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Are you a student and searching for ways to earn money? Then part-time jobs are the right option for you. As an Indian student, you have plenty of opportunities that you can take up to start earning money online. You don’t have to worry about your age or skills. There are several part-time jobs that you can do as a student today. To help you start, we have curated the list of the best part-time jobs for students in India. You can choose to do the work that you like the best.

What are the Benefits of Part Time Jobs for Students?

  • You will earn extra pocket money
  • You can explore different career options and choose early
  • You will become confident and responsible 
  • You will gain interpersonal skills
  • You can develop your professional network

List of Top 10 Part Time Jobs for Students in India

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Girl promoting products through affiliate marketing
Girl promoting products through affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to extra cash online because you can work from the comfort of your home and require no initial investment. You also get to work with popular brands such as Adidas, Apple, Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, and so on. 

To start, simply join an affiliate marketing network like EarnKaro, explore deals of popular brands, and share them with your network on WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram. You will earn a commission whenever someone purchases a product through your affiliate link. With affiliate marketing, you can earn up to Rs 30,000 per month.

2. Become a Virtual Assistant

Person assisting on call
The person assisting on call

A virtual assistant is the right part-time job if you possess communication and organizational skills. You can set your timings and choose the services you would like to provide. For example, you can provide services such as complete data entry, answering questions on Amazon or LinkedIn, making travel arrangements for business owners, and so on.

Working as an efficient virtual assistant will also improve your productivity. You will get to work with new administrative tasks. If you are interested in data entry, you can let your clients know and choose your work accordingly. You can charge based on your experience and skills. Most virtual assistants charge between ₹500 to ₹4000 per hour. You can look for your first clients on platforms such as Peopleperhour, Fancyhands, and Upwork.

Moreover, Do you know that you can easily start an online business as a student with minimal investment? Here is a list of some easy-to-start business ideas for students. Do have a look, and you can thank us later for this.

3. Become an Online Tutor

Girl tutoring online
Girl tutoring online

Online tutoring is getting increasingly popular because parents want the best education for their kids. On the other hand, students are looking to understand concepts thoroughly. You can work as an online tutor if you excel in a particular subject. You can teach your juniors or get new students on platforms such as Upwork, tutor.com, etc.

It is one of the best ways to earn side income because you get paid on an hourly basis. You will also be able to choose your timings and the subject you want to teach. As an online tutor, you can teach anything from mathematics, science, and English, to social studies. However, the pay may vary depending upon the subject you are teaching.

4. Become a Social Media Manager 

Social media platforms
Social media platforms

If you scroll through social media apps endlessly, you might want to consider a part-time job in social media management. Social media managers are individuals who manage the social media accounts of individuals and organizations. This includes managing Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook profiles. 

Becoming a social media manager can be a good source of extra income in India because all you need is knowledge of social media apps and how to bring traffic to the client’s profile. You will manage tasks such as planning and scheduling posts, writing the copy, creating graphics along with these posts, and answering questions and comments of the audience.

5. Become a Freelance Writer

Person creating content
Person creating content

Every company needs a social media presence, and with it comes the need for quality content. If you enjoy writing, you can become a freelance writer. You can write about various topics and gain knowledge for the same.

As a freelance writer, you can get paid on an hourly basis. You can accept clients based on your timings and work extra hours. You can work on product descriptions, blogs, articles, resumes, and even assignments as a freelance writer. To begin your part-time job as a freelancer, you can register yourself for free on platforms such as Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer.com, etc. However, when you are starting, you might have to show samples of your work to clients to get hired.

6. Become a Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist translating a content
Transcriptionist translating a content

The role of a transcriptionist is to listen to audio recordings and convert them into text documents. Large industries such as media and healthcare often require transcriptionists. You must be accurate and pay attention to details while indexing the files and writing the document.

To start your career as a transcriptionist, you can attend an online training course. For example, TAFE offers certification in medical transcription. You can gain experience, build an online portfolio and apply for jobs. You can become a general, legal, or court transcriptionist based on your interest. Data entry is one of the most common forms of transcription that you can do at home.

7. Become a Game Tester

Person playing game
Person playing game

Do you like playing video games? If so, you can become a part-time game tester and earn money. This is because you will be paid to test out video games, find bugs and report them to the game company you are working for.

To start as a game tester, you can look for leading game development companies for the position of a game tester. As a game tester, you can earn approximately ₹1.8 Lakhs to ₹4.8 Lakhs per annum.

8. Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer editing graphics
Graphic Designer editing graphics

If you are someone who has a knack for creativity and loves creating graphics, then you can become a freelance graphic designer. You can work with small startups or individuals to make graphics for social media, website banners, mockups, logo design, illustrations etc. As you gain experience, you can associate with bigger brands and earn significant money.

9. Become a Freelance Editor

Content correction  image
Content correction

For the grammar nazis becoming a freelance editor is the best part-time job. You can work as a proofreader and correct blog posts, student essays, and brochures.

With countless videos popping up daily, you can monetize it by becoming a video editor if you have video editing skills.

Another way to earn money through editing is to become a photo editor. Since travel bloggers, food bloggers, and influencers are becoming popular, there is a demand for photo editors. Once you become proficient in photoshop, you can offer your photography and image touch-up services and earn money. 

10. Become a Website Tester

girl testing Website
girl testing Website

Website testing is a good work-from-home opportunity for earning money. Many app and website owners are looking for people to test their websites. Anyone who can speak English and knows how a website works can earn money as a website tester. There is no need for technical skills. Moreover, you can do this work in the comfort of your home.

The payment of a website tester depends upon the task’s length and complexity. As a website tester, you can earn ₹1000 to ₹3000, depending on your experience. You will also gain technical and analytical skills and hands-on experience using test management tools. Usertesting, Youeye, and Enroll App are some sites that will help you get a part-time job as a website tester.


The internet has made it possible for Indian students to earn money online. Today, you can attend classes and also work at a part-time job to earn money. Depending upon your interest, you can work as a game tester, affiliate marketer, online tutor, and even a website tester to earn money. These part-time jobs will help you to earn your pocket income and will also inculcate job skills that you can use in the future. 


Which job is best for students?

There are several part-time jobs you can do as a student, including affiliate marketing, virtual assistant, online tutor, social media manager, freelance writer, game tester, freelance graphic designer, and website tester.

What is the highest pay part-time job?

Several of the highest paying part-time jobs for students are tutor, data entry operator, freelancer, blogger, virtual assistant, and teaching assistant.

How can a student find a job?

A student can find jobs by searching on online networking websites, checking with recruitment agencies, college placements, and social media.

Should students do part-time jobs?

One of the main benefits of doing a part-time job as a student is that it gives you a chance to discover more about who you are and what you want to do with your life. You become an independent person who accepts responsibility for his or her actions when you work hard at a full-time job.

Mansi Rana is an experienced content writer with 2 years of experience in creative storytelling. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi is passionate about helping creating micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. When not writing for the Internet, she is a voracious researcher of all things beauty and fashion.


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