkart, Canva, NordVPN, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, Fiverr, Skillshare, Nykaa, etc.

What is an average affiliate commission?

The average affiliate commission rate is between 5-30%. Most brands start with a low commission rate and eventually increase it as the company grows.

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