Gone are times when you had to rely on a stockbroker for trading. Today, you can buy shares, stream news and research reports, and even get alerts with a trading app. 18.51% of the total cash market trading on the National Stock Exchange in 2020 was done on a smartphone. Trading apps have gone mainstream. By paying a small annual maintenance charge, anyone can trade easily. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, or an individual who wants to trade, downloading these apps will only benefit you. To help you get started, we have curated a list of India’s best online trading apps to earn money.

Difference Between IntraDay and Delivery Trading

1. Intraday trading

Also called ‘day trading, it is the act of buying and selling shares on the same day. Intraday traders usually have a target price, and when the shares reach that price, they sell them. Full-time traders pursue this method of trading to earn a quick profit. If you have bought the shares as Intraday Trading and choose not to sell your shares on the same day, they will be automatically sold. To start as an IntraDay trader, you can select the share you want to trade. Next, select the quantity, type as Intraday, and price limit. Lastly, click on ‘buy’ to purchase the shares. You can now sell the shares when the prices go up.

2. Delivery Trading

On the other hand, Delivery Trading adds your shares to your Demat account. You can hold on to the claims as long as you want and choose to sell them when you want to. Delivery trading is usually done by people who want to hold on to their shares for a long time. Compared to day trading, it is less risky. To start Delivery Trading, you can select a share, quantity, type as Delivery, and price limit. Lastly, click on ‘buy’ to purchase the shares. You can now sell the stakes when you want.

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List of Top 13 Trading Apps to Earn Money in India

Angel One3.9/510M+
Zerodha 4.2/510M+
IIFL Markets4.3/55M+
Groww 4.5/510M+
ICICI Direct4.3/5100K+
Motilal Oswal Trading App3.2/51M+
FYERS Markets4.3/51M+
Edelweiss Broking 4.5/51M+
Axis Direct App3.8/5100K+
5 Paisa App4.3/510M+
Paytm Money3.9/510M+

1. Upstox

Upstox logo

Earlier known as RKSV Securities, Upstox is a popular discount broker in India. The app is known for IntraDay trading and is backed by entrepreneurs like Mr Ratan Tata. As a trader, you can monitor your performance and get news updates, expert analytics and price alerts. You would also get options for multiple stock trading. The app supports fast trading executions, has an easy-to-use interface, unlimited price alerts, and live data streaming features. You can maintain a Demat account for free and have to pay only minimum trading charges. You can find any stock using the universal search tool. The only flaw of this app is that it lacks suggestions and reviews for IPOs and FPO trading. They charge ₹20 or 2.5% for equity IntraDay, Equity Futures, Currency Futures, and Commodity Futures trading. You can also refer to the app and earn ₹200 per referral.

App Insights:

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2. Angel One

angel one
Angle One logo

Angel One app is India’s best trading app to earn beginners’ money. The app has an excellent user interface, provides ready-made portfolios, and has zero brokerage charges. It is one of the best trading apps in India to earn money without investment. A stock trader on this app can access insurance, mutual funds, and brokerage services. The best feature is the zero funds transfer fees. You can also access the InterDay charts, news, live updates about wins and losses, and expert research analytics. They also provide customer service assistance through email. You will get a ₹750 voucher as referral commission. The only drawback is that Angel Broking charges ₹20 per order for call trading.

App Insights:

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3. Zerodha 

Zerodha logo

Zerodha is the 1st discount broker in India. Their app, Kite by Zerodha, is India’s number 1 trading app. The app allows you to filter out and shortlist the stocks for potential investment. A stock trader can access excellent chat analysis, data, and heavy discounts. You will get updated on the most valuable information on the ‘Kite By Zerodha’ app itself. The charges are mainly brokerage fees which are not applicable if you hold on to the stocks for more than a day. The speed of executing trades is excellent, and the app consumes less data for the same. However, the account opening is slow, and trading in mutual funds is not allowed. You will get 10% brokerage sharing for a lifetime if you refer to the app.

App Insights:

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4. IIFL Markets

IIFL logo

India Infoline, or the IIFL, has been in the brokerage industry since 1995. They are a full-service stock broker in India that allows trade inequities, F&O, currencies and commodities. It is the best app to use if you want excellent customer support, research and recommendations. They are available on call, on WhatsApp, and by email. As an IIFL stock trader, you will get a free research report on 500 top listed companies and analytics to make the best decisions. Other than this, they provide price alerts and notifications. You can create up to 3 watchlists with 50 stocks each. The app has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use. However, trading in direct mutual funds is not allowed. You will have to pay ₹20 per executed order for InterDay, F&O, currencies and commodities but 0 brokerage charges on equity delivery.

App Insights:

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5. Groww 

Groww logo

Groww is one of the highest-rated apps in India that facilitates a variety of trading. It includes domestic and international stocks, trade in gold, fixed deposits, mutual funds and F&O. No commission is charged to use their service. You can directly invest and track mutual funds and Systematic Investment Plans for free. The app helps you to shortlist stocks, mutual funds and other assets based on category. You will also find technical chats, indicators and additional tools that will help you monitor your trading performance. As a Groww trader, you can get real-time share prices of all companies. If you refer to the app, you and your friend will get ₹100 each. The only flaw of the Groww app is that advanced orders are unavailable for all companies.

App Insights:

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6. ICICI Direct

ICICI direct
ICICI logo

ICICI Direct provides multiple features to stock traders. It includes charting, reporting, grid view, maximum gains and losses. You can read heat maps to understand complex charts and trade directly. You can easily create an account on ICICI Direct and start trading financial instruments. Even trading in NFO or the New Fund Offers is hassle-free. To monitor, you can add multiple watchlists with 50 stocks each. The customized user interface and themes will meet your needs and requirements. ICICI Bank customers may get additional benefits. However, you will have to pay ₹20 for InterDay trade, 0.05% for equity futures, ₹95 per Equity Options, and ₹ 20 per currency order. Calling and trading are available for an additional ₹20.

App Insights:

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7. Sharekhan

Sharekhan logo

One of the oldest trading platforms in India, ShareKhan has 20 lakh clients. The app is known for providing advanced charts for market research and guidance for newcomers. A ShareKhan trader can access various financial products, advanced search and filtering options, multiple charting options, analytics, and an easy fund transfer service. There are managers to provide trading support, guidance, and assistance. No minimum deposits are required on this app. You can learn about stocks and mutual funds for free. However, they charge relatively high trading fees, and you are allowed to only trade in India. The price for equity delivery is ten paise per share, 0.50%, or ₹16 per scrip, whichever is lower.

App Insights:

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8. Motilal Oswal Trading App

Motilal Oswal
Motilal Oswal logo

Motilal Oswal Trading App is one of the best trading apps in India. It lets you trade in precious metals such as gold without paperwork along with equity, mutual funds, life insurance, IPOs etc. They are a prominent stockbroker with an extensive network of branches and sub-brokers in more than 17000 locations in India. A stock trader will get access to their market research papers stock scanner that helps in searching for financial assets and learning resources for beginners and professionals. You can also execute bulk orders with a single click and receive snapshots of orders, positions, and limits. However, you cannot trade international stock and must pay ₹1000 as account opening charges. Equity trades are charged at 0.50%. Intraday at 0.05%. Currency at ₹20 per lot.

App Insights:

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If you are also looking for money earning opportunity then we would also recommend you to check our latest blog where we have mentioned some of the best online earning websites in India that you must check. Do have a look and let us know about your experience.

9. FYERS Markets

FYERS logo

FYERS is a Bangalore-based discount broker that provides more than 20 years of EOD data to its users to make their best decisions. As a stock trader, you will access analytics of 60 + technical indicators, nine months of historical InterDay charts, a watchlist, and high-level security to ensure fast executions. You will also get stock market exchange updates and advanced charts for free. The only flaw is you cannot trade in mutual funds. FYERS Markets charge 0 brokerages on equity delivery. However, InterDay, futures, and options are set at ₹20 per order.

App Insights:

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10. Edelweiss Broking 

Edelweiss Broking 
Edelweiss Broking logo

Edelweiss Broking Limited is a Mumbai-based company providing financial services, broking services, and investment advisories. You can log in to the app using your fingerprint and access their research while you trade. The app offers real-time streaming of stock prices, a customized watchlist of 100 stocks, multiple technical charging with more than 80 indicators, a dedicated IPO section displaying all upcoming IPOs, and research recommendations. You can also invest in mutual funds. Relationship managers and add-on services such as portfolio management services are also available. This app is a bit pricey compared to others, and their add-ons are not that great. You will have to pay ₹10 for InterDay trading, options and futures.

App Insights:

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11. Axis Direct App

axis direct
Axis Direct logo

A subsidiary of Axis Bank Limited, Axis Direct distributes financial services and solutions to beginners and professionals. The app enables you to trade over multiple segments, such as equity, currency trading, and IPO. It also has NSE, BSE, MSEI, and MCX-SX subscriptions. Those who travel a lot can easily trade in this app. Apart from this, you can find live streaming of prices of different assets, news updates, and technical and analytical tools for efficient trading. The app also comes with a voice command feature to help users to execute trades. This app best suits Axis bank customers due to excellent integrations between banks and Demat accounts. Charges for Equity delivery is at 0.50%, Equity intraday at 0.05%, and Equity future: 0.05%.

App Insights:

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12. 5 Paisa App

5 paisa
5 paisa logo

With the 5-paisa app, you can invest in digital gold, insurance, stocks, IPO, SIP, and US stocks and take loans. You can check the live chart, Nifty 50, and Sensex status simultaneously. The margin calculator tab allows you to check all the stocks you have invested in. The app also offers a price alert option that helps you sell supplies at the best time. Research and advisory products like screeners and sensible are available on this app. However, maintaining a minimum balance of ₹100 is a must. There is inadequate customer service, and the maintenance charge is ₹30 per month. You can also refer to the app and earn ₹500 for your first referral.

App Insights:

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13. Paytm Money

paytm money
Paytm Money logo

Paytm Money is an Investment advisor that offers investment execution and advisory services. You can start to invest with zero paperwork, digital KYC, automated payments and updated portfolios. They also provide insights into the stock market to help you make the right decision. As a stock trader, you can open a Demat account for free and invest in stocks, mutual funds, F&O, IPO, NPS, etc. There are no account maintenance charges. However, you would have to pay ₹10 per order for F&O. They don’t have a referral policy, but you can invite your friends through the OneCode app and earn  ₹500 cashback.

App Insights:

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Things to Look for in a Good Trading App

1. Smooth User Interface and Speed

An intuitive user interface that makes it simple to navigate, and access key features is a must for a trading app. Also, make sure to check the app’s speed to ensure that you can complete your trade-in a jiffy and seamlessly.

2. Security

With a good trading app, strong security features like two-factor authentication, encryption of sensitive data, and a secure login process should be offered.

3. Real-time Data

For the users to make informed decisions, providing real-time data on the markets, including prices, charts and news updates is a must for a trading app.

4. Trading Tools

Order types, alerts and risk management features are some of the advanced trading tools that should be present in present in a trading app.

5. Low Fees

The app should offer low trading fees and commissions, as high fees can eat into profits.

6. Education Resources

The trading app should offer users with educational tools such as webinars and tutorials to help them learn more about trading and improve their knowledge.

7. Account Types

A variety of account types like demo accounts for beginners and advanced accounts for experienced traders should be offered by the app to suit different trading styles and experience levels.

8. Regulation

The app should be regulated by a reputable financial authority to ensure that it meets certain standards of fairness and transparency.


A trading app can quickly help anyone trade in the stock market. Some of the best trading apps in India are Upstox and Zerodha. If you are a beginner, download the app with a friendly user interface, less stock market downtime, good customer support, high security, automatic trading, and average trading price. It comes with features such as heat maps, indicators, and so on. This will ensure that you will have a smooth trading experience. You can invest your money with the help of these apps on stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPOs, etc., and earn in the comfort of your home.


Which is the best trading app for beginners?

Some of the best trading app for beginners is Upstox, Angel One, Zerodha, IIFL markets, Groww and Sharekhan.

Are trading apps Safe?

The security and safety of your trading activities are considered while designing trading apps. Encrypted firewalls are in place to protect your transactions and financial information from fraud.

Can I withdraw the full amount from Zerodha?

Yes. You can withdraw the full amount from Zerodha. The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs 100.

What is the minimum balance in 5Paisa?

The minimum balance required in the trading account at any time in 5Paise is Rs 450.

What is the Upstox refer and earn offer?

Refer the new Upstox to friends and earn ₹400 when your referral opens a Upstox account + ₹300 when your referral places a trade.

How to earn money from trading apps?

By investing your money in stocks, mutual funds, gold, IPO, etc., you can make money using the best trading apps. Additionally, if you refer a friend to top trading apps like Upstox, Groww, or Zerodha, you will receive lifetime real money rewards and brokerage sharing.

Some othere App Types to Earn Online:

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