Are you excited about starting a YouTube channel but not really into being on camera? No worries at all! Whether it’s because you’re a bit shy, you value your privacy, or you’re not a fan of being in the spotlight, so many ideas & niches for YouTube channels fit your style perfectly. Let’s jump into the most exciting ones, where you can connect with your audience and share your voice without stepping in front of the camera!

List of Top Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas

1. DIY Tutorials

Many of the coolest YouTube channels are all about doing things yourself! There’s a DIY tutorial for everything from artsy crafts to fixing plumbing, playing with electronics, or even cooking up a storm. And guess what? The super-popular creators of these channels have more than 9 million subscribers!

The best part is you don’t always have to show your face on camera. Many videos have hands or body parts needed to show you what to do. Or sometimes, someone else can do the showing, or they use animations and pictures to teach you things.

People love these videos because they can be about anything and everything. Plus, you can stay anonymous if you want to. Check out this example below.

2. Animated/Illustrations Videos

Animated videos are like a blank canvas for your imagination, and the best part is that you don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to. If you’re great at drawing and making things come to life through animation, this could be the perfect idea for your own YouTube channel.

You can make these videos about anything you’re passionate about – the possibilities are endless! And guess what? You won’t need to be on camera talking because your animations will do all the talking like in this example below.

Using your animation skills, you can capture people’s attention without ever showing your face. That means you can connect with all sorts of people who have different interests and tastes.

3. Gaming Videos

If you’re all about having fun and love playing games, starting a YouTube channel for gaming is an awesome idea.

You don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to – it’s all about the game action! Look how VanossGaming, one of the popular gaming YouTuber does it.

Make videos where you share your game adventures with other young gamers just like you. It’s not about how you look. It’s all about the exciting stuff happening in the game world. You can do lots of different things in this gaming world – teach game tricks, play live while chatting with your viewers, show off your amazing wins, and even laugh about epic fails. You can also guide others step by step through tricky missions!

4. ASMR Videos

Have you heard of ASMR? It’s like a trend on YouTube that’s becoming increasingly popular. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a fancy way of saying it’s all about making awesome sounds that give you those tingly and content feelings.

ASMR videos are all about making those sounds that people love. You can tap on stuff, whisper, or even scratch things to give viewers that amazing tingly sensation. What’s neat is that you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. So, this is perfect for you if you’re all about the sounds and not about being on camera! Check out this video below by Cashmere ASMR.

All you need is a good microphone that can capture those sounds. Your main goal is to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for people watching.

5. Product Reviews/Unboxing Videos

Make videos where you talk about products you love or new things that just came out without showing your face! Yep, it’s all about product reviews, and they’re getting really popular.

Talking about all sorts of things, whether they’re your all-time favourites or the latest and greatest stuff. And the best part? You don’t have to be on camera at all!

And have you heard about unboxing videos? They’re a big hit too! It’s like showing step-by-step how you unbox and reveal new products. But the star of the show is the thing you’re unboxing, not you! People love watching this kind of stuff without needing to see who’s doing it.

Unboxing videos are super big for electronics and kids’ toys. Here is an example of faceless unboxing video.

6. Cooking Videos

You can have your cooking channel on YouTube, letting your creativity run wild and cook up all kinds of deliciousness! And guess what? You can do it without even showing your face. It’s all about the recipes and the amazing food you’re making like this video below.

You can add your voice to the videos and have some background music. This way, you’re making cooking videos that people will love without needing to be on camera.

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7. Meditation Videos

Have you noticed how much people are into relaxing, meditation, and mindfulness? Well, guess what? You can have your own YouTube channel all about meditation and relaxation, and you don’t even have to show your face!

Make videos where you guide people through peaceful meditations, cool yoga routines, and even calming breathing exercises. You can make your videos extra special by adding your animations, beautiful nature scenes, or even using cool pictures and videos you find online.

It’s all about making your videos super calming and awesome so people feel relaxed and happy after watching them.

8. Time-lapse Videos

Ever seen a video where the morning sky changes into night super fast? That’s called a time-lapse! It’s like watching time fast-forward through a bunch of pictures like this video by Temponaut Timelapse below.

Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. Nowadays, you can make these awesome time-lapse videos right on your iPhone or Android phone with cool apps – and you don’t have to show your face at all!

9. Music Videos

Another idea for a YouTube channel is making music videos without showing your face! Create your own songs or give a fresh twist to your favourite tunes, all while keeping your identity a secret.

You can show off your musical skills by playing instruments like the piano and make it look awesome. Or you can use visuals like album covers while your music plays in the background.

You can make it your style! Play instruments or sing your heart out – whatever you love doing. You can even change things up based on what your viewers like.

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10. Tour Videos

You can create a YouTube channel to take people on virtual trips worldwide from the cosy comfort of their homes. And you’re not even required to reveal your face!

You can create an immersive experience by combining images, sound recordings, and video snippets. It’s like a virtual adventure you’re creating for your viewers! You can show them famous places, historical spots, amazing natural wonders, and even fun theme parks – all without actually leaving home.

You can even show off luxurious homes and let people imagine living there.

The best thing is that it’s all about making your videos appear amazing and transporting viewers to amazing locations without showing your face.

11. Motivation Videos

You can use YouTube to spread positivity and inspire others by making videos about personal growth, sharing awesome quotes, and giving tips on boosting self-confidence – there’s so much you can do in the world of motivation!

It’s kind of like being a guide, sharing things in a relaxed way. You can use text and beautiful backgrounds, along with some great music, to make your videos great. This way, you’re not just teaching, you’re creating a space where everyone can learn and feel empowered.

12. Teaching Videos

You can start your own YouTube channel where you help teach all kinds of things, and you can keep who you are a secret!

You can make videos that explain things with pictures like diagrams, charts, and graphics – perfect for subjects like math or English. Or you can make videos that give tips for tests or detailed tutorials for all sorts of school things from elementary to college. Like this video by Ted-Ed below.

You can find ways to make money from this too! Like giving personalised tutoring or a subscription where people pay a bit each month to access your helpful videos. Plus, teaming up with other educational channels can help both of you grow and share even more knowledge.

13. Sports Videos

If you’re all about sports clips, here’s a way to do it – just like you’re a sports radio host! You don’t need to show your face in the videos, which is awesome.

Think about it like you’re talking on the radio about the game rather than showing things as they do on TV. You can give your own play-by-play and talk about what’s happening, just like talking with friends about the game.

This way, it’s all about your voice and commentary without anyone needing to see you.

14. Podcast

If you’re more into being behind the scenes, podcasting is a good thing to try! You don’t have to worry about being on camera – it’s all about your voice and what you’re saying.

Think about all the topics you could talk about – from teaching things, talking about sports, diving into politics, or even discussing your favourite games. For an audio-only illustration, checkout the Calm channel.

With podcasts, it’s all about the sound. You can add some pictures or graphics, but the main thing is your saying. You record your audio and then put it up on YouTube for everyone to listen to. It’s a big trend right now, especially for people who don’t want to be in front of the camera.

15. True Crime/Scary Stories

YouTube has many creepy stories and true crime content. It’s like watching a spooky movie but in smaller bits. And you don’t need to go all out with scary visuals – just a little suspense can hook the audience like this video below.

If you’re into being creative, the horror genre is perfect for you. Some channels use animations, true crime stories, and storytelling to make the most chilling and interesting videos on YouTube.

16. Commentary Videos

Commentary videos on YouTube talk about different things, like true crime or the latest scoop on celebs. And guess what? You don’t even have to show your face to make these videos – it’s like being a mystery commentator!

Mix animations, clips from videos, pictures, and screenshots to explain things in your way. This format is versatile and ideal for people who prefer to be behind the scenes.

17. Gardening Videos

If you’re all about gardening, here’s a YouTube idea for you – and you don’t even have to show your face! Gardening channels are great and can attract all types of people.

Give tips and tricks about what plants rock in each season and how to plant flowers and veggies. You can even show off gardens from all around the world – it’s like taking people on a garden adventure right from their screens!

18. Luxury Items Videos

Are you into luxuries like watches, cars, pens, bags, or even shoes? Then you can turn that passion into a YouTube adventure!

And you don’t even need to own these things yourself. You can talk about their features, how much they cost, do reviews, and even compare different brands. All the info you need is online, so you must research and put it all together in videos.

Or you can get creative by editing pictures and adding your commentary. And you don’t even have to show your face on camera!

19. Documentaries

Documentary-style videos on YouTube are all about incredible visuals!

Think about things like nature, travel, and science documentaries. It’s like you’re showing the world through your camera lens, capturing the beauty of it all.

If you’re great at taking pictures and love exploring the world, this YouTube channel idea is totally for you. You get to tell stories without needing to show your face, and people will love joining you on your amazing visual journeys!

20. 3D/360 Videos

A 360-degree camera is like having a magic lens that turns everyday things into awesome experiences. Even simple things like going from one place to another can become exciting when you use this camera – you can make them slow-mo or super fast!

With the 360-degree camera, you can mix your videos with music to create something super engaging. And you can stay behind the camera, capturing all the magic while the spotlight shines on the clips and music.

21. Biography Videos

Did you know you can make interesting biography videos on YouTube without ever showing your face? It’s true! You don’t need any fancy skills or special knowledge.

There are already lots of channels on YouTube that do this. They talk about famous people’s lives and get many people to watch.

Making these videos is pretty simple. You start by finding out about famous people and celebrities. Once you pick who you want to talk about, you plan the important parts of their life – like where they went to school, their challenges, their family, and all the amazing things they did.

To make things easier, you can plan what to say in each part of the video. This keeps everything organised and makes sure you interestingly tell their story. And you don’t need to be on camera at all – it’s all about the story you’re telling.

22. News Channel

You’ve got the power to make some news videos on YouTube without needing to build a huge news empire! You can talk about important stuff happening near you or worldwide. But don’t worry! You don’t need all the fancy visuals and drama like on TV.

You can do things your way – keeping it real and focusing on the news and information. And you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to! It’s all about the news clips and sharing the important details.

Instead of copying regular news shows, you can do something special – like sharing positive news stories that make people feel good. Just remember to stay away from any controversial stuff.

23. Infotainment Videos

If you’re not really into pure entertainment or just plain education on YouTube, there’s a middle ground called an infotainment channel. It’s like the best of both worlds – sharing information while keeping things fun and interesting.

Instead of being serious and teaching-like, you can make learning enjoyable. It’s about having a great time while also picking up new things.

24. Travel Videos

You’ve probably seen lots of travel vlogs with people in amazing places. But here’s a twist – you can share your adventures in a way that’s more like a documentary! It’s like taking your viewers on a journey as if they’re right there with you through awesome videos and pictures.

25. Nursery Rhymes

Do you know those fun nursery rhyme videos on YouTube that kids love? Well, you can be a part of it too! If you love singing and maybe have a friend who’s great at making animations, you can start your own channel with baby songs. And you get to stay behind the scenes while the songs steal the show.


Jump into the world of YouTube creativity without worrying about showing your face! There are so many ideas to explore – from helpful tutorials to fascinating documentaries and much more. These concepts let you express yourself and your ideas without ever needing to be on camera. Your voice can totally shine without being in the limelight!


What can I post on YouTube without a face?

1. DIY tutorials.
2. Video game reviews and walkthroughs.
3. Technology reviews.
4. Illustration/animation channels.
5. Podcast channels.
6. Meditation channels.
7. Motivational channels.
8. Music channels.

Can I earn from YouTube without showing my face?

You don’t need to show your face on YouTube to earn money. Numerous successful channels garner millions of views without personal appearances. Adopt a proven YouTube marketing strategy to join their ranks.

How to be a good faceless YouTuber?

Create top-tier content, optimize for search, and engage your audience to foster a dedicated following over time.

How do faceless YouTube channels make money?

1. Affiliate marketing
2. Google Ad revenue
3. Sponsored videos
4. YouTube subscription revenue
5. Merchandise sales
6. Crowdfunding

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