Stuck in a creative rut for your YouTube content or seeking inspiration for how-to videos? Look no further! We’ve done the legwork for you and put together a collection of 60 YouTube video ideas that are bound to bring success to your channel.

List of Top YouTube Content Ideas

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1. Introduction Videos

The introduction video is a must for your YouTube channel. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience and tell them the type of content you will be creating.

In your introduction video, you should: 

1. Tell them who you are and what you do. 

2. Share what kind of content you will be creating. 

3. Let them know how often you will be posting videos. 

4. Welcome them to your channel and give them a reason to subscribe.  

Your introductory video should make your audience feel welcome and give them a reason to subscribe to your channel.

2. Opinion Videos

Opinion videos can be a useful tool for content creators to capitalise on hot topics and get visibility. YouTubers can engage their audience and attract new viewers by sharing thoughts on a hot debate within their niche.

When there’s a recent political decision or a relevant trend in their industry, making an opinion video can effectively express viewpoints and spark discussions.

3. Create Behind-The-Scenes Videos

As an artist, musician, or photographer, creating a video highlighting your creative process can be a wonderful way to engage your audience and share your passion. Through these videos, you can reveal the magic behind your art, music composition, or photography skills.

Peeling back the curtain and revealing the behind-the-scenes of your business, events, blog, or YouTube channel can also be captivating for your viewers.

4. Product Review Videos

Product reviews are a great way to entertain and inform your audience.

They are also an excellent strategy to increase your YouTube watch time and other matrix. Millions of viewers watch product review videos before making a purchase, so if you can create informative and engaging reviews, you can attract many new viewers to your channel.

If you are passionate about a particular product category,  you can create a recurring series of review videos. This is a great way to grow your YouTube audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

5. Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos offer viewers an exciting glimpse inside packages before they make a purchase. From the latest iPhone to trendy subscription boxes or hot toys,  people love watching these videos on YouTube.

So, whenever you get a new product, make sure to record yourself unboxing it and show your audience all the goodies that come with it.

6. Q&A Session

Host a Q&A session with your subscribers for an engaging YouTube video! Encourage your viewers to submit their questions in the comments or on social media, allowing them to get to know you and your channel better. You can also address frequently asked questions from your business or previous videos to provide valuable insights to your audience.

Create an AMA-style (Ask Me Anything) compilation or focus the Q&A on a specific topic. Your viewers will appreciate interacting with you and participating in your video.

7. Interview People

Seek opportunities to interview fellow content creators or influential figures in your industry. Conducting interviews provides fresh content for your audience and attracts the interviewee’s followers to your channel.

If there’s someone in your YouTube niche who truly inspires you,  don’t hesitate to reach out and request an interview. You’ll not only be able to ask them anything you like, but you’ll also be able to get great content for your channel!

8. Start Vlogging

Vlogging is like written blogging, offering various possibilities for education, entertainment, and personal sharing. Whether it’s product reviews, everyday documentation, or business experiences, vlogging engages viewers and grows audiences.

Capture everything you’d write in a blog on video, creating immersive visual stories for your audience to enjoy. Start vlogging to connect with your viewers in a whole new way!

Tip of the Day: While you are searching about new content/video ideas, the most important thing you must know is to look for ideas that are related to your channel niche. This is closely related to how the YouTube algorithm works. As YouTube tends to rank the channels higher from the same niche in search results.

9. How-to/Tutorial Videos

Share your expertise with step-by-step tutorial videos on various topics, from making cupcakes to grooming dogs or upcycling clothes.

This way, you entertain your audience while providing them practical knowledge they can use daily.

10. Challenge Videos

Improve your channel’s visibility by participating in trending challenges. Start with popular ones like “eat it or wear it” or “chubby bunny” for hilarious first videos. Stay updated with viral challenges like the mannequin challenge or vogue challenge. Involve the latest trends to create engaging videos and attract more viewers to your channel.

11. Host a Giveaway/Contest

Engage and attract viewers with an exciting YouTube video idea – offer valuable rewards like exclusive content or free products. Host contests, such as fitness, makeup, or dance challenges, with enticing prizes like gift hampers or 1:1 video calls.

Giveaways are perfect for growing your audience and keeping them engaged. Choose rewards that appeal to your viewers for a rewarding experience.

12. Tricks and Hacks Videos

If you have tricks or hacks you believe your viewers will find valuable, create engaging videos demonstrating how to do them.

Whether it’s mastering the art of making the perfect poached egg or discovering a nifty shortcut for folding laundry, turn your top tips into super handy videos.

13. Parody Videos

Create hilarious parody videos to entertain your audience. Enact famous movies, shows, YouTube videos, or music videos funnily and creatively. Put your spin on popular content for endless comedic possibilities. Delight your viewers with humour and add a unique touch to your channel’s identity.

14. Explainer Videos

If you possess a product or the ability to simplify complex technical topics, explainer videos are the way to go. These videos use presentations, whiteboards, and graphs to simplify information, making it easier for users to understand products or grasp concepts.

With explainer videos, you can educate and engage your audience, guiding them to use products or comprehend challenging subjects.

15. Channel Trailer

Craft an enticing channel trailer to give your audience a preview of the content they can expect from your videos. Showcase the variety of topics you cover and how frequently you post new content.

This teaser will entice viewers to subscribe and explore more of your engaging videos.

16. DIY Videos

Jump on the DIY trend on YouTube by creating tutorial videos on how to make something from scratch. Whether it’s homemade craft projects, delicious recipes, or furniture – building tutorials, share your creative skills with your audience. Take your audience through step-by-step processes, allowing them to create things on their own.

17. Review Books

Turn your love for reading into exciting video content with book reviews.

Create videos about the books you read, whether they’re fiction, non-fiction, or in any language. Provide interesting facts and insights that people may not have known to make your reviews informative and captivating.

18. Showcase your Hobby

Share your interesting hobbies with viewers through a video. Offer insights into your life and current passions. Discuss why you started the hobby, the challenges you faced,  and your experiences so far. Connect with your audience by sharing your passions and personal journey.

19. Mythbusting Videos

YouTube is an excellent platform for debunking myths and misconceptions. Create videos that set the facts straight on common misconceptions about your genre or topic. Research prevalent misconceptions and provide viewers with accurate information in engaging and informative content. Bust those myths and help your audience better understand the truth!

20. Comparison Videos

Comparison videos are a great way to create review content that is more informative and engaging for your audience.

Instead of focusing on just one product,  you can compare two very similar products and give your recommendation. This allows you to cover more ground and provide your viewers with more information to help them decide.

21. Throwback Videos

Revisit your earlier content gems and entertain newer fans by creating throwback videos. Dig out your best bits and compile clips from old videos into one engaging throwback video with fun commentary. You can also make reaction videos to your previous hot takes to provide fresh perspectives and entertain your audience.

22. Workout Routine Videos

Are you a fitness freak? Then creating tutorials of your workout routines can be a great YouTube video idea. These videos can help viewers looking to get in shape but don’t know where to start. You can create videos where viewers can follow along or tips for doing exercises correctly.

23. Collection Videos

Engage your viewers by sharing your hobby and interest collections in YouTube videos. Whether it’s vintage cars or obscure antiques, people love to see what others have collected over the years.

Create videos showcasing your collections to share your passion and connect with your audience.

24. Prank Videos

Create entertaining prank videos for your brave and adventurous audience. While pranks can be funny and enjoyable, ensure they involve careful planning and avoid any mean – spirited actions that may cause harm.

Capturing your pranks on film can lead to hilarious and engaging YouTube videos that get people laughing and bring entertainment to your channel.

25. ASMR Videos

Produce a relaxing ASMR video to help viewers experience Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response. Utilize various soothing sounds, such as tapping on objects or whispering,  to create a calming and tranquil experience for your audience.

ASMR videos can effectively promote relaxation and provide a peaceful viewing experience.

26. Mashup Videos

Creating a mashup video is another excellent option. A video mashup typically consists of unrelated clips combined into one new video. You can put together two different songs, movie clips or various other sources to make something humorous and entertaining for your viewers.

27. Conduct Science Experiments and Share your Findings

Explore the world of science with captivating experiments on your channel. Explain the experiment and its results to viewers while showcasing how it works in various scenarios. Delve into the wonders of science and engage your audience with educational and fascinating content.

28. Comedy Skits

If you have a talent for standup comedy or are known for cracking jokes, consider making comedy skits. Craft well-crafted parodies, share hilariously-awful dad jokes, or dub clips with funny commentary to keep your audience belly-laughing.

29. Gaming Content

Gaming is a massive and fast-growing industry on YouTube, with Minecraft videos alone amassing over one trillion views. Many popular YouTubers began by sharing gameplay videos. Check out how you can also get more views on YouTube.

If you’re passionate about gaming, consider starting game reviews. Discuss technical aspects, levels, strategies, and positive and negative aspects of games you read about or purchase.

30. Cooking Videos

Share your favourite family recipe, teach cooking or prep techniques, and offer cooking tips and tricks—experiment with making detailed how-to cooking videos of local or international cuisines right from your home kitchen.

31. Experiment with Unusual Food Pairings

Engage your audience by trying weird or unexpected food combinations on YouTube. You don’t need to be a master chef—combine random ingredients and see what you create!

Share your first-time reactions with your audience, offering entertaining and engaging content that intrigues them.

32. Take Viewers on a Virtual Tour of your City

Take your viewers on a virtual tour of your city through a video. Cover favourite tourist spots, lesser-known gems, cosy cafes, and charming streets. Share your favourite haunts and intriguing historical facts to give your audience a feel for your culture and hometown.

This YouTube video idea is perfect for beginners; all you need is a camera to film. Help viewers step into your shoes and explore a city they’ve never visited before.

33. Document your First Impression

Jump on the latest trend by creating a first impressions video for a new trending product in the market. Share your authentic reaction and provide honest insights and opinions. Help your viewers make informed buying decisions with your genuine and unbiased review.

34. A Day in the Life

Take your viewers on a journey with a “Day in the Life” video from when you wake up until the end of your typical day. Showcasing your daily routine lets your audience know you better and provides a behind-the-scenes look at your work and activities.

35. Invite a Guest

Co-creating content with other YouTubers is a fantastic way to expand your reach. Invite a relevant niche YouTuber or a close friend as a guest on your channel.

Instead of doing a traditional interview, participate in enjoyable and interactive activities together, like exploring the city, singing, cooking, or trying new things.

36. Live Streaming

With YouTube live streaming, interact with your audience and show an unfiltered, authentic version of yourself. Discuss popular topics, respond to comments, play instruments, or stream while playing video games.

Build rapport and connect with your viewers on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impression even after the event ends.

37. Whiteboard Videos

Use whiteboard videos to convey complex ideas engagingly and animatedly. Create a video series breaking down complex topics with examples and easy-to-understand elements. Whiteboard videos are popular and effective for educating and entertaining your audience, making learning enjoyable and straightforward.

38. Reaction Videos

Create reaction videos to other videos or events. This is a fantastic way to express your thoughts and feelings on popular culture. You can react to anything from music videos to movie trailers to sporting events!

It is essential to be honest and authentic when creating reaction videos. Your viewers want to see your real reactions, so don’t try to be someone you’re not.

39. Create A Video Guide on How to Care for Houseplants

If you’re a plant enthusiast and love spending time with your leafy friends, how about creating a video about nurturing and caring for your precious plants? Many people struggle with keeping their green buddies thriving,  so this is your chance to lend a helping hand and guide your viewers toward successful plant parenting.

40. Create a Thrifting and Secondhand Shopping Guide

Thrift shopping is a great way to find unique items at a fraction of the cost, and it’s also good for the environment. This video showcases how to thrift shop like a pro, where to look for the best deals,  and why thrifting is so beneficial to the planet.

41. Discuss How to Get Discounts on Everyday Items

Everybody appreciates a good bargain. This YouTube video concept entails producing content that educates viewers on cutting costs on their daily purchases through using coupons, discount codes, and tools for comparing prices.

42. React to a Trending Video

Have you caught wind of the latest viral sensation that’s got everyone buzzing? Imagine watching this video for the very first time and capturing your genuine reactions on camera, resulting in an entertaining reaction video.

Encourage your audience to suggest video recommendations in the comments, and you can commit to recording your reactions for the videos that receive the highest number of upvotes. This interactive approach will not only boost engagement but also keep the audience eagerly anticipating your next reaction video instalment.

43. What’s in My Bag?

Offer your viewers a glimpse into your world by unveiling the contents of your bag, giving them a chance to get to know you better.

44. Take on a 30-day Challenge

Unlike the quick trend challenges, a 30-day challenge requires you to stick with an activity for a whole month. It could be anything from daily drawing to a 30-day weight loss attempt. This provides a chance to create regular content throughout the challenge.

45. Share Fashion Advice

Produce videos that divulge your insider fashion advice. Present step-by-step guides on outfit coordination, crafting the ideal getup for a romantic outing, or creating effortless work-appropriate attire.

46. Create an Inspirational Video

Deliver motivational content by sharing uplifting stories and impactful quotes. Highlight tales of individuals conquering challenges and feature wisdom from renowned figures. These videos serve as a powerful source of inspiration for viewers seeking positivity and encouragement.

47. Videos About Different Cultures

Is global culture something you are interested in? Then you can make videos about the one that intrigues you the most. You can cover topics like cultural origin, practices, traditions, surprising facts, myths and so much more. In short, you can become a cultural encyclopedia for your viewers.

48. Discuss the Benefits of

Do you have a beloved ingredient you can’t help but rave about? Maybe you’re living a lifestyle you want to discuss with your audience. Compose a video highlighting the advantages, allowing you to convey your message effectively.

49. Share Quick Beauty Hacks

For all you beauty aficionados out there, why not share a handful of your go-to speedy beauty tricks perfect for those on the move? Whether it’s hair, makeup, skincare, or beyond, offer your viewers some of your favorite quick hacks!

50. Demonstrate the Safe Use of Various Tools and Equipment

Do you have power, hand, or certain exercise equipment expertise? Create tutorials demonstrating safe and effective usage and proper maintenance tips. Empower your viewers to harness the full advantages of these tools while ensuring their safety.

51. List Some Eco-Friendly Travel Hacks

Motivate your audience to embrace eco-friendly practices during their journeys. Offer insights on minimising their carbon footprint while travelling, including advice on travelling light and opting for more sustainable modes of transportation.

52. Discuss the Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Highlight the immense mental health benefits of yoga and meditation through a video, underscoring the significance of consistent practice within a comprehensive and balanced lifestyle.

53. Tips on How to be Productive and Organized

Offer valuable insights into boosting productivity and maintaining organisation—a skill set that can benefit nearly everyone. Share your preferred strategies, such as crafting daily task lists or utilising specialised apps and tools to help viewers enhance their efficiency and orderliness.

54. ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ Product Reviews

Buy viral items used in TikTok videos and create a TikTok Made Me Buy It review video. Talk about what you ordered, got, and your verdict on buying the trending item.

55. Cute Baby Animal Videos

If you’re fortunate to have an adorable pet, create endearing and amusing videos featuring them, guaranteed to elicit your viewers’ smiles and “aww” moments.

56. Talk About your Favorite Apps

Create a rundown of the essential apps you rely on daily and make a video showcasing the “Top 10 Daily Apps for Running Your YouTube Channel.” Extend this concept to other niches, like apps beneficial for entrepreneurs or students. Additionally, consider curating videos highlighting apps tailored for specific tasks, such as video editing or work management.

57. Experimental Videos

Conduct daring product experiments by subjecting them to extreme conditions such as high heat, cold, moisture, or humidity. Capture the outcomes and share your findings with your audience, adding a thrilling and informative element to your content.

58. Teach a Lesson

Leverage your musical prowess or knack for simplifying intricate marketing or tech concepts. Create instructional videos that teach your audience your forte—be it playing an instrument or demystifying complex subjects. Through these lessons, not only will you impart valuable knowledge,  but you’ll also establish credibility and build rapport with your viewers.

59. Do’s and Don’ts

Create a video offering insightful guidance on do’s and don’ts concerning a particular topic of interest. Choose a commonly debated subject within your niche—whether it’s acing a first date or navigating through a specific travel destination. By presenting both favorable actions and potential pitfalls, you’ll provide valuable advice that resonates with your audience.

60. Crowdsource Ideas

Develop video concepts based on your viewers’ preferences. Engage with your fans by inviting them to share their desired video topics. Gather these suggestions and create fresh content ideas that align with your audience’s interests, ensuring your videos resonate and captivate your viewers.


With these YouTube video ideas, your creative possibilities are endless for your next content creation. Follow this guide to bring your ideas to life in upcoming videos. Unleash your creativity, captivate your audience, and make your mark on YouTube!

Last but not least: YouTube Shorts is currently a popular platform for rapid growth. It’s a good idea to focus on expanding your Shorts content alongside your main YouTube channel. This can help boost your views and potentially gain more subscribers too.


What content should I start on YouTube?

1. Tutorials
2. Reviews
3. Vlogs
4. Challenges
5. Comedy

What is the easiest topic for a YouTube channel?

1. Behind-the-Scenes.
2. Workspace Tour.
3. Detailed Product Reviews.
4. Unboxings and Hauls.
5. Master Technology or Software with Tutorials.
6. Fashionable Outfit Styling
7. Travel Vlogs.

What are good first YouTube video ideas?

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Introduce a series.
3. Share your journey.
4. A day in the life.
5. Vlog.
6. Do a video challenge.
7. Give a room, house, or workspace tour.
8. Review your favourite products.

What are some popular YouTube ideas?

1. Tell people about yourself.
2. Go behind the scenes.
3. Document your experiences.
4. A day in the life.
5. Share your interests.
6. Show off your style.
7. Tutorial videos.
8. Teach other YouTubers.

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