LinkedIn is a professional social media platform focused on building formal relationships between like-minded people. The platform is the chosen resource for both employers and employees to find & provide jobs, internships, freelance opportunities, and more. Many people use LinkedIn to know the latest market trends, job changes, people’s professional updates, etc. But is LinkedIn limited to just that? The answer is no. LinkedIn can be a lot more than that. The platform provides a huge opportunity for users to build a steady revenue stream by using different tools and features on the platform. Let us take a look at how you can monetize your content and leave you with some tips on how you can earn your first buck from LinkedIn in the minimum amount of time. So, let us begin!

Why should you Monetize your LinkedIn Account?

1. Huge Reach

With over 750 million active users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Any person can find a subset of this huge number to build a successful business through LinkedIn. The market size may depend on your niche, your expectations, your skills, etc.

2. Content-Based Platform

LinkedIn will pay you huge returns if you create unique, professional content for the platform. It is not that hard to gain reach and engagement on LinkedIn and you can leverage different skills like video editing, content writing, content curation, and more to build a good following on the platform.

3. Free to Use

LinkedIn provides a lot of features and advantages to online entrepreneurs without any charges. ­You just need to know how you can leverage different features to your advantage. These include access to a large pool of users, job opportunities, learning opportunities, and much more.

4. Increase Brand Awareness

Whether you are a manufacturer, a service provider, a marketer, a job seeker, or anyone else, LinkedIn will provide you ample opportunities to build brand awareness. You will have the chance to appear in front of industry experts and seasoned veterans.

3 Best Ways to Earn Money From linkedin

1. Promote your Products/Services

Women packing products
Women packing products

Promoting your services might be the best way to monetize your LinkedIn account. People from all over the world scour LinkedIn to find service providers and product manufacturers. You can share your past work, your inspirations, your BTS videos, the production process, the tools that you use, and much more to attract like-minded people to your profile. Sharing constant content related to your profession will drive people’s interest in your services. You can also find remote and in-office jobs through LinkedIn’s huge professional network.

2. Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commission by promoting different online retailers’ products and services. Affiliate marketers need to have a certain type of content on LinkedIn. You need to choose the niche in which you will be posting consistent content. Creating unique content will make sure that people connect with you and ultimately, you can start placing affiliate links in your content to generate revenue.

3. Offer Consulting

Women offering consulting
Women offering to consult

There are several ways to earn money through consulting on LinkedIn. You can offer one-on-one coaching, create online courses, and offer services such as resume writing, career advice, and interview prep. Moreover, you can provide companies and individuals with advice on how to grow their LinkedIn profiles.

Tips to Earn Money (Fast) from LinkedIn

1. Build your LinkedIn Profile

The most important step in your LinkedIn monetization strategy, building your LinkedIn profile, is a must. It involves adding a formal profile picture, a cover picture that graphically displays who you are and what you do, a rich bio that includes targeted keywords about your profession, a list of your past achievements, and a portfolio of your experience. A rich LinkedIn profile will instantly help you in creating a trustworthy outlook in every viewer’s mind.

2. Tell your Story

LinkedIn has a lot of pretend professionals and fake experts who claim to have real-world knowledge. However, that does not work in the long run. Users want to know your true story. Who are you? Where do you come from? What experiences have you had in your life? What have you built in your life and how? These are the kind of questions that people get interested in. Your story is your USP and will help you build a business through LinkedIn in the most efficient manner.

3. Use Long-Form Content

While it is true that not every person can be a professional content writer, it is also true that long-form content performs the best on LinkedIn. Creators can use a good mix of long-form content, videos, and small writeups in their strategy to maximize their benefit.

4. Use CTAs

CTA refers to Call-to-Action. Whenever you create a post about your services or promote affiliate products, adding a CTA at the end will help increase engagement. CTAs can also be a great way to boost reach on regular posts. Like, comment, connect, follow, repost, clicks on links, and share, all of these are great examples of a CTA.

5. Engage with your Connections

Just like any other social media platform, it is very important to engage with the community on LinkedIn. Engaging on LinkedIn may include writing recommendations for your connections, endorsing their skills, commenting under posts, reposting other people’s content, and much more. All of this will help you build a rapport with your LinkedIn community.

6. Be Analytics Driven

LinkedIn’s creator tools have a lot to offer to content creators. You can figure out which content works best with the audience, which is the right time to post, which was the most engaged post, and much more. Working in accordance with the statistics will help you drive growth in a much more efficient manner.

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups can be a great way to generate potential leads and drive conversions. You can promote your posts, your blog, products, and services in different LinkedIn groups. Make sure to find the proper groups that align with your professional needs and experience.

8. Use LinkedIn Ads

This is an advanced step and beginners may not have the maximum benefit from it. LinkedIn ads can be a great way for you to reach your target audience and increase your reach in a very affordable manner. People who have already posted much content and have taken advantage of organic reach on LinkedIn can benefit from paid ads.


LinkedIn is one of the most active and widely used networks in the world. The platform can be a goldmine for anyone who wishes to earn from the platform. All they have to do is decide how they want to earn from LinkedIn and start working towards the same. Make sure to follow our best tips for maximum growth in the minimum amount of time. Good luck!


Is affiliate marketing allowed on LinkedIn?

Yes, affiliate marketing is allowed on LinkedIn. You can add affiliate links whenever you post something or write an article on LinkedIn.

How do I become an affiliate on LinkedIn?

The best way to start affiliate marketing on LinkedIn is by writing blogs on its in-build blogging platform, Pulse. You can also incorporate an inbound marketing approach and sponsored content in your marketing strategy.

Is LinkedIn good for affiliate marketing?

LinkedIn is the ideal network for marketing teams wishing to use an affiliate programme for business-to-business (B2B) organisations because you can easily identify related businesses looking to establish hospitable and cooperative professional ties.

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