Want to grow your YouTube channel to 1,000 subscribers without spending a dime? This blog post reveals effective and free strategies to help you achieve your YouTube goals hassle-free. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to boost your subscriber count, follow our step-by-step guide to grow your YouTube channel organically.

List of Top 15 Ways to Get 1000 Subscribers

1. Micro-target your Way to 1,000 Subscribers                

Acquiring your initial 1000 subscribers may appear daunting initially, but surprisingly, the most challenging part is gaining the first 50 subscribers. As you progress, the journey becomes smoother. Once you surpass the 500-subscriber mark on your channel, attracting the next 500 becomes much more manageable. Breaking down the process into smaller, achievable goals is crucial to reaching your ultimate objective. Start with aiming for 100 subscribers, as this milestone will pave the way for exponential growth in views and, subsequently, more subscribers.

2. Add a Subscribe Button to Your Videos

Boosting your subscriber count with a simple hack is within reach for every upload. Craft or download a “subscribe” graphic, and utilize the YouTube Studio to upload it as a video watermark. This clever move enables viewers to click the graphic while watching your content, effortlessly subscribing to your channel!

3. Give Your Audience a Sneak Peak of Your Upcoming Video

Subscribing to a YouTube channel stems from anticipation. When viewers have just experienced what your brand offers and are impressed, they naturally crave more. Effectively hyping your upcoming video and highlighting why it’s unmissable becomes the most organic way to entice people to subscribe.

This approach demands a well-managed YouTube content schedule and a clear understanding of what’s on the horizon. By staying on top of your content plan, you can create excitement and motivation for viewers to hit that subscribe button.

4. Build a Community

Building relationships with your viewers fosters a strong desire for them to continue watching your content. Take the time to engage with their comments and consider following their channels.

While receiving comments from well-known YouTubers is undoubtedly thrilling, it’s essential to recognize that new talents may rise to fame in the future. Cultivating a community of like-minded peers and supporting each other’s channels can be highly beneficial.

5. Add a Subscription Link to Your Video Descriptions

The description box on YouTube serves a more significant purpose than being a mere holding place for your video’s about section. It offers a valuable opportunity to include links such as affiliate links, your website, and your social media profiles. Most importantly, you can add a subscribe link, allowing people to join your community with just a few taps effortlessly. Make the most of this space to engage and connect with your audience effectively.

6. Develop a Strong Brand Identity for Your YouTube Channel

Channel branding is essential for communicating who you are and what viewers can expect from your YouTube channel.

Banner Art

Making a good first impression is crucial, as your banner art is the first thing viewers see when they enter your channel. The clean, brand-consistent, and appealing banner art is essential. To avoid being chopped off on smaller screens, it should also be optimised for all devices. Check out this banner below.

Channel icon: Your channel icon is like your YouTube logo. It appears on your channel page and next to your comments on other videos. Your channel icon should be visually appealing and represent your brand. It should also be recognisable even when displayed at a small size.

Channel description: Your channel description is a short text that appears on your About page on YouTube. It’s an excellent opportunity to tell viewers more about your channel, what kind of content you create, and why they should subscribe. Use your channel description wisely to give viewers a clear understanding of what your channel is all about.

7. Develop a Video Series

Suppose your YouTube channel is dedicated to fitness and nutrition. You could create an engaging video series comprising 10-15 episodes on “30-Day Fitness Challenges.” Each video in the series could focus on a specific workout routine or a meal plan tailored for achieving different fitness goals. In the video titles, use numbers (e.g., Day 1, Day 2, etc.) to indicate that these videos are part of a comprehensive fitness challenge series. Encourage viewers to subscribe to follow the entire 30-day challenge and stay updated as new episodes are uploaded. By providing valuable content that helps viewers achieve their fitness objectives, you’ll build anticipation and loyalty among your audience. Check out this example below.

8. Make Your Video More Discoverable by Optimizing Your Titles, Descriptions, And Tags

Optimising your YouTube videos with relevant keywords is essential to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Reword titles and use tags that best represent the content. This will increase the likelihood of your videos appearing in more searches. For example, if you have a cooking channel, a video titled “Delicious Vegan Recipes for Beginners” could include tags like “vegan recipes,” “beginners,” and “healthy cooking.”

Incorporate keywords strategically within the title, description, and tags. Usingย terms like “Click Here” or “Check This Out” should be avoided as they won’t help your page rank in YouTube searches. Use precise keywords that are related to the content of your video instead.

Keep in mind that optimising the content with relevant and targeted keywords can improve your video’s discoverability and bring in more viewers who are interested in it.

9. Create a Channel Trailer

YouTube’s customisation settings allow you to optimise the featured video space on your channel page for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

You can make an enticing channel teaser for those who are not subscribers. This trailer should provide viewers with a concise and appealing overview of what your channel has to offer and convince them to subscribe. Check out this channel trailer by travel and lifestyle influencer – Aakriti Rana.

Additionally, you can show subscribers alternative content, like a playlist of your best videos or your most recent ones. This will encourage continued engagement and return visits from your subscribers.

10. Create Exclusive Content for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are a powerful addition to your content strategy, like this Shorts video by Marques Brownlee.

In contrast to long-form videos, short videos have a special algorithm. Your Shorts can attract new subscribers without taking away from the long-form content on your channel.

Shorts are the ideal format for testing out new content concepts and subjects because they are simple and quick to produce. With just your phone and a few minutes, you can record and edit a Shorts video, allowing for artistic experimentation.

Shorts are made to be quite discoverable. Random content in the Shorts feed encourages users to navigate and view further videos. Posting Shorts can greatly improve the number of people who see your content, increasing the likelihood that you’ll attract new subscribers.

11. Explore Different Areas of Your Niche

Finding the perfect niche for your target audience is essential, but be bold and experiment with different sub-niches.

Experimenting with different sub-niches can lead to unexpected growth and a more significant following. This is due to the fact that you can connect with a larger group of people that are interested in your content.

It might be difficult for people who are extremely educated in a particular field to produce high-quality content within that constrained field consistently. To prevent running out of ideas or boring your audience with the same content, diversify into various sub-niches.

Consider trying out new sub-niches to keep your channel lively and interesting. This will encourage your readers to stay interested and return for more.

12. Increase your Watch Time

Boosting watch time on YouTube directly leads to increased subscribers. Viewers who watch at least 3 minutes of your videos are more likely to subscribe. Here are three practical ways to increase watch time:

  • Contest/Giveaways: Select prizes that appeal to your audience, ask viewers to subscribe, and turn on notifications to participate. This encourages engagement and motivates viewers to watch your content for a chance to win.
  • Utilize Timestamps: Incorporate timestamps in your videos to help viewers easily find the information they seek. Breaking down lengthy videos into shorter segments improves viewer retention and encourages them to watch the entire content.
  • Engaging List Videos: Create themed list videos like “Top 10 destinations” or “5 tips for increasing productivity.” These videos allow viewers to delve into multiple topics, compelling them to stay engaged and watch more.

13. Create Consistent Thumbnails that Reflect your Brand

A thumbnail is a 1280 x 720px image that is a captivating cover for your video, akin to a mini movie poster. It plays a crucial role in enticing viewers to click on your video, making it your primary opportunity to attract an audience.

Consistent and professional custom thumbnails are an essential part of your channel branding. They provide new viewers with insights into your identity as a video content creator.

Strive for uniform branding across all your thumbnails. Utilise the same font, colour palette, or frame composition, subtly signalling that viewers are engaging with your channel’s content. Maintaining this consistency reinforces your brand identity and makes a lasting impression on your audience. Checkout the thumbnails used by French Cooking Academy

14. Release your Videos on a Set Schedule

Numerous experts often advise creators to follow a rule of thumb regarding the frequency of video uploads on their channels. For instance, starting with one video per week and gradually increasing to 3-4 videos per week as the channel grows.

The idea behind this approach is that more videos lead to increased watch time from viewers. However, prioritising quantity over quality can have its drawbacks.

If your primary objective is to convert viewers into subscribers, focusing on video quality is paramount, with consistency as the next priority.

Viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel when you continuously upload valuable content because they know that there will be more to come. Better results are ultimately achieved by focusing on the quality of the content rather than just the quantity of uploads since it leaves a lasting impression and cultivates a devoted and engaged audience.

15. Use End Screens

An end screen is a valuable tool placed at the conclusion of your video, offering the opportunity to remind viewers to subscribe or include other calls to action. By adding an end screen during the upload process, you can effectively engage with your audience before YouTube’s algorithm directs them to the next video. Remember, the video must be at least 25 seconds long to incorporate an end screen. Checkout this example below.

Additionally, you have the choice to return and add end screens to your already-posted videos. With the help of your current content, you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to start turning people into subscribers right away.


In conclusion, growing a successful YouTube channel doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By following the free strategies outlined in this blog, you can attract genuine viewers, increase watch time, and ultimately reach your goal of 1,000 subscribers.


How do you get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube fast?

1. Create high-quality content
2. Find a niche and focus on it
3. Use relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags
4. Promote your channel on social media and other platforms
5. Collaborate with other YouTubers
6. Run contests and giveaways
7. Be patient and consistent

Does YouTube give money for 1k subscribers?

YouTube content creators can earn money from their videos once they reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

How to get free subscribers on YouTube?

1. Add a Subscribe Button to Your Videos
2. Give Your Audience a Sneak Peak of Your Upcoming Video
3. Build a Community
4. Add a Subscription Link to Your Video Descriptions
5. Develop a Video Series
6. Create a Channel Trailer
7. Create Consistent Thumbnails that Reflect your Brand

What is the income of 1k subscribers?

According to a recent study by SocialBlade, the average YouTuber with 1,000 subscribers earns around \$12 per month. However, this number can vary significantly, with some YouTubers earning much more and others earning much less.

How do you make money on YouTube without 1,000 subscribers?

1. Selling Merchandise.
2. Selling Digital Products.
3. Selling Services.
4. Crowdfunding and Donations.
5. Promoting Your Business.
6. Creating a Membership Site.
7. Partnering with Brands.
8. Promoting Affiliate Products.

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