Achieving more views on YouTube hinges on understanding and mastering the YouTube algorithm. When your videos appear in search results, they increase views, clicks, and revenue.

So, how can you ensure your videos rank prominently and quickly? This post will provide comprehensive insights on ranking your videos rapidly, allowing you to focus on the right strategies for maximising views and achieving better results from your channel.

List of Top Ways to Rank Your YouTube Videos Fast

1. Keyword Research

The YouTube SEO process commences with conducting thorough video keyword research. To find the most suitable keywords for your YouTube videos, follow these steps:

  • Generate a comprehensive list of keyword ideas

Utilize YouTube’s Search Suggest feature by entering a word or phrase related to your content. YouTube will provide you with various keywords that users frequently search for. These suggested keywords are valuable as they represent actual terms people use on the platform, ensuring their popularity and relevance.

youtube search suggest
  • Analyze popular videos in your niche

Take note of the keywords used in videos that have garnered significant views. Since keyword optimisation is crucial for YouTube SEO, these videos likely target popular keywords that attract viewers.

Here is an example of a popular video on Minecraft
Here is an example of a popular video on Minecraft.
  • Utilize YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report

Access this report to discover the keywords users use to find your videos. It can provide valuable insights into the search terms that lead users to your content.

  • Select the best keyword from your list

Focus on low-competition keywords, mainly if your channel has limited subscribers. Avoid using highly competitive keywords, as your video may struggle to rank well in search results.

Bonus Tip

Check Google’s video results: Besides optimising YouTube’s platform, you can boost your video’s views by ranking it in Google’s search results. Identify keywords that already have video results displayed on Google’s search pages. This way, your video can be featured on the first page alongside other videos.

Before finalising a video keyword, ensure it has a substantial search volume, ideally ranging from 100 to 1,000 searches per month on Google. This ensures that your efforts to rank in Google will be worthwhile.

2. Optimise your YouTube Video

Unlocking the true SEO potential of your video is easier than you think! Follow these essential steps to ensure your video stands out in the vast YouTube landscape:

  • SAY Your Target Keyword

Engage with your audience and let YouTube “hear” your target keyword by mentioning it in your video. When you verbally include the keyword, it helps YouTube understand the video’s content and relevance.

  • Video Title

Craft a captivating title that spans at least 5 words. This allows you to include your full keyword naturally without resorting to keyword stuffing. For an extra boost, consider placing your keyword at the beginning of the title to enhance video SEO. Look at this example below

video title
  • Description

Your video’s description holds immense importance. Provide a clear context for your video, helping YouTube and Google comprehend its content. Aim to follow these guidelines:

  1. Include your keyword within the first 25 words of the description.
  2. Ensure the description is at least 250 words in length.
  3. Strategically use your keyword 2-4 times throughout the description.

Check out this example

video description
Here is an example of a well-drafted description. source

An SEO-optimized description ensures that your video communicates its purpose without appearing spammy, improving your ranking and increasing appearances in the Suggested Video sidebar.

  • Tags

Though not paramount, tags play a supporting role in your video’s SEO. Include a few relevant keywords to aid YouTube and Google in understanding the video’s content better. Pro Tip: Using targeted tags helps you rank for your target keyword and positions your video as a related suggestion in YouTube’s sidebar.

Feel free to use tags that your competitors employ. Embrace this tried-and-tested YouTube marketing best practice that has shown its effectiveness over the years. Matching your video’s tags to what viewers are watching increases the likelihood of appearing in the coveted Suggested Video section.

3. Create Scripts

An engaging, well-crafted script can enhance your authenticity and spontaneity while captivating your viewers.

A thoughtfully written script is your guiding compass, preventing you from veering off track and losing your audience’s interest. It helps you refine your language, eliminating those pesky “ums,” “ahs,” and moments of confusion. Instead, you’ll grasp your viewers’ attention with precision and confidence.

Moreover, using a script can significantly speed up your video creation process, freeing you up to focus on producing more incredible content.

Think of your script as a powerful tool that opens the door to success.

Craft a short, snappy introduction that immediately hooks your viewers, telling them why they should stick around. Consider it a pledge you make to your audience – a promise you will fulfil by the video’s end.

4. Make Longer Videos

Contrary to popular belief, longer videos are the ones that thrive on YouTube. Next time you search for any keyword or phrase, observe that the top-ranking videos are lengthy. Look at this example below of Minecraft’s top-ranked videos.

longer videos

The reason behind this phenomenon is intriguing: YouTube uses total view duration as a significant ranking factor. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. The longer viewers stay engaged, the more likely they are to watch more videos, including advertisements. This benefits YouTube commercially, too!

So, the key to higher rankings is creating longer, high-retention videos that hold audiences‘ attention for extended periods. YouTube favours content that keeps viewers hooked and engaged throughout.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should artificially stretch your videos. Instead, focus on providing comprehensive answers to questions, ensuring your content is informative yet engaging. Avoid dividing one topic into several parts; aim to cover it fully in a single, captivating video. You can even check out our list of interesting faceless YouTube content ideas mentioned in our recently published blog.

5. Engagement with your YouTube Video

  • Video Comments

Engaging with your audience through comments can significantly impact your video’s success on YouTube. When viewers leave comments, it signals to YouTube that they enjoyed your video or were actively engaged. You may encourage your audience to express their ideas and opinions by encouraging people to leave a remark. Be sure to reply to any comments you get. This interaction fosters community and tells YouTube that your content resonates with your audience.

  • Subscribers After Watching a Video

Gaining subscribers after someone watches your video is a powerful indicator of your video’s appeal. It shows that your content left a lasting impression and convinced viewers to join your community. Be bold about asking people to subscribe to your channel at the end of your videos. The more subscribers you have, the stronger the signal to YouTube that your content is top-notch.

  • Social Media Shares

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. When people share your video on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it’s a sign that your content is valuable and share-worthy. After all, no one shares low-quality videos. YouTube recognises this and rewards videos with substantial social media attention with a rankings boost. Encourage your audience to share your videos with their networks and watch your reach expand.

6. Create Custom Thumbnails

In the competitive world of YouTube, two elements decide whether a viewer clicks on your video: the title and the eye-catching video thumbnail. Since the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, your thumbnail holds immense power!

While YouTube automatically assigns a thumbnail to your video, it’s often just a random shot from the content. You must craft a unique, attention-grabbing thumbnail to truly stand out and entice viewers.

youtube video thumbnail
Look at these custom thumbnails by Junkeyy

When creating your custom thumbnail, adhere to YouTube’s recommended image specifications: 1280×720 pixels, representing a 16:9 ratio, saved as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .png file, and no larger than 2MB. Ensuring these parameters are met guarantees that your thumbnail maintains its high-quality appearance across various viewing platforms.

7. Create Playlists

Playlists are a secret weapon for boosting your video views on YouTube. Leveraging the power of playlists can lead to thousands of extra views every month. Check out these playlists created by Wisp.


Here’s your step-by-step guide to setting up playlists effectively:

  • Review Your Videos: Look closely at your video library and identify 4-5 videos with a common theme or topic. This could be anything from a series of tutorials to related vlogs or product reviews.
  • Create a Themed Playlist: Once you’ve gathered the selected videos, group them in a playlist based on their shared theme or topic. A well-organized playlist keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to watch multiple videos.
  • Feature Playlists on Your Channel Page: To make your playlists easily accessible, include them on your channel page. Viewers visiting your channel will find your thoughtfully curated playlists, enticing them to explore and discover more content.
  • Rinse and Repeat: Don’t stop at just one playlist. Continue to create and organise multiple playlists with different themes, ensuring your channel becomes a treasure trove of captivating content.

8. Include Closed Captions

YouTube videos can incorporate closed captions, significantly benefiting individuals with hearing difficulties.

But here’s the exciting bonus: These captions are not only helpful for accessibility but also contribute to enhancing your YouTube SEO! YouTube and Google crawl these captions, recognising their value in improving search rankings. Check out how Sapnap included closed captions in their video.

closed captions

Although YouTube offers automatic captioning, it often comes with errors and inaccuracies. To optimise your closed captions for YouTube SEO, you must take matters into your own hands. Edit the captions YouTube provides, ensuring they accurately transcribe your video’s content. Alternatively, you can upload your custom captions to achieve the best results.


Sharing your content on YouTube can be daunting due to the immense competition and the sheer volume of daily visitors. However, keep going despite the competitiveness; there are numerous strategies to rank your videos higher and enhance your YouTube SEO, making your channel and videos more profitable for your business.


How do you rank in the YouTube algorithm?

1. Choose a target keyword
2. Add your target keyword in your video title
3. Write a detailed description for your video
4. Add relevant tags to your video
5. Upload a custom thumbnail for your video

How much time does it take to rank on YouTube?

The time it takes to rank on YouTube can vary significantly depending on several factors. There is no fixed timeline or guaranteed timeframe for achieving high rankings on the platform. Some videos may rank quickly within a few days or weeks, while others may take months or even longer.

How do you make a video rank?

1. Keyword research
2. Insert keyword in the video title
3. Optimise your video description
4. Create scripts
5. Longer videos
6. YouTube video engagement
7. Custom thumbnails
8. Create playlists
9. Include closed captions

How do I get my YouTube video to show up in the search?

1. Optimise the video details
2. Include timestamps
3. Upload subtitles
4. Create a great thumbnail
5. Links & shares

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