For the longest time, people have wanted to earn money without putting in much time and effort. It wasn’t possible for so long until now. In 2023, every person, irrespective of qualification, skill, or age, can earn money through the Internet. One of the best ways to do that is by referring apps with a reward program in place. These apps provide people with money and other rewards. All you have to do is ‘Refer and Earn’. So, let us have a look at the top Refer and Earn apps in India for 2023, which will help you earn a good amount of money in no time.

Why should you think about Refer and Earn apps?

  1. Low Barrier to Entry: Refer and earn apps are incredibly easy to get started with and require minimal investment. All you need to do is sign up for the app, share your referral link, and wait for the money to start rolling in.
  2. High Earning Potential: Refer and Earn apps offer high earning potential, with some apps offering up to 100% commission for each referral. This means that if you refer enough people, you can make a sizable income with minimal effort.
  3. Passive Income: Refer and earn apps allow you to make a passive income. Once you have set up your referral link, you can sit back and watch your bank balance grow.
  4. Promoting Products that You Believe In: Refer and earn apps allow you to promote products and services that you believe in and that you are passionate about. This makes it easier to stay motivated and to keep referring new people.
  5. Flexibility: Refer and Earn apps offer flexibility as you can work on your terms and set your hours. This makes it perfect for those who want to make money on their terms and don’t want to be tied down to a traditional job.
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Types of Refer and Earn Apps:

E-commerce AppsEarn rewards by referring friends to shop on e-commerce platforms.
Payment AppsGet rewards for referring friends to download and use payment apps.
Investment AppsRefer friends to open an investment account and earn rewards.
Food Delivery AppsEarn rewards by referring friends to order food from the app.
Ride-Hailing AppsGet rewards for referring friends to take their first ride.
Gaming AppsEarn rewards for referring friends to download and play games.
Survey AppsGet rewards for referring friends to complete surveys.
Other AppsMany types of apps offer referral rewards, including travel, social media, and utility apps.

List of 30 Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer and Earn AppReferral Earnings
NordVPN3 months free
Times Prime₹350
Zerodha10% of the brokerage
Amazon Pay₹25
ySense30% recurring commission
IIFL Securities₹500
CREDUp to ₹1000      
Paytm Money₹400 per referral + up to 50% rev share
Google Pay100 referral rewards
Pocket Money₹160
MobiKwikUp to ₹5,000 SuperCash
5Paisa₹200 Referral credit + 12.5% brokerage sharing
Meesho25% commission for the first 3 orders
FreeChargeUp to ₹5,000
Big Cash₹15
RushUp to ₹50,000

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro logo
EarnKaro logo

EarnKaro is an affiliate marketing network that has partnerships with more than 150 online retailers. The deal-sharing website allows users to share different products and services from online retailers and share the deals with their network. Whenever someone places an order through your link, you can earn a commission.

EarnKaro also has a Refer & Earn program in place that allows marketers to earn a little extra by recommending the app to their network. Users can earn a flat 10% lifetime commission on whatever their referrals earn from the network.

Referral Earnings – 10%

App Insights

Launched In2019
Required Version5.1 and up

EarnKaro Refer and Earn

Share your exclusive invite link and unlock the potential to earn extra income! By inviting your friends to join EarnKaro, you can enjoy a remarkable 10% share of the profits they generate. This perpetual reward keeps on giving!

How to Refer and Earn on EarnKaro?

  1. Navigate to your My Profile and click on “Refer & Earn.”
  2. Copy your unique referral link from the provided section.
  3. Share this referral link effortlessly on social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp.
  4. Additionally, you can send the referral link via email to your friends.
  5. When your friends create an account on EarnKaro using your referral link, you will be rewarded with an impressive 10% share of their earnings for a lifetime!

2. Groww

Groww logo
Groww logo

Groww is an online investment platform that allows users to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other financial instruments. It provides users with a user-friendly interface to manage their investments, and it offers a variety of features such as real-time market data, portfolio management, and tax optimization.

Groww’s Refer & Earn Program allows users to share the app with an unlimited number of users, and they can earn a flat ₹100 whenever an account is activated through their link. This commission is firstly transferred to your Groww wallet and can be withdrawn into a bank or invested into different financial instruments.

Referral Earnings – ₹100

App Insights

Launched In2016NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 11.0 or later

Groww Refer and Earn

For each successful referral you make, you’ll receive a cash reward. To qualify, ensure your friend downloads the app through your unique and valid referral link and completes onboarding. It’s that simple! Start referring now and enjoy the benefits of earning cash rewards with every successful sign-up.

How to Refer and Earn on Groww?

  1. After sharing the link with your friends, request them to complete the entire account opening process to be eligible for their rewards.
  2. Once they successfully activate their account, both you and your friends will receive the cash reward. However, to claim the reward, ensure your stock account is activated.

3. Upstox

Upstox logo
Upstox logo

Upstox is a financial technology company that provides an online trading platform for stock brokers, retail investors, and traders. Through its platform, users can access a wide range of financial products, such as stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and derivatives.

Upstox has a very high payout for its Refer & Earn program. Any time an account is activated through your referral, ₹600 will be credited to your Upstox wallet. The same can be invested or easily withdrawn into your bank account.

Referral Earnings – ₹600

App Insights

Launched In2021NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 13.0 or later

Upstox Refer and Earn

Invite your friends to join and unlock rewarding benefits!

Your friends will enjoy the following:

  • A Demat + Trading account with zero account maintenance charges
  • ₹0 commission* on Mutual Funds and IPO investing
  • ₹20* per order brokerage on Equity, F&O, Currency & Commodity

How to Refer and Earn on Upstox?

  1. Log in to the Upstox app using your 6-digit PIN or Biometrics.
  2. Tap on ‘Accounts’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on ‘Rewards’.
  4. You have two options to invite users:
  • Choose ‘Share link via WhatsApp’ to invite your friends through WhatsApp. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to send the invitation easily.
  • Alternatively, select ‘Share using other apps’ to invite via different methods. Another pop-up will appear, providing various options to share the referral link.

Note: The amount visible on your screen represents the referral reward you can receive.

4. Phonepe

Phonepe logo
Phonepe logo

Phonepe is an Indian digital payment platform developed by the e-commerce company Flipkart. It enables users to make payments via their smartphones using Unified Payments Interface (UPI), credit/debit cards, and other payment options such as wallets. It also provides users with features such as bill payments, recharge, and money transfers.

Phonepe Refer & Earn program allows users to earn a flat guaranteed ₹75 whenever a referral adds their UPI details on the payment platform.

Referral Earnings – ₹75

App Insights

Phonepe AndroidIOS
Launched In2016NA
Required Version6.0 and upiOS 14.0 or later

Phonepe Refer and Earn

The Refer and Earn promotion presents a thrilling opportunity to earn cashback simply by referring individuals to download and install the PhonePe app.

How to Refer and Earn on Phonepe?

  1. Launch the PhonePe app on your device.
  2. Tap on the “Refer & Earn” option.
  3. Choose your preferred communication channel to send out the invites.
  4. Select the contacts you wish to invite and tap the “Send” button.

The recipients will receive a message containing your unique referral link. They only need to click the referral link to download and install the PhonePe app.

5. Paytm

Paytm logo
Paytm logo

Paytm is an Indian digital payment and e-commerce company that offers a mobile wallet, online payments, bill payments, and online shopping services. Over 8 million merchants in India accept Paytm which is available in multiple languages.

Paytm Refer & Earn Program can give you up to ₹50,000 for your efforts. The guaranteed minimum amount is set at ₹100, and your referral will also get a surprise cashback on their first UPI payment.

Referral Earnings – ₹100

App Insights

Launched In2012NA
Required VersionVaries with deviceiOS 13.4 or later

Paytm Refer and Earn

By referring your friends to join Paytm, you can earn up to ₹10,000. For each successful referral, you will receive ₹100 as a reward. Additionally, when your friend makes their first UPI money transfer on Paytm, they will receive a guaranteed surprise cashback reward.

How to Refer and Earn on Paytm?

  1. Click the “Invite” button and share your unique invite link via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, or Twitter.
  2. Ask your friends to click on the invite link you shared.
  3. When your friend completes their first UPI Payment on Paytm, you will receive a flat ₹100 cashback reward for each successful referral.

6. NordVPN

NordVPN logo
NordVPN logo

NordVPN is a virtual private network service provider. It offers a secure and private connection to the internet, allowing users to surf the web anonymously and access restricted websites and services. NordVPN encrypts all data transmitted over the internet and routes it through secure servers located in different countries, allowing users to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship.

Referral Earnings – 3 months free

App Insights

NordVPN AndroidIOS
Launched In2016NA
Required VersionVaries with deviceiOS 14.2 or later

NordVPN Refer and Earn

When your friends purchase NordVPN through your referral link and remain with us for at least 30 days, you’ll receive a reward of 3 months free for each successful referral. The more friends you refer, the more free months you can earn! To encourage them, your friends will also enjoy benefits: 3 extra months for choosing the 1- or 2-year plans or one free month for opting for the monthly plan.

How to Refer and Earn on NordVPN?

  1. Use your Nord Account to refer your friend by sharing a unique referral link or through your NordVPN app.
  2. After your friend signs up, we’ll wait 30 days to ensure they maintain an active account, ensuring fairness in the process.
  3.  Once the 30-day period is over, you will receive a reward of 3 months, and your friend will get an extra 1 or 3 months of subscription time. These rewards will be automatically added to your respective NordVPN accounts.

7. Times Prime

Times Prime logo
Times Prime logo

Times Prime is an exclusive membership platform from Times Internet that provides access to exclusive lifestyle and entertainment experiences. Members get access to exclusive discounts, offers, and benefits on a wide range of products and services, such as food delivery, travel, entertainment, shopping, and more.

The Times Prime Refer & Earn Program allows users to earn a flat ₹350 for every new paid user that they bring to the platform. The referral also gets a ₹350 discount on their first purchase. The maximum referral amount that can be availed is set at ₹3500.

Referral Earnings – ₹350

App Insights

Times Prime AndroidIOS
Launched InNANA
Required Version6.0 and upiOS 14.0 or later

Times Prime Refer and Earn

During this campaign, the referrer will receive ₹350 in their KYC-verified Paytm wallet when the referred user subscribes to Times Prime for the first time. The maximum amount that can be earned through referrals is ₹3500. On the other hand, the referee will receive a ₹350 discount on their first purchase of a Times Prime membership.

How to Refer and Earn on Times Prime?

  1. Open the Times Prime App.
  2. Locate and click on the “Refer & Earn” option banner on the Homepage.
  3. Share your unique invite link or referral code via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, or other preferred methods.
  4. Ask your friend to purchase the Times Prime membership using your invite link.

8. Zerodha

Zerodha logo
Zerodha logo

Zerodha is an Indian financial services company the largest stockbroker in India, and the first Indian company to offer retail investors the ability to trade in financial products such as stocks, mutual funds, and commodities through its online trading platform. Zerodha provides investors with a range of services, including margin trading, portfolio management, research, and analysis tools.

Zerodha’s Refer & Earn Program provides referrers with a flat 10% return on the brokerage that their referral pays on the platform. Referrers can also earn 300 reward points on every successful referral, which can be redeemed in different ways on the app.

Referral Earnings – 10% of the brokerage

App Insights

Launched In2019NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 11.0 or later

Zerodha Refer and Earn

Earn 10% of the brokerage paid by your referred friends! Additionally, receive 300 reward points for each successful referral. You can withdraw your 10% brokerage share directly to your bank account. Moreover, you can redeem your reward points to access various tools and platforms within Zerodha.

How to Refer and Earn on Zerodha?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Client ID.
  3. Share the affiliate link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

9. My11Circle

My11Circle logo
My11Circle logo

My11Circle is an online platform that provides users with the opportunity to create their fantasy cricket teams and compete with each other. It allows users to pick their teams, create their leagues, and compete against their friends. It also provides users with access to news, updates, scorecards, and other features related to cricket.

The My11Circle Refer & Earn Program does not require you to make any investments or bets through the platform. All you have to do is bring new users to the app, and you can earn a flat ₹551 for every successful referral.

Referral Earnings – ₹551

App Insights

Launched In2022NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 12.4 or later

My11Circle Refer and Earn

Easily invite your friends to play Fantasy Cricket by sharing this app invite link. Earn up to ₹551 for each referral when they sign up and participate in the contest. There’s no limit to the number of people you can recommend using the My11Circle Referral Code.

How to Refer and Earn on My11Circle?

  1. Open the My11Circle application.
  2. Click on “Refer & Earn,” located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Invite your friends using WhatsApp, Free SMS, or Email.

10. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay logo
Amazon Pay logo

Amazon Pay is a payment service that allows customers to use their Amazon account to purchase goods and services on websites outside of Amazon. It provides a secure and seamless payment experience while giving customers the convenience of using their Amazon account credentials to make online payments. Amazon Pay is widely accepted by merchants around the world, including online stores, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Amazon Pay’s Refer & Earn Program allows users to earn ₹25 credit into their Amazon Pay balance for every successful referral. The new user also gets benefits worth ₹600 on UPI registration.

Referral Earnings – ₹25

App Insights

Amazon Pay AndroidIOS
Launched InNANA
Required VersionVaries with deviceiOS 15.0 or later

Amazon Pay Refer and Earn

The Amazon Pay UPI referral program allows you to invite friends and family to register with Amazon Pay UPI and do their first send-money or scan-and-pay transaction. You earn ₹25 cashback for each successful referral, and your friends receive welcome rewards worth ₹600 for UPI registration, including shopping and bill payment benefits.

How to Refer and Earn on Amazon Pay?

  1. Open the Amazon app.
  2. Access the main menu and select “Amazon Pay.”
  3. Click on “Invite & Earn” and navigate to “Invite Your Friends.”
  4. Share your referral link with friends and family.

11. ySense

ySense logo
ySense logo

Other ways for users to earn money on ySense include watching videos, signing up for different websites, and installing programs through ySense offers. The fact that there is no fee to do surveys or play games on ySense is one of its best features. Because this programme is completely free, you may use it and make a lot of money without spending a dime.

As it offers the chance to complete surveys and earn money by referring people to their website or app, ySense is one of the best refer and earning applications in India. They have an appealing referral program because they offer a 30% recurring commission on what your referrals make.

Referral Earnings – 30% recurring commission

App Insights

ySense AndroidIOS
Launched In2020NA
Required Version6.0 and upiOS 11.0 or later

ySense Refer and Earn

Invite your friends to ySense and witness your earnings soar. You can earn up to 30% recurring commissions on your referrals’ earnings. Utilise our user-friendly linking tools and attractive banners to maximise this opportunity.

How to Refer and Earn on ySense?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to your main screen, where you will find your unique referral link listed.
  3. Share your referral link with potential referrals.

12. IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities
IIFL Securities

IIFL Securities is a full-service stockbroking firm based in India, providing retail and institutional clients with a wide range of financial services, including equity and commodity broking, portfolio management services, mutual funds, insurance, fixed deposits, and IPOs. Users can earn up to ₹500 for referring IIFL Securities with their network and bringing new signups.

Referral Earnings – ₹500

App Insights

IIFL Securities AndroidIOS
Launched In2015NA
Required Version7.0 and upiOS 12.1 or later

IIFL Securities Refer and Earn

Successful referrers receive a ₹500 gift voucher within 15 working days, usable on premium platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, BigBasket, etc. Referees get a discount voucher of ₹5000 and free stocks up to ₹5000 credited to their account within 7 days of opening demat and trading accounts.

How to Refer and Earn on IIFL Securities?

  1. Download the IIFL Markets app.
  2. Login using your credentials, such as your mobile number.
  3. Navigate to the Refer & Earn section.
  4. Enter your registered mobile number once again to obtain your unique referral link.

13. CRED

CRED logo
CRED logo

CRED is a private club for members only that rewards people for paying their credit card bills on time by giving them access to special deals and premium experiences. Users of credit cards can manage several cards on this portal, which also provides a credit score analysis. The CRED refer and earn program allows users to earn within the range of ₹750 to ₹1,000 for recommending its services.

Referral Earnings – Up to ₹1000

App Insights

Launched In2019NA
Required Version6.0 and upiOS 14.0 or later

CRED Refer and Earn

Invite your friends to CRED and earn rewards! When your referred friend pays a minimum of ₹1000 on their first payment and downloads the app using your referral link, you can receive up to ₹1000 cashback, while they get up to ₹250. However, the cashback will only unlock once your referred friend makes their first credit card bill payment. To be eligible for this cashback, ensure you have an active credit card on CRED.

How to Refer and Earn on CRED?

  1. On the Homepage, click on the “Refer” option.
  2. On the next page, share the referral link through WhatsApp or invite your friends directly.

Keep in mind that the CRED referral link is valid for only 48 hours. Ensure your friend downloads the app before that, or you can send another link to them.

14. EarnEasy

Earneasy logo
EarnEasy logo

EarnEasy is a simple cash-making app that provides users with Paytm cash for downloading and using third-party apps. Earneasy app provides a signup bonus of ₹50 for new sign-ups and ₹15 commission through its refer and earn program.

Referral Earnings – ₹15

App Insights

EarnEasy Android
Launched InNA
Required Version5.0 and up

EarnEasy Refer and Earn

Earn more with EarnEasy by referring it to your family and friends. Use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Share Chat, or other platforms to share your unique referral code and start earning. Get ₹10 for every successful referral and an additional ₹5 for completing tasks. By completing the entire referral task, you can earn ₹15 with each referral.

How to Refer and Earn on EarnEasy?

  1. Open the Earn Easy App.
  2. Tap on the “Refer & Earn” button.
  3. Share your unique referral code with your friends.
  4. Tap on the social icons to easily share the code on various platforms.

15. Winzo

Winzo logo
Winzo logo

Winzo is an online gaming and entertainment app in which customers can participate in different activities and compete with others in games to earn real money. These mobile games include cricket, 8-ball pool, Ludo, Archery, Carrom, and many more. The Winzo Refer and Earn Program allow you to recommend the app to an unlimited number of people and earn ₹55 on every successful referral.

Referral Earnings – ₹55

App Insights

Winzo AndroidIOS
Launched InNANA
Required VersionNAiOS 13.0 or later

Winzo Refer and Earn

WinZO Superstar offers a one-of-a-kind referral program, providing an ideal platform for social media influencers to earn money and exciting rewards by inviting people to join WinZO. The cash rewards earned through referrals can be easily withdrawn using Paytm, UPI, and Net Banking.

How to Refer and Earn on Winzo?

  1. Open the WinZO app.
  2. Obtain your unique WinZO referral code.
  3. Share the code with your acquaintances.
  4. Enjoy plenty of rewards as they join using your referral code.

16. Paytm Money

Paytm Money logo
Paytm Money logo

Paytm Money is a discount broker application with a referral program and an attractive pricing structure. Moreover, their brokerage fees are fixed but relatively low, making it an excellent choice for speculators and day traders.

Paytm Money is an excellent platform for beginners looking to invest in the stock market with limited knowledge. The app is user-friendly and straightforward to use. To get started, you need to open an account on the Paytm app and use the same login credentials to access Paytm Money. Once you have completed the simple KYC requirements, you are ready to start trading actively in the market. 

Referral Earnings – ₹400 per referral + up to 50% rev share

App Insights

Paytm MoneyAndroidIOS
Launched In2019NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 11.0 or later

Paytm Money Refer and Earn

With the Paytm Money Refer and Earn system, you can earn ₹400 per referral, plus receive up to 50% of the revenue generated by the referred client. It’s easy – you earn on every account opening and continue to enjoy a lifetime share of the brokerage commission whenever your referrals trade.

How to Refer and Earn on Paytm Money?

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Obtain your unique referral link.
  3. Share the link within your network.

17. Google Pay

Google Pay logo
Google Pay logo

With Google Pay, you can easily carry out financial transactions from your phone with just a few taps. And the best part? You have various options to transfer money between accounts!

Furthermore, you also get a chance to win exciting rewards for any transaction that costs more than ₹150.

Referral Earnings – 100 referral rewards

App Insights

Google PayAndroidIOS
Launched In2021NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 14.0 or later

Google Pay Refer and Earn

Google Pay also rewards you for spreading the word about the app. Each time you refer a friend to Google Pay; you can earn extra cash.

How to Refer and Earn on Google Pay?

  1. Open the Google Pay app and tap your profile in the top right corner.
  2. Select “Invite friends, get rewards”.
  3. Share your referral link with friends and family via WhatsApp, email, SMS, or other methods.
  4. Once your friend installs the app through your link and completes their first transaction, you’ll qualify for the referral bonus.

18. CreditMantri

CreditMantri logo
CreditMantri logo

Do you want to earn extra cash while controlling your credit score? Then you should check out the CreditMantri app!

This app is an excellent tool that helps you monitor and improve your credit score, which can ultimately lead to better financial opportunities for you. And the best part is, by referring just three of your friends to the app, you can earn yourself a reward of ₹100 in Paytm cash. But the earning potential doesn’t stop there! You can invite as many friends as you want and keep earning more.

Signing up for the app is super easy, too! All you have to do is enter your mobile number, verify it with an OTP, and fill in your details. Once you’re in, you can start referring your friends and earning money immediately.

Referral Earnings – ₹100

App Insights

Launched InNA
Required Version9 and up

CreditMantri Refer and Earn

The referrer receives a cashback reward when the referee signs up on CreditMantri using a friend’s referral link. For every successful referral, the referrer earns ₹100. The earned referral amount will be credited to the user’s Paytm account. However, PAN verification is required to claim the rewards.

How to Refer and Earn on CreditMantri?

  1. Click on your name and select the “Refer and Earn” option.
  2. There, you’ll find your Referral code and Referral link.
  3. Copy the referral link and start sharing it with your friends.

19. TaskBucks

TaskBucks logo
TaskBucks logo

TaskBucks is one of the most famous and reliable refer and earn apps out there, with plenty of opportunities for you to make some extra cash.

The best part about TaskBucks is how many ways you can earn money. Whether you like answering questions, downloading new apps and games, completing quick and easy tasks, or just referring friends to the app, there’s something for everyone!

Compared to other money-earning apps, TaskBucks stands out for its user-friendly interface and reliable payout system.

Referral Earnings – ₹63

App Insights

Launched InNA
Required Version5.0 and up

TaskBucks Refer and Earn

Users can receive up to ₹63 in credit benefits on referring their friends daily. Additionally, they earn coins for referring friends and installing various apps. These credits can be used to play games, and the winnings can be redeemed in their Paytm wallet.

How to Refer and Earn on TaskBucks?

  1. Open the app and go to the “Invite” section.
  2. Select the “Invite” option to generate a referral link.
  3. Share the link with your friends and family.
  4. When someone uses your link to download TaskBucks, you will receive a payment.

20. RozDhan

RozDhan logo
RozDhan logo

With RozDhan, you can watch videos, play games, and read interesting articles to earn free Paytm cash. Plus, whenever you refer a friend, you’ll earn ₹8 in your RozDhan account. And every time your friend makes a payment through the app, you’ll earn even more.

When signing up on RozDhan, you get ₹50 just for creating an account and ₹30 for logging in for the first time. And with fresh and exciting content added daily, you’ll never run out of things to watch or read.

You can withdraw your earnings instantly through Paytm or UPI once you reach a minimum balance of ₹200.

Referral Earnings – ₹8

App Insights

Launched In2018
Required Version5.0 and up

RozDhan Refer and Earn

Rozdhan presents an incredible refer-and-earn program with no monthly refer limit. You can provide unlimited referrals and earn without any restrictions from Rozdhan.

How to Refer and Earn on RozDhan?

  1. Share your referral link with your friend via WhatsApp or any social media app.
  2. Your friend clicks on the link and registers on the Rozdhan app as a new user.
  3. After a successful account opening, you will receive the referral reward in your Rozdhan app.

21. Pocket Money

Pocket Money logo
Pocket Money logo

Pocket Money is one of the most reliable refer and earn apps out there. All you have to do is complete simple tasks like playing games, watching videos, and completing daily challenges to earn mobile recharge and even up to ₹500 cash. Additionally, for every referral that downloads the app, you earn ₹30, and there’s a daily earning limit of ₹160.

Pocket Money also provides amazing discounts and offers on food, e-commerce, and travelling with their coupons. So, you can save money while earning money!

Referral Earnings – ₹160

App Insights

Pocket MoneyAndroid
Launched In2014
Required Version6.0 and up

Pocket Money Refer and Earn

Earn ₹160 daily by inviting friends to the Pocket Money app. Referees get ₹5 on signup and another ₹5 after completing a task using the referral code during installation. The withdrawal limit for the referral bonus is ₹20.

How to Refer and Earn on Pocket Money?

  1. Open the Pocket Money app.
  2. Navigate to the Refer & Earn option.
  3. Share your invite link with your family and friends.

22. MobiKwik

MobiKwik logo
MobiKwik logo

MobiKwik is an app that enables its users to invest in digital gold, stocks, and mutual funds. Additionally, the app facilitates online bank transfers and bill payments.

Referral Earnings – Up to ₹5,000 SuperCash

App Insights

Launched In2012NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 13.0 or later

MobiKwik Refer and Earn

MobiKwik offers a refer-and-earn program where all you have to do is share your unique referral code with your friends, and when they sign up with MobiKwik and add ₹50 to their wallet, you both earn ₹100 SuperCash each! You can earn up to ₹5,000 SuperCash through their Refer and Earn program.

How to Refer and Earn on MobiKwik?

  1. Click on the “Refer & Earn” App Card.
  2. Share it via WhatsApp or any other medium of your choice.

23. Vision11

Vision11 logo
Vision11 logo

Vision11 is an app that has it all – from cricket to football, baseball to basketball, and even handball! You can play your favourite games and win real cash prizes. Plus, if you refer your friends to join in on the fun, you’ll receive a 100 bonus that you can use towards your own gameplay.

For every friend you refer, you’ll receive a 20% commission on their deposit, which will be credited right into your winning wallet.

Referral Earnings – ₹100

App Insights

Launched InNANA
Required VersionNAiOS 12.0 or later

Vision11 Refer and Earn

Vision11 offers a unique refer-and-earn program where you can earn ₹100 for every successful referral. Additionally, you receive an affiliate commission whenever your referred friend joins any paid leagues. Moreover, Vision11 provides a 20% commission for a lifetime, making it a rewarding opportunity for all participants.

How to Refer and Earn on Vision11?

  1. Refer your friends by sharing your referral code to install the app.
  2. They need to sign up, verify their phone & email, and add a minimum of ₹50 to their account.
  3. Once they complete their first deposit and verification, you will get ₹100 + 20% commission for a lifetime, and your friend will get ₹300.

24. 5Paisa

5Paisa logo
5Paisa logo

5Paisa is a platform that offers a flat brokerage fee regardless of what commodity you’re trading, how big your trade is, or which exchange you’re trading on. There are no pesky account opening charges to worry about. And if you’re into mutual funds, 5Paisa has got you covered with a nominal charge of ₹10 for every executed order. Plus, they offer a fantastic referral program that can earn you ₹200 Referral credit, 12.5% brokerage sharing, and other exciting rewards.

With 5Paisa, you can invest in both regular and direct mutual funds, but you may have to pay some AMC charges. However, the benefits of this platform are numerous – you can create a Demat account in just 5 minutes, enjoy no brokerage fees on trading, and invest in a wide range of options, including stocks, futures, commodities, options, currency, and MCX commodities.

Referral Earnings – ₹200 Referral credit + 12.5% brokerage sharing

App Insights

Launched In2016NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 12.0 or later

5Paisa Refer and Earn

5paisa presents an incredible refer-and-earn program for its users, allowing traders and investors to invite their friends and family to explore the fantastic platform while earning great benefits.

How to Refer and Earn on 5Paisa?

  1. Share your unique referral link with friends.
  2. Your friend opens an account using your referral link.
  3. Receive an account opening payout in your ledger account.
  4. Earn unlimited brokerage sharing income when your friend trades.

25. Zupee

Zupee logo
Zupee logo

Zupee is an app where you can pick any topic and play tournaments with other players to win real money! Zupee also offers a referral program to earn you even more cash while playing.

Referral Earnings – ₹5

App Insights

Launched In2023NA
Required Version7.1 and upiOS 12.4 or later

Zupee Refer and Earn

Zupee’s referral program is not only active but also rewarding. By referring your friends online, you can win extra money while playing. The program offers constant rewards, making it a great way to earn while having fun on the platform.

How to Refer and Earn on Zupee?

  • Share your unique referral code with your friends. When your friends sign up using your referral code, you will receive ₹5. The more friends you refer, the more rewards you can earn.
  • When your referred friend deposits money, you will receive ₹30 play money and ₹70 bonus money for every ₹100 they deposit.
  • Your referred friend will also receive ₹25 play money and ₹75 bonus money for their first deposit of ₹100 or more.
  • You can even get cashback and bonus money for deposits as low as ₹1.

26. Meesho

Meesho Logo

Meesho is one of India’s leading referral programs, offering a chance to earn money by reselling products and referring friends. This remarkable reselling app facilitates convenient drop shipping of goods.

Share your referral link with friends and earn a commission when they download and make purchases through the app. Additionally, you can resell Meesho’s products and make up to ₹25,000 every month, boosting your earnings.

Referral Earnings – 25% commission for the first 3 orders

App Insights

Launched In2017NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 12.0 or later

Meesho Refer and Earn

Share your unique referral link with friends using the Refer & Earn feature, and for your referral’s initial three orders, earn a 25% commission on their sales.

How to Refer and Earn on Meesho?

  1. Launch the Meesho app.
  2. Tap on the Menu.
  3. Select “Refer and Earn.”
  4. Click “Refer a Friend” and share the link with your friends.

27. MPL

MPL Logo

MPL Pro (Mobile Premier League) is India’s top referral app, offering up to ₹10,000 for each successful referral. It’s a gaming platform with free and cash games like Poker, Ludo, Rummy, and more, where you can win cash prizes. Daily cash winnings can reach up to ₹30 Crores*. Plus, the app rewards you and your friends with cashback when they make their first deposit.

Referral Earnings – ₹75

App Insights

Launched In2021NA
Required Version6.0 and upiOS 12.0 or later

MPL Refer and Earn

Participating in MPL’s refer and earn initiative is a win-win! When your friend joins MPL, you score a ₹75 Bonus Cash. But that’s not all—MPL is even more generous, offering you a fantastic 50% of your friend’s first deposit as Bonus Cash, up to a maximum of ₹75. It’s a great way to boost the fun and earnings on the platform.

How to Refer and Earn on MPL?

  1. Download the app to access your referral code from within.
  2. Locate the Refer & Earn tab at the bottom right corner of the app.
  3. Easily share with friends on WhatsApp and start earning!

28. FreeCharge

FreeCharge Logo

Freecharge is a mobile app designed for convenient mobile phone and DTH recharge, along with utility bill payments. Users can access a broad spectrum of services, including prepaid mobile recharge, postpaid bill settlements, data card recharges, and payment of various utility bills.

Referral Earnings – Up to ₹5,000

App Insights

Launched In2013NA
Required Version5.0 and upiOS 13.0 or later

FreeCharge Refer and Earn

With Freecharge’s refer and earn program, users can earn rewards by referring friends. When a friend makes their first transaction, both the referrer and the friend receive exciting rewards like cashback, coupons, or discount vouchers.

How to Refer and Earn on FreeCharge?

  1. Open the Freecharge app.
  2. Navigate to “Rewards.”
  3. Click on “Refer & Earn” to get your referral link.
  4. Share your referral link everywhere!

29. Big Cash

Big Cash app provides an opportunity to play games anytime and anywhere while standing a chance to win real money prizes. Whether you’re a fan of card games, casual games, or board games, Big Cash has something to offer for every gaming enthusiast.

Referral Earnings – ₹15

App Insights

Big CashAndroidIOS
Launched InNANA
Required VersionNAiOS 13.0 or later

Big Cash Refer and Earn

Head to the “Refer and Earn” section in the Big Cash app to obtain a unique referral link. Users can then use this special link to invite their friends to join the app and begin playing real money games. The more friends they successfully refer, the greater the rewards they can accumulate.

How to Refer and Earn on Big Cash?

  1. Log in to the Big Cash App.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu at the top left.
  3. Access the “Invite and Earn” section.
  4. Tap “Share” to share the app link with friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or any other app.

Upon your friend’s app download and successful registration through your link, you’ll receive real cash once they verify their phone number.

30. Rush

Rush App Logo

Rush is a mobile app that lets users engage in real cash games like Ludo, Carrom, Call Break, Disc Football, Pool, Archery, and more while enjoying some quality time with family and friends.

Referral Earnings – Up to ₹50,000

App Insights

Launched InNA
Required Version5.0 and up

Rush Refer and Earn

If you want to introduce your friends to something exciting and earn extra through referrals, the Rush referral rewards program is the perfect choice. Share your referral link with friends and stand a chance to win up to ₹50,000 per month.

How to Refer and Earn on Rush?

  1. Open the Rush App.
  2. Navigate to ‘Referrals’ and click on the ‘Share’ icon to invite friends and partners.
  3. Share the referral link through WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, or other platforms.

How does Referral Marketing Work?

Referral marketing is a tactic that offers fantastic incentives to customers like you for recommending the products or services of a company. These could be discounts, gifts, or additional benefits that make it worthwhile!

Here’s how it works:

  1. The company sets up a referral program with exciting rewards for referring new customers.
  2. They let you know about this fantastic program so that you can invite your friends and family.
  3. When your referrals sign up with the company, you get rewarded for your recommendation!

Referral marketing benefits everyone since it is based on the confidence and credibility of consumers like you. By sharing your great experiences with a company, you’re giving them a giant thumbs up, making it very convincing for others to try them out as well.

Why Do Referrals Work So Well?

Referral programs are incredibly effective because people naturally trust recommendations from someone they know more than generic advertising messages. A customer referral carries much more weight than a regular campaign because it comes from someone with firsthand experience with your brand.

Therefore, it has a significant influence and fosters strong trust in your brand when happy customers recommend your goods or services to their friends and family. Referral marketing is about leveraging personal recommendations’ authenticity and credibility to drive business growth.


There are plenty of Refer and Earn apps available on the internet. Some of them may even promise unconventionally high returns for your referrals. However, not all apps have sound backing and trustworthy protocol. We have recommended to you the top 25 Refer and Earn apps that are highly reliable and will get your earning numbers ticking in no time.

Moreover, you can also earn money with the help of online quiz apps. Check out our blog, where we have listed down some of the best quiz apps to earn money in India.


Which app gives money for refer and earn?

There are several apps that offer money for referring and earning, including EarnKaro, Groww, Upstox, Paytm, and Amazon Pay.

Which app has the highest referral bonus?

NordVPN has the highest referral bonus of up to 100% commission for bringing monthly subscriptions to the platform.

How do I refer and earn on Google Pay?

On Google Pay, you can earn up to 100 referral rewards by inviting new users to Google Pay. Below are the steps to refer and earn on Google Pay:
1. Open Google Pay
2. Click on your profile
3. Then tap on ‘Invite friends, get rewards
4. Select how you’d like to invite
5. Tap send

Can we refer and earn in PhonePe?

Yes, you can refer and earn in PhonePe. Below are the steps to follow:
1. Open PhonePe
2. Tap on ‘Refer & Earn
3. Select how you’d like to invite
4. Tap send

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